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How to Line Up Beard? Best Practice!

By Jason
September 23, 2023
6 minutes
How to Line Up Beard

The density of the beard decreases gradually on the cheeks towards the temple area. That is why the concept of beard line up came into existence. You can create a fine line of beard, typically on the cheeks or downwards, near the chin to get a well-defined finish. This is one nice way of giving a well-groomed appearance to your face.

The less dense region of the beard, which is usually to the upper part of the cheek, is shaved off, and that creates a proper line up. Above the line, it’s all clean and smooth, and below the line, you have a well-styled and dense beard. Such a polished and nicely defined look helps in getting more attention and appeal to the public. This article is an in-depth guide on how to line up beard.

Table of Contents:

Part 1:What’s a Beard Line Up?

What's a Beard Line Up

Beard line up is a grooming process for men, where you shape the outermost edges of the beard to get a crisp and well-finished look. Naturally, a beard doesn’t have a well-defined edge, and that can reduce the overall appearance of some guys. While a beard line up is not important at all, some people may find themselves more dashing, handsome, and attractive with a beard lined up.

A beard line up is usually created on the cheeks (jawline), near the throat area, sideburns, and mustaches. The objective is to create a symmetrical beard line that looks neat and tidy. As a result, the overall face frame improves and enhances facial features even more.

Part 2:When to Line Up Your Beard?

After the Initial Growth Phase

You should wait for at least 2 to 4 weeks to let your beard grow out. That way, you will get a better visual to check out which regions are getting filled by your beard. Mark down the areas that have significantly less dense beards. That’s the region you need to shave off.

Special Occasions

It’s not a good idea to keep a beard line up all the time. Reserving a beard line up for special occasions will help you look more handsome on those special days. That way, your special personality will be reflected to the people.

Keeping a lined up beard all the time will not leave a different and better groomed impression on the people on special occasions, as you’ll still look regular even on those special days.

Seasonal Changes

It’s fine to have a grown-out beard during winter. During spring and autumn, having a beard line up would be great, as the weather remains pleasant. In summer, a beard line up would be great too, but due to hot weather, many people may still prefer a shaved face rather than lining up their beard.

Change in Style

Those who are bored with the same beard look can opt for a beard line up for a casual change in style and appearance.

Work & Profession

In many professional settings, a beard line up can leave a positive and impressive impact on the audience. A lined-up beard can leave a pleasant memory of yours in your audience’s mind, which is why many professional people such as show hosts, HRs, high-level management in the businesses, actors, those attending special events, etc., prefer a lined-up beard in their work environment.

Part 3:Where to Shave Beard Line?

Where to Shave Beard Line

Cheek Line

  1. You may follow your beard’s natural line and shave off stray hair on the cheek to create a beard line.
  2. A high cheek line is where you shave off beard hair higher on the cheek to create a more dramatic look.
  3. It’s important to keep the symmetry of your beard line on both cheeks. Do so by visually keeping a check on your beard line.


  1. Put two fingers on your Adam’s apple and the top finger marks your beard line. That is called the “2-finger Rule”.
  2. Many individuals create a U-shaped curve from ear to ear, where the curve passes through the Adam’s apple.


  1. Those with hair on their head can create a line up to shave off any stray hair near the temple area.
  2. You can line up your beard alongside the sideburns. Create a line up where your sideburns end and the beard starts.


  1. Try cleaning up any hair that grows on your upper lip.
  2. It’s your choice to decide if your beard and mustache should meet or remain separated. Then create a beard line up where your mustache and beard meet.

Part 4:How to Line up Beard by Yourself?

How to Line up a Beard by Yourself

This section talks about how to line up your beard by yourself with minimal tools.

Tools and Preparation

  • High-Quality Trimmer: Go for a trimmer with various guard lengths for versatility.
  • Sharp Razor: A sharp, clean razor is necessary for clean lines.
  • Shaving Gel or Cream: Lubrication helps the razor glide smoothly.
  • Mirror: A large bathroom mirror and a handheld mirror for viewing different angles.
  • Alcohol or Witch Hazel: For disinfecting the trimmer and for aftershave.
  • Comb or Brush: To detangle and line up your beard hairs.
  • Towel: To wipe away excess cream or gel.
  • Washable Marker or Eye Pencil: Optional, for marking lines.

Beard Line Up Process

Getting Started

  1. Wash your face with warm water and soap to soften the beard.
  2. Use a trim to trim the beard evenly to the desired length.
  3. Brush off all the trimmed hair from your face and comb your beard (if needed).
  4. Finalize if you want a high cheek or a low cheek. Then decide the sideburns line up, the beard line up on the neckline, and the mustache.

Lining Up the Beard

  1. Once you have decided on the beard line up, you may mark them using the eye pencil.
  2. If going with the beard line up alongside the sideburns, trim the sideburns to bring them to your beard’s level.
  3. Here’s how to shave a beard line. Fine tune using a razor and shave off all the unwanted hair and stray hair off the beard region.

Finishing Up

  1. Wash your face with cold water and pat dry it with a towel.
  2. Visually check for any remaining stray hair and shave them off with the razor.
  3. Check for any asymmetry in your beard line up on both cheeks. If there’s any asymmetry, resolve it by shaving off accordingly.
  4. Wash and rinse the face again with cold water, dry it with a towel, and apply aftershave and antiseptic.

Part 5:Maintenance and Aftercare

  1. You need to make a regular schedule of trimming and lining up your beard to maintain the style.
  2. Keep inspecting your beard for any asymmetries, because stray hair can regrow randomly. If they increase in count, you can lose your symmetry.
  3. After trimming and shaving, always rinse with cold water, and don’t forget to recheck for any mistakes or left out stray hair during the process.
  4. Check for any irritation, skin burns, or ingrown hair.


By now it is safe to conclude that the beard line up indeed plays a very interesting and important role in men’s grooming and the display of overall personality and appearance. Great looks are not just confined to women, men need to look great too; a lined-up beard can leave a significant impact on the people who look at them.

Different beard line ups can change the appearance differently, so don’t forget to keep trying out new styles to find out which one suits you the most.

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