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Brazilian Wax Positioning: Best Home/Salon Brazilian Wax Tips

By Laura
February 22, 2024
5 minutes
Brazilian Wax Tips

Sadly, unwanted hair does not leave your intimate or if I dare say, embarrassing areas like anus alone. The area between the butt cheeks is the weirdest place where hair grows. Not to mention how irritating it is and shaving just adds to the pain.

This is exactly why women prefer getting Brazilian wax instead of simple Bikini Wax even if it is not the most private option out there. Also, know more about both types of waxes in Bikini vs. Brazilian Wax: What’s the Difference?

The position is one of the important factors that determine both comfort and privacy during Brazilian wax. So, let us discuss all you need to know about Brazilian wax positioning.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Why does a Proper Brazilian Wax Positioning matter?

Removing the hair from the labia in Brazilian wax is no difficult deal because this area is obvious in the Bikini wax position. However, the anal region is concealed and it makes hair removal from the area around your anus tricky.

Moreover, waxing in a sensitive area such as that of the anus can be painful and embarrassing. One wrong move and you might hurt your intimate area. Also, it can hurt your self-respect and you might say goodbye to your go-to waxing salon.

Therefore, the correct Brazilian wax positioning is the most important part of Brazilian Wax etiquette. An appropriate position ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the Brazilian hair removal session, no section of unwanted hair is missed, and your esthetician can give you the best services.

Furthermore, Brazilian wax positioning is equally important for women who prefer removing their intimate hair at home.

Part 2: Brazilian Wax Positioning at Salon

Brazilian Wax Positioning at Salon

Let us first find out How Much a Brazilian Wax Costs. And to get the best out of the price you pay for Brazilians, here are the top three positions to get rid of each hair strand in the intimate area.

Position no. 1: Hands on the Buttocks

The best and most comfortable position for beginners is hands on the back. Here, you should lie flat on the couch in a prone position (on your stomach). Now open your legs slightly and keep your hands on the buttocks in a way that the right hand is on the right side of the butt and the left is on the left side.

After that, stretch your butt cheeks so that the anal area becomes visible. Let the wax expert do her job and make sure that you hold your buttocks open when the wax is applied or pulled off for best results.

Position no. 2: Extended Butterfly Position Waxing

The second position works well for ladies with flexible bodies and who do not prefer lying on their stomachs while their hair is removed down there.

For this position, keep your hands and feet in a butterfly position. Now flex your knees at the hip joint in a way that they touch your chest. Move your hands under the knees and extend the legs so that the buttocks open up.

Now stay in this position until the esthetician is done removing the hair. Although a little uncomfortable, this position is less embarrassing and provides better results.

Position no. 3: Left Lateral Lie with Flexed Upper Leg

Lastly, we have a Brazilian wax positioning for thick ladies. Thick buttocks mean the anal area is harder to reach. Therefore, lie down on your side in a way that your back is towards the esthetician. Flex both of your legs at the knee joints.

Now grab your upper leg with the opposite hand ensuring that the area to be waxed is visible. Use your other hand on the buttock of the upper leg and stretch it to open the space.

Hold this position for a few minutes and you will have the unwanted anal and vaginal hair removed seamlessly.

Part 3: Brazilian Wax Positioning for Home Waxing

Brazilian Wax Positioning for Home Waxing

Some women prefer doing their hair removal at home. Let me tell you that your Brazilian wax position is important for such women for safe hair removal. So, here is a step-by-step Brazilian wax positioning guide for home hair removal.

  • Go to the area of the bathroom that has a mirror, preferably a wall mirror
  • Stand up, and keep one of your legs on the bathtub or a chair if there is no bathtub nearby
  • You wax the area that you can see well and change your position for the area with leftover hair sections
  • The second position is sitting down on the floor with your back supported by the wall
  • Open your legs fully so that the vaginal and anal regions can be seen

Part 4: Is Brazilian Wax Recommended to be Done at Home?

While Brazilian wax can be done at home using positions as discussed above, it is not recommended. The reason is the concern for its safety. You cannot possibly keep yourself stable while standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom and applying wax, right?

Even if you sit on the floor, there are always chances of slipping which makes you prone to injury. Moreover, the process of Brazilian wax at home is not optimal as some hair sections can be left behind and become a source of discomfort for you.

In addition, the Brazilian area is very delicate and thin. So, applying wax when it is too hot, going in the wrong direction because of confusion, and ripping it off aggressively damage the skin. It hurts very bad as well.

Regardless of all these cons, some women just cannot compromise their privacy for Brazilian wax in a salon. Thus, under such circumstances, it is better to choose a more gentle and convenient method of hair removal for your intimate areas.

This makes Ulike Air3 IPL the best choice for pubic, anal, and vaginal hair removal for many women. It is safe, quick, pain-free, and durable. Moreover, you do not have to wax every week because of its long-lasting results.


No matter how open-minded we become, we will always be concerned when it comes to exposing our private areas to a stranger even if it is for getting unwanted hair removal.

Therefore, position yourself correctly when you go for a Brazilian wax in a salon so that both you and the esthetician feel comfortable, hair removal is completed in less time, and you have to face no embarrassing moments.

Always tell yourself that the esthetician is a professional who handles intimate waxing every day. So, there is nothing much to worry about. Moreover, if you have any issues, talk to the waxing expert clearly so that she can answer your queries and make you comfortable.

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