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How to Remove Hair From Anus Long-lastingly?

By Laura
October 9, 2023
6 minutes
How to Remove Hair From Anus Permanently

Anal hair can be discomforting or hinder your anal hygiene. That’s why a lot of people literally prefer cleaning up their anal hair. In many cultures, a hairless body, including a hair-free anal region is considered a symbol of beauty, which is why some individuals get rid of their anal hair.

However, if you’re planning on getting rid of those hairs, you should take care of proper hair removal techniques, because the anus is one of those critical regions, where you need to take extra precautions and be extra careful with hair removal. This guide will teach you how to remove hair from the anus long-lastingly and how to remove hair from the anus female at home.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Why Do We Have Hair on My Anus?

To Protect the Delicate Skin

The anal region has delicate skin that needs to be protected and the anal hair plays an important role in achieving that.


Some theories suggest that anal hair can help disperse pheromones. These are the chemicals that increase attraction for mating. The hair on your anus can increase the surface area, which would eventually increase evaporation, and thus, pheromones would disperse better.

Friction Reduction

The presence of hair between the buttocks can reduce friction when walking, running, or any physical activity. As a result, you’re less likely to experience any skin irritation that might arise if your buttocks would rub against each other due to the absence of anal hair.

Natural Barrier

Anal hair can help you keep foreign particles from entering through your anus.

Part 2: How to Remove Hair From Anus Long-lastingly?

1. IPL Hair RemovalIPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal technique is a very great and popular technique for anal hair removal. You need to use an IPL device on your anus… This device will shoot light beams of different wavelengths and your anal hair follicles will absorb those light beams. This light will get converted to heat and the melanin in your hair follicles will start getting damaged. But that won’t hurt you.

When the hair follicle melanin gets damaged, it’ll become unable to regrow hair on your anus. Therefore, you will get rid of anal hair long-lastingly.

Benefits & Considerations

  • This method is very effective in getting rid of anal hair for a very long term. After a few sessions, you’re sure to notice reduced hair growth, and eventually almost no hair growth.
  • IPL hair removal means there’s no risk of ingrown hair unlike in waxing.
  • This technique is relatively less painful than waxing and the sensations that you’ll feel during IPL hair removal will be very tolerable.
  • IPL hair removal technique is very cost-effective in the long run because you don’t have to spend money repeatedly on the product. Also, there are no regular costs of using the device. Waxing and other techniques will require you to buy wax for every session, and heating costs, and then you also have to use after-wax care products (in some cases).
  • The level of precision that you’ll notice with the IPL products will leave you impressed.
  • There’s no risk of cuts and nicks unlike in the case of shaving.
  • You need to take care of your skin tone and hair color in the treatment area. IPL works best on the combination of a light skin tone and darker hair.
  • Remember that you will need multiple sessions to get rid of anal hair completely. Even after the first session, it can take up to a week to notice some changes.
  • Even though the treatment leaves long-lasting results, please be aware this is still not a long-lasting solution.

Ulike Hair Removal

Ulike Hair Removal

If you are interested in the IPL hair removal technique, you will need a hair removal device. So, you can use Ulike IPL hair removal device, which is a portable gadget. It comes in very cute and unisex designs, so whether you are a male or a female, you will get 100% confidence in using that product.

Ulike hair removal device is a very trusted and tested product that enjoys years of global reputation. Some efficient models can help you get rid of hair in 3 weeks. Some models require only 7-10 minutes per session. Ulike sells FDA-cleared products, so now you know that you are buying a safe and genuine product.

Anal Hair Removal Steps

  1. Read the user manual to get familiar with the device and look for all the buttons on it.
  2. Prepare your anus by washing it and drying it well with a towel.
  3. If you have long hair, it’s better to trim them first.
  1. Wear protective gear, typically eyewear that comes with your IPL device.
  2. Place the device as desired and it’s better to do this in front of a mirror.
  3. Make sure that the device stays in contact with the skin.
  4. Press the flash button. You might get a sensation.
  5. Move the device to the next area, place it well, and flash. Repeat until you have covered the entire anal region.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal on the anus is another popular method to get rid of anal hair. This method uses laser lights that are thrown into the hair follicles. Just like IPL, laser lights then destroy the melanin and your anal hair regrowth will deteriorate eventually. But you will need professional help to get this method done.

Benefits & Considerations

  • The process is very quick, especially if you just want to remove anal hair.
  • You will get long-lasting results with the laser hair removal technique.
  • Lasers are very efficient in targeting hair follicles without damaging your anal skin. As a result, this method becomes great for anal hair removal since anal skin is pretty sensitive.
  • You are less likely to have ingrown hair because laser hair removal techniques can eliminate the chances of ingrown hair in your anal region.
  • The treatment cost might bother you, especially if you are planning on multiple sessions.
  • Many people describe the sensations as rubber snapping. So, if you have really less pain tolerance, you should prepare yourself for the sensations that you will have during the process.
  • There’s a risk of temporary side effects like skin redness, rashes, burns, etc. But these side effects should fade away within a day or two, and the severity is expected to be normal.

3. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a very different method than shaving anus or using light beams. In this method, each hair is treated individually and the hair regrowth cycle is destroyed using a very tiny electric current. The process is very simple. A very fine needle is inserted to the hair’s growth center and then an electric current is applied. The electric current destroys the hair’s follicle and hence, hair doesn’t grow back. Once the hair’s follicle is damaged, it will be removed gently using tweezers.

Benefits & Considerations

  • The FDA has cleared electrolysis as a long-lasting hair removal method, so it’s best suited for those who’re looking for complete elimination of hair from their anus forever.
  • There’s no way you will have hyperpigmentation with this method.
  • It’s perfect for small areas like lips, eyebrows, and chin.
  • This is a very time-consuming method because every hair needs to be treated individually.
  • It can be a painful method because, ultimately, a needle will be inserted into each hair’s follicle. That will be too many needles in a very short amount of time. Also, an electric current will be passed each time.
  • The overall treatment cost can bother you.
  • Swelling, temporary redness, and discomfort are some of the most common side effects. But they should go away within a week.

Part 3: Can I Use Nair on My Anus?

Can I Use Nair on My Anus

Nair is a depilatory cream brand and contains calcium thioglycolate and potassium hydroxide. These chemicals can be discomforting in sensitive areas, including your anus. Even though it’s used on the bikini line, using it on the genitals and anal region requires extreme caution.

So, yes, you can use Nair, but it is not recommended until the product’s label explicitly allows it. If you are planning on using it, you can apply Nair on a very small area in your anal region and look for any discomfort or sensations.

Part 4: Conclusion

So far you went through 3 great techniques for anal hair removal. These are all great in themselves, but choosing the right method is very important. Not all the methods are suited for all people, and it’s a good idea to speak to your medical professional for a reliable consultation. It’s never a bad idea to make informed decisions and keep your safety and hygiene as a priority. But you should also remember that home IPL hair removal devices are one of the safest methods listed in this article to go with. They’re also beginner-friendly.

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