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How to Make Your Lips Bigger?

By Laura
February 26, 2024
7 minutes
How to Make Your Lips Bigger

Plump lips are thought to be attractive, enhancing the beauty of any face. However, it is a feature that is not naturally blessed upon many of us. Nevertheless, don’t give up on fuller lips just yet. Some hacks and tips can help you get bigger lips as well.

From natural ingredients to makeup tricks and even professional fillers, there is a long list of effective ways to get plumper lips. This article with guide you through the multiple methods on how to make your lips bigger and more beautiful. Table of Contents:

Part 1: How to make your lips bigger naturally?

1. Hydrate

HydrateEvery part of your body needs water. If your body isn’t hydrated well, your lips will start shriveling as well. So make sure to drink several glasses of water every day. Moreover, you can use moisturizers such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid too. These moisturizing properties act as hydrants which help to soften and strengthen the outer layer of the skin, and as a barrier, which seals the hydration in.

2. Use Lip Balm

Use Lip BalmYour lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Sometimes, only hydrating from the inside might not be enough – external factors might still dry and shrink them. Hence, along with drinking ample water, remember to use a well-moisturizing lip balm (or petroleum jelly) to keep them soft and healthy.

3. Exfoliate

ExfoliateThis is one of the most important steps, especially before diving into other ways to make your lips bigger. Dry flaky lips tend to not reflect light properly, which makes them look smaller. You can use a lip exfoliant or make one at home by mixing sugar and honey. Rub gently in circles for just a minute and wash off. You can then use a lip balm to moisturize and soothe them.

4. Use a Lip Mask

Use a Lip MaskLip masks are a fun twist to the usual lip balm to deal with dry lips. These are sheets of gel made with several moisturizing ingredients like collagen and glycerine etc that help hydrate your lips while you leave them on for a few minutes. 

5. Use a Gua Sha 

Although a Gua Sha is usually used to firm and tighten your skin, it is being used widely to plump up lips as well. For this, use the scalloped side of the tool and rub it sideways around the lines of your lips. This works by creating friction, which makes your lips fuller in a mere couple of minutes. 

Part 2:How to make your lips look bigger with makeup?

1. Overline your lips

Overline your lipsBlurring the actual line between your face and lips helps give the idea of bigger lips. Overlining lips is a quite popular makeup trick used widely for this purpose. You just have to apply a concealer to your lips to make its actual line dull, and then trace outside your line using a lip liner of your lipstick shade.

2. Double up on nude lip colors

Double up on nude lip colorsGiving extra dimension to your lips also gives an image of a plump pout. You just have to apply one shade on your lips first, and then add a lighter color of lipstick in the middle. Blend well and you’re done. If you have one lip smaller than the other, you can try this tip over only that part as well.

3. Line with concealer after lipstick

Double up on nude lip colorsThis trick is used usually by influencers and online celebrities to make their lips look fuller and bigger. For this, apply a concealer on your lips first, then apply your lipstick, followed by another light layer of your concealer. You can combine this trick with overlining your lips for even better results!

4. Add a contour shade under your bottom lip

This is another beauty hack that is popular among the beauty community. After you have done your lip makeup, you just have to take any powder contour shade and apply it under your lower lip with a brush. This will make a light “shadow” under your lips, making them seem bigger. 

5. Highlight with gloss

Highlight with glossThis might be one of the quickest makeup tricks to get your lips to look bigger. Choose any clear lip gloss, or one with a color matching your lipstick, and apply a dab of it in the middle of your lips. The gloss reflects light, making your lips seem poutier.

Part 3:Lip Plumpers and Enhancing Products

Lip plumpers are taking the beauty world by storm and for several good reasons. These products come in the form of balm, gel, or gloss and help plump up your lips temporarily. Lip plumpers include active ingredients like mint, ginger, cinnamon, or capsicum, as well as certain non-toxic chemicals, that boost the flow of blood to your lips, resulting in mild redness and swelling.

Lip plumpers are somewhat controversial as some people find this uncomfortable since the swelling might cause slight irritation or stinging. Nonetheless, these still work effectively, with no alleged side effects, and are almost harmless to use.

Treatment Plumpers

Along with the traditional plumpers, many brands have introduced a new type of lip plumpers that are said to give even better and long-lasting results. These products include ingredients like marine collagen, peptides, and certain growth factors to make your lips fuller (if used regularly) by boosting the production of elastin and collagen.

Part 4:Lip Filler Injections

Lip augmentation is a simple cosmetic procedure that uses lip filler injections to make your lips bigger and more attractive. 

What is lip augmentation?

Lip Plumpers and Enhancing ProductsLip augmentation is a surgical process that reduces fine lines and wrinkles around your lips. This helps enlarge your lips, enhancing their shape and making them plumpier. The procedure is done through lip injections. 

In the past, collagen was the most common material used in lip injections. However, it is not as common today as hyaluronic acid, which produces more natural results and lasts longer.

Fat grafting is another method for lip augmentation, with which fat is removed from one part of the body via liposuction and then injected into the lips. However, this method is not quite popular since it is highly invasive and has the longest healing time.

How does lip augmentation work?

Lip augmentation is an in-office procedure that can be done with little to no downtime:

  1. Your doctor will first numb your lips by using local anesthesia or nerve blockers.
  2. Then, the doctor may use a pen to mark the areas to be injected.
  3. After injecting the fillers, the doctor can apply ice to help with the discomfort.

The speed of this procedure generally depends on the type of filler that is being injected. For example, fat injection begins with some fat being taken from one part of your body before being injected into your lips, thus taking a longer time.

Know the risks

Hyaluronic acid fillers are made from chemicals similar to those found in the body, so they’re unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Nevertheless, there are still risks of reactions, such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

However, most of these side effects do not last longer than a week. In rare cases, uneven lips and irregularity, with lumps and bumps in the lips, may occur. More severe side effects can include infections, ulcers, and fibrous tissue (causing the lips to become stiff). 

Moreover, the specific ingredients contained in your dermal filler might have different effects as well. For example, some contain lidocaine, which may cause an allergic reaction. Remember to talk to your dermatologist before your procedure to discuss any potential risks.

Part 5: Choosing the Right Approach for You

As with every method and technique that can help you enhance your appearance, it is important to look into various factors before choosing the approach that is right for you. Consider the results that you want to achieve. Do you want your lips to be bigger long-lastingly or just want the look for one event? Are you more comfortable with using natural things only? What is your budget?

With the continuous advancement in the beauty sector, there are multiple options in the market to choose from. You can even use makeup to trick the eyes into making your lips seem bigger without applying anything for them actually to plump up. 

If you’re committed to getting bigger or fuller lips and nothing else seems to be doing the trick, you may consider lip augmentation. Rather than going into it blind, however, do your research: look up the different methods of lip augmentation, read reviews and personal experiences online, and consult with more than one doctor.


Big plump lips have been in the trend for quite a while now. From models and actresses to the general public, most women are opting to get fuller lips. Luckily, there are numerous tips and tricks for this purpose. From using makeup tricks to using specially-made plumpers, you have a long list of options. 

If nothing works for you and you want longer results, you can even go for lip fillers. However, it is important to look into the time, budget, and risks related to each approach before making the final decisions. 

Also, remember; You look your best when you feel empowered, so make your lips bigger or don’t – just do what makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself!

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