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How to Clean a Razor: The Foolproof Guide

By Jason
September 10, 2023
7 minutes
How to Clean a Razor

Shaving is an effortless method of hair removal on the body and grooming facial hair. It is especially loved by men for its feasibility and how it helps to get a clean shave. Similarly, women love it as it can also be used for dermaplanning.

However, we are all confused when it comes to cleaning a razor. We are unsure about the cleaning of an electric razor that uses a power supply or replaceable head, a safety razor with multiple blades, or a straight razor that resembles a surgical blade.

So, let us get into this foolproof guide on how to clean a razor to help you keep all types of razors in good condition.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: How to Clean an Electric Razor

How to Clean an Electric Razor

When you ask men how to get a clean shave, most will answer with an electric razor. So, here are the best electric razors for men’s faces. Additionally, let us find out how to clean an electric shaver and keep it in a hygienic condition. 

Disconnect the Razor from the Power Source

An electric razor either works on the main power supply or a battery. So, the first step is to turn it off completely. Remove the plug from the switchboard if it is a corded one and remove the batteries from the cordless ones.

Ensure that the razor has no current to clean it safely.

Remove the Head or Blades, if Removeable

Most electric razors come with a removable head or blades while the others are water-resistant. So, check out the instructions on the manual of your razor and see how its head can be removed. Then remove the head because this is the part you want to wash without harming the main body.

Remove the Stuck Hair and Debris

First, shake the razor head gently and let most of the hair and debris fall out of it. Then take the razor cleaning brush or a regular brush with soft bristles and use it to remove the hair and impurities stuck inside the blades.

Clean the Blades with a Cleaning Solution 

Once you see that there are no residues of your shaving left behind in the razor head, it is time to kill the bacteria and microbes along with removing the invisible dirt particles. 

For this, wash the head under running water. Moreover, you can cleaning solution or liquid soap. Leather will be formed on it. Then you can finally wash it under water.

Let it Dry and Reassemble 

The last step is to allow the razor to dry in the air. You can also dry it by tabbing it with a clean cloth. Then join the head to the body of the razor and store it in its storage case.

Part 2: How to Clean a Safety Razor

How to Clean a Safety Razor

If you are wondering how to clean shave with a razor, a safety razor is your answer. It is a metal razor that works manually to remove the hair closely on the skin’s surface.

It is similar yet different than a cartridge razor as explained in Safety razor vs. cartridge. Let us see how to clean it here.

Disassemble the Head of the Razor from its Body

The head of the razor has blades while its bottom body works as a handle to help in shaving. We want to clean the head. So, you need to disassemble the head first. For this, unscrew the head by rotating it and removing it from the body.

Moreover, you can remove its blade as well. Also, dispose of the blades completely, if needed.

Wash the Razor Head with Water

After that, wash the razor head under running water to remove the hair, shaving gel residues, and other impurities. This will help in easing the next steps. However, it is not enough to completely clean the razor.

Scrub the Razor Head with a Razor Cleansing Brush

On the wet safety razor head, scrub a soft-bristle brush and remove the remaining hair and other residues from it. The hair is mostly stuck near the blade part. So, pay attention to it.

Moreover, use a Q-tip to remove dirt from the areas where the brush cannot reach meticulously.

Soak the Razor in a Cleaning Solution

Make warm soapy water by mixing a few drops of detergent or hand soap in the warm water. In addition, you can use a cleaning solution available in the market specifically for razors.

Soak your razor in this solution for a few minutes and rinse it under water. Moreover, clean the handle of the razor with a brush and disinfect it with an alcohol-based cleaning agent.

Let it Dry and Reeseemble 

Let both parts of the safety razor dry in the air or by wiping it with a cloth. Then attach them to each other by rotating the head in the opposite direction to that you did while removing it. Lastly, store it in a dry place rather than in your washroom.

Part 3: How to Clean a Straight Razor

How to Clean a Straight Razor

Straight razors are one of the most traditional types of razors ever used. Its usage has reduced over time. But some people still prefer them as they offer a very close shape. The difference between a safety and a straight razor is explained in safety vs. a straight razor.

Below are the steps to clean a safety razor without harming yourself.

Dip the Razor in a Warm Soapy Solution

Prepare a soapy water solution just like you did for for safety razor and dip the straight razor blade into it. Along with this, take a brush and use its bristles to scrub off the hair and cream present on the razor blade.

Use a Q-Tip to Clean the Hidden Areas

Then use a Q-tip or toothpick to remove the impurities in the curvature and other hidden parts of the straight razor. After that, wash the blade with water.

Wipe the Residue from it Gently

Take a soft cloth or a towel and wipe the razor blade to clean the remnants of your cleaning solution from it. Ensure that you do not touch the blade with your fingers and it is just the clothes coming in contact.

Sanitize the Razor

Use an alcohol-based disinfectant, specifically isopropyl alcohol to sanitize the razor blade. Again use a brush, dip it in the alcohol, and scrub it over the razor blade to disinfect it from bacteria and other microbes.

Store the Razor

The alcohol will evaporate leaving a dry razor behind. Close it and store it in a clean dry place.

Part 4: Maintenance Tips for All Razor Types

Maintenance Tips for All Razor Types

The following maintenance tips can help you keep all your razors in the best condition.

1. Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect your razor blades and body before and after using it every time. Look for damage in any of its parts, any rust, any wear and tear, and any fungus. 

If you come across any of these, remember to remove the rust and fungus. Also, get the razor repaired if possible.

2. Replacing the Head/Blades

A safety razor comes with replaceable blades, the blades of a straight razor need honing, and the blades of the electric razor can also wear out. So, remember to look for any change in the sharpness of the razor blade and replace it.

3. Maintain Lubrication

The continuous friction applied to a razor blade can reduce its functions. So, lubricate the mobile parts of the electric razor using a light oil. It will improve the efficiency and life of the foil and cutters of the razor.

You can use a razor lubricant for other types of blades as well. It cleans the hard water deposits from the blades.

4. Store it in a Compatible Environment

A razor must be stored in its stored case or stand in a cool, dry, and clean place. Do not store it in the bathroom or sink. The warm and damp environment encourages the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

5. Sharpen the Razor Blades

The blades of safety and straight razors can be honed easily at home with a honing stone. However, you will have to get the blades of the electric razor sharpened by an expert. 

6. Use Specialised Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions and sprays manufactured particularly for electric shavers can be used to clean the shaver without any damage and prolong its life. Such sprays are easily available at electric razor sellers.

7. Dispose of the Blades and Cartridge Properly

You should always take the blades and cartridge of the razor carefully according to the instructions to ensure that you impose no harm on the razor. Additionally, pack these in newspaper and wrap them in the tape for proper disposal.

8. Prevent the Accumulation of Residues or Impurities on the Razor

In addition to cleaning the razor blade, you should also take care of the handle of the razor. Use a disinfectant and a cloth to remove the dirt, dust, hair, and cream residues from it.

9. Follow the Instructions

All razors including electric, safety, and straight come with a whole set of guidelines explaining how to use, clean, and maintain them. While the basic procedure is the same in all, go through the instructions once to find out any exceptions to the general rules.


For cleaning all types of razors, the basic rule to to first detach its parts, rinse the head/blade part, scrub it with a brush, give it a warm soap water bath, dry it, assemble it, and store it in a clean environment.

Regular cleaning of the razors is good for both, your skin and razor health. It helps in prevention of the infection and prolongs the life of the shaver. So, you should always clean your razors thoroughly after using them every time. 

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