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8 Best Travel Sized Shaving Creams to Smooth Your Journey

September 25, 2023
6 minutes

When you have a long vacation to plan, everything is packed, and then comes the problem. Where do you fit your hair removal product? You cannot stay hairy throughout the trip or cannot dry shave, and cut your skin. Want to know the difference between dry and wet shaving? Click Dry vs. Wet Shaving

So, it is important to explore travel-size shaving creams so that you can continue your journey without any hindrance. You can keep these products for use in the office too. So, are you also looking for travel-sized shaving creams? We have some top recommendations for you. Table of Contents:

Part 1: Factors to Consider When Choosing Travel Size Shaving Cream

Skin type and sensitivity

Before buying a product, you need to be careful about how it reacts with your body. Some hair removal products have harsh products that might not be suitable for sensitive skin. Some might make your dry skin even more dry. So, buy products after knowing your skin type and sensitivity.

Scent preferences

Scents usually cause allergic reactions on the skin. Moreover, there are times when you are more sensitive to specific scents. So, when you buy a shaving cream, check it’s ingredients carefully and see if its scent is according to your liking otherwise you might start hating the shaving process as a whole. 

Formulation (e.g., foam, gel, or cream)

A shaving gel lathers up instantly and is easy to rinse off your body while shaving gel is better in providing lubrication and the shaving creams can soften your body and hair efficiently. Whatever product you buy depends upon your skin type and personal preferences. So check the formulation before buying any product to save yourself from regretting it later on.

Packaging durability and leak-proof features

If the packaging is not durable, there are risks of the product getting wasted either during delivery or an accidental falling at your home. Even if something does not happen, sometimes shaving cream cases are made with low-quality material making them leak easily. So make sure you are buying a durable product. 

Part 2: Top 8 Travel Size Shaving Creams

Gillette shaving cream travel size

Gillette shaving cream travel size

Size: 6×4×1.5 inches with a weight of 6 ounces Price: $9.99

Key Features: The Gillette shaving cream has the following features that can make it a perfect traveling partner:

  • Thick and creamy texture provides high lubrication
  • It spreads evenly and can be rinsed off easily
  • Has a light scent thus making your skin fresh 
  • The packaging is made of CFCs with a rust-resistant bottom allowing safe use 

Aveeno shaving cream travel size

Aveeno shaving cream travel size

Size: 2.8× 1.8× 5.4 inches with weight 8 ounces

Price: $5.39 

Key Features: 

  • The Aveeno shaving cream contains Oat and Vitamin E that moisturizes the skin and prevent razor bumps
  • Lubricants present in this shaving cream also allow close shave without any cuts and nicks
  • It is fragrance-free, allergy-tested, and safe to use for people with dry skin 

Barbasol travel-size shaving cream

Barbasol travel-size shaving cream

Size:5×4.2×1.4 inches with 3.2 ounces weight 

Price: $9.11 

Key Features: Let’s see what makes Barbasol shaving cream worth using

  • The Barbasol shaving cream is made with aloe vera, thyme, papaya, and willow bark to provide your skin maximum protection while shaving
  • It can give you a close shave with smooth razor glide to reduce skin irritation
  • The cream has a light papaya scent that freshens you with every breath
  • The case is made with rustproof aluminum to prevent the formation of rust rings 

Nivea shaving cream travel size

Nivea shaving cream travel size

Size: 6.5×5.7×1.5 inches with 3.5 ounces weight 

Price: $18.24 

Key Features: The following are the exceptional qualities of Nivea shaving cream:

  • Rich in glycerin, olive oil, sea minerals, and Vitamins, this cream nourishes your skin along with hydration
  • The product is alcohol-free which means no risk of skin drying, itching, and rough shaving
  • The creamy lather does not stick to your skin and wipes off easily 

Cremo shaving cream travel size

Cremo shaving cream travel sizeSize:1.8 x 1 x 4.8 inches with a weight of 1.39 Ounces

Price: $6.45

Key Features: 

  • The Cremo hair removal cream is paraben-free and made to be used on sensitive skin
  • It has a concentrated formula which means you only have to squeeze almond-sized amounts which makes it last longer
  • It includes Macadamia seed oil, lemon extract, calendula extract, olive and aloe vera extract, etc. These ingredients make shaving smooth and cut-free 

Proraso shaving cream travel size

Proraso shaving cream travel size

Size :4.5 x 1.75 x 3.25 inches with 3.53 Ounces

Price: $15

Key Features:

  • The Proraso shaving kit includes a pre-shaving cream, aftershave balm, shaving cream, and a brush with boar bristles but it is small enough to fit perfectly in your luggage
  • It can work well for all skin types 
  •  The Pre-shaving cream contains eucalyptus oil and menthol to purify the skin while the shaving cream with its thick lather also has glycerin to keep the skin smooth 
  • The balm is alcohol-free and contains green tea with oatmeal to soothe your skin perfectly 

Edge shaving cream travel size

Edge shaving cream travel size

Size: 2.1 x 6.25 x 7.1 inches with 7 Ounces weight 

Price: $9.71 

Key Features:

  • The Edge shaving cream is incorporated with aloe vera to minimize skin irritation on all skin types including sensitive skin
  • It also includes cooling conditioners as the main ingredients to make your skin feel fresh after shaving

Neutrogena shave cream travel size

Neutrogena shave cream travel size

Size:3 x 2 x 6.63 inches with 6.4 Ounces weight 

Price: $74.85

Key Features

  • The oil-free Neutrogena travel-sized shaving cream is incorporated with glycerin to fight ingrown hair and razor bumps
  • It is a no-foam shaving cream which means you can get a perfect closer shave with Neutrogena
  • It washes away easily without clogging your pores 

Part 3: Alternative Solutions for Traveling Hair Removal

If you are not a big fan of hair removal with shaving creams or your skin gets burnt easily with these creams, you can try some other travel-sized products to keep your skin silky and hai-free throughout your trip. 

Ulike IPL Hair Removal 


The Ulike IPL hair removal can be your perfect solution to long-term hair removal and the handset is compact enough for you to bring it anywhere with you. Let’s see what more it has to offer:

  • It provides complete hair removal for at least a year within 10 weeks 
  • The handset glides smoothly across your body and prevents ingrown hair
  • You just need 7-minute treatment with the ulike handset

Price: $329 

To know more about IPL, Click Common Questions About IPL

PRITECH Hair Trimmer for Women

PRITECH Hair Trimmer for Women

The PRITECH hair trimmer for women has self-sharpening precision blades that can work efficiently for a long time. Why should you use it?

  • It has an electromagnetic motor that allows noise-free hair removal without producing any heat 
  • Comes with a standing recharge dock so you will not have not run to find cables in an emergency
  • It is waterproof with a detachable head so can easily be cleaned 

Price: $18.99

Weight: 8.35 x 3.94 x 1.77 inches with 8 Ounces weight 

Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Nearly painless Hair Remover

Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Nearly painless Hair Remover

The Finishing Touch women’s hair remover is a nearly painless, cordless, and lightweight device that can easily fit even in your handbag. It is battery-powered so you can sit anywhere and use the device comfortably. The hair removal device uses butterfly technology to get rid of peach fuzz and all the tiny hair on your face. 

Price: $18.21 

Weight: 3.5× 1.5×8.5 with weight of 2.7 ounces 


Travel-size shaving creams are an essential part of your journey. These are important to keep yourself clean, tidy, and beautiful. The hairs might accumulate sweat and cause acne so hair removal creams can also help you decrease the risk of infections and breakouts.

Grooming yourself not only makes you look good but also gives a good impression to others about how clean you are. 

So, whether you are at home or going on a tour find some travel-sized hair removal creams according to your skin type to stay hair-free all the time.

You are bringing along your safety razor too and it also needs maintenance. To know more, click How to Clean a Razor

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