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How to Remove Facial Hair at Home: 10 Methods That Work

By Laura
February 5, 2023
8 minutes

Several factors, such as irregular skin tone, clogged pores, dead skin, dark patches, and fast-growing facial hair, might reduce your skin’s capacity to glow. As much as women love hair because it beautifies them, the majority hate seeing hair on their faces. Although all women experience facial hair growth, some get it more quickly and thicker than others. Application and blending of cosmetic & skin care products become challenging as a result. Waxing, threading and laser treatments are just a few of the hair removal options available, but they either have a limited shelf life or are quite on the high side in terms of budget. Here, employing natural techniques to get rid of facial hair might be beneficial.

Years back when there were few alternatives, women used natural home-made remedies to get combat the growth of facial hair. Nevertheless, these techniques are not only effective but also less expensive because they only need a few basic supplies that you may already have in your kitchen. These natural remedies are easy to produce, secure to use, and have long-lasting results. I know you’d sacrifice everything to skip making frequent visits to the salon, so why not try one of the methods described below to get rid of that bothersome facial hair?

1. Gram flour and rose water mask

Although it takes a very long time to remove facial or body hair with gram flour, it actually works to stop hair growth. When hair does fall out, it will take a very long time to grow back (unlike when you shave or pluck), and in some cases, it won’t grow back at all. When paired with rose water’s benefits, gram flour’s excellent exfoliating qualities prevent hair growth. It is the ideal exfoliating agent and will assist in removing facial hair.

Remove Facial Hair at Home

To make this simple method of removing your facial hair, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of gram flour, 2 tablespoons of rosewater, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to be combined in a bowl. Gram flour dries out on the skin very quickly, so mix thoroughly to create a paste before applying it to your face. Using your fingers or a dark-colored washcloth, rub the gram flour hair removal mask off once it has dried completely. Do this in the opposite direction of the direction that the hair grows. Three to four times a week should suffice for the best effects.

2. Egg and cornstarch mask

Egg white and cornstarch are another ideal combination for a peel-off mask that will assist you in getting rid of facial hair naturally. The vitamin A-rich egg white not only firms your skin and gets rid of facial hair, but it also causes the pores to close and gets rid of blackheads. Cornstarch aids in clearing up skin pollutants and shields against breakouts. Egg whites alone work well as a face mask to remove facial hair and dead skin cells. However, this homemade treatment is more effective when cornstarch is included.

A single egg white, 1/2 tablespoon of cornstarch, and a full tablespoon of sugar are required to prepare this treatment, and they should all be mixed together in a bowl to create the mask. Before letting the paste dry, make sure your skin is evenly coated. When you’re sure that the mask has dried, carefully untie one end and peel the skin in the opposite direction (follow the hair growth direction). This will eradicate any facial hair.

3. Honey and sugar scrub

Everyone is aware of honey’s benefits for moisturizing skin. It removes facial hair easily and operates as a peel-off mask. One of the best at-home methods for getting rid of facial hair is using honey and sugar because honey heals and feeds the skin while sugar gently buffs away dead skin cells and facial hair from the skin’s surface.

To produce the peel-off mask for this treatment, combine a tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and a tablespoon of water in a bowl. To dissolve the sugar, place the mixture in a bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds. Any areas of your face with excessive facial hair should be treated with the paste. After cooling, wrap a strip of the cotton towel around the paste and swiftly peel it away in the direction that the hair grows.

4. Lavender and Tea tree oil

The first step is to combine the two oils in a mixing basin by giving them a good swirl.

Then, to use it, simply dab a fresh cotton ball or swab with the mixture and smooth it over your undesirable facial hair.

You will start noticing a significant decrease in your facial hair and its disappearance after using this specific medication 2 to 3 times each day for three months. Both of these oils have respectable anti-androgenic characteristics, which means they control the body’s production of male hormones, which in turn controls the development of undesired facial hair. The growth of undesirable facial hair will be long-lastingly stopped by using this cure on a regular, daily basis. Even though this cure contains 2 oils, it will still be effective on skin that is oily and prone to acne.

Papaya and turmeric mask

5. Papaya and turmeric mask

Since papaya contains the papain enzyme, which has always helped eradicate facial hair, and turmeric, which provides the skin with a radiant and healthy shine, this at-home hair removal treatment is a glow-boosting one. Papaya slices should be chopped into small pieces and blended into a pulp to produce this remedy. Next, add half a teaspoon of turmeric to the paste. After fully mixing, only apply to places where you have unwanted hair growth. Give the region a little massage, then leave it alone for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use this at-home method to remove facial hair twice a week for the best results.

6. Oatmeal and banana mask

There is no better natural hair removal method if you have dry skin than oatmeal and banana mask. Along with aiding in the removal of facial hair, it will also provide your face with essential vitamins and minerals. This combination not only makes a delicious breakfast option but also functions well as a natural hair removal method for the face. Oatmeal’s gritty texture makes it a great exfoliating agent for removing facial hair and dead skin cells.

Due to the inclusion of the banana, this cure cleanses the skin while also hydrating and nourishing it, making it an excellent exfoliant. Additionally, this recipe is fantastic for all skin types. Antioxidants in oatmeal assist to reduce redness on the skin and it also makes a nice, moisturizing scrub. This paste will not only get rid of your facial hair but also keep your skin radiant by combining it with the anti-inflammatory qualities of bananas.

To make this treatment, you’ll need 1 ripe banana and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal to be thoroughly combined in a bowl. Give your skin a generous coating of the paste, then massage it in circular strokes. After letting it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse it off with water. Use this treatment at least once a week, you should scrub over your undesirable hair and eliminate it with this cure.

7. Sugar and lemon scrub

For ages, people have employed the traditional cure of mixing sugar and lemon to get rid of unsightly facial hair. Lemon undoubtedly makes the skin sparkle like a diamond in the sky, while sugar sticks to the facial hair to remove it thoroughly. Because warm sugar adheres to the hair rather than the skin, it is a natural exfoliant. Lemon juice, on the other hand, helps to lighten the skin tone and acts as a natural and inexpensive bleach for the skin and hair. This method is really impressive and satisfactory in exterminating unpleasant facial waxing behind

To make this treatment, simply combine two tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and eight to nine tablespoons of water. For optimum results, you should heat this mixture until bubbles start to form, then you can let it cool. Using a spatula, apply it to the troubled areas and let it on there for 20 to 25 minutes. Finally, use cold water to thoroughly rinse the mixture off your skin while massaging and rubbing it in circular motions.

Sugar and lemon scrub

8. Potato and Lentil mask

The mixture leaves your skin with a thick layer that aids in shaving your face. To make this treatment, combine five teaspoons of potato juice with one tablespoon each of lemon and honey. After soaking the lentils throughout the night, they must be made into a paste. Combine all the ingredients, then apply the mixture to the affected area for around 20 minutes. When it is entirely dried, wash it off. In order to remove hair, this paste forms a thin crust while aiding, potato aids in hair whitening, which lessens their visibility.

Use this face scrub nightly only because it contains lemon juice, which makes it photosensitive and will react with your skin if you step outside in the sun. Use this face scrub every day until you see a noticeable change.

9. Onion-basil leaf mask

When combined with basil leaves, onion is a natural element that can help to make your skin seem lovely and will also aid in eradicating unwanted hair. Finding the thin, transparent onion skin membranes that are sandwiched in between the onion layers is the trick in this situation.

To make this treatment, the medium-sized onion should be coarsely chopped before being added to a blender. Afterward, make it into a fine paste, and then Get the onion juice out of this paste. Grind the basil leaf paste separately. In onion juice, incorporate basil leaf paste. Well combine it, Apply this face mask to the facial hair on your face, and leave it on for about 30 minutes. With minimal pressure, gently scrub it away with your fingertips. To wash your face, give it a quick splash of running water. Don’t use toner. Put on some moisturizer. Daily use of this hair removal face mask will cause a noticeable slowdown in the growth of facial hair.

10. Lemon and Honey mask

Another technique to replace waxing is the use of a Lemon and Honey mask. Honey is known for its exfoliating abilities and it nourishes the skin, it is also one of the greatest home remedies for removing facial hair while Lemon leaves the face glowing and the sugar adheres to the fine facial hair, effectively removing it.

If you have dry skin, this treatment is highly advisable because honey helps to moisturize the skin. To begin, combine 2 tablespoons each of lemon juice, sugar, and honey. The mixture should be heated for around three minutes before adding water to thin it up as needed. Apply the mixture to the afflicted regions and spread the paste in the direction of hair growth once the mixture has cooled. Next, pull the hair out in the opposite direction of its growth with a waxing strip or a cotton cloth.


All the above-listed methods are sure to help remove facial hair. But do you know that hairs in other body parts can be frustrating? When you are frustrated that the silky, flawless bikini line only lasts one night, then those thorny shrubs abruptly protrude, causing rashes, scrapes, and occasionally excruciating ingrown hairs, you don’t have to bite yourself up. You can always achieve results that are salon-smooth with products like the portable Ulike Sapphire AIR+ IPL Hair Removal Handset. With Ulike you can kiss unwanted hairs goodbye!

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