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How to Soften Pubic Hair? Expert Tips!

By Mariela
September 30, 2023
6 minutes
How to Soften Pubic Hair?

Pubic hair is curlier, thicker, coarser, and rougher than the hair on other parts of the body for a good reason. This hair is also naturally moisturized by sebum production in the pubic skin. However, anything resulting in decreased sebum production dries the hair out and pricks your skin making it itch. 

Although you can remove it all, even the trimmed hair does not give you relief because of its hard blunt ends. So the only solution left is to soften it somehow, right? In this article, we will find out how to soften pubic hair. 

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Why Pubic Hair Coarse and Curly? 

HairAs we said earlier, they are coarser for a reason. The following are the reasons. 

For Trapping the Moisture

This skin in the pubic region also produces oils and the role of thick pubic hair here is to trap those oils and keep your skin sensitive and nourished. 

For Protecting the Sensitive Intimate Areas

Pubic hair has to be thick and curly so that it guards the underlying pubic skin and genital area. 

To Reduce Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Pubic hair serves as a barrier against sexually transmitted diseases as they hinder the entry of bacteria, virus, and fungi from the external environment into the genitals and skin 

Better Love Life

Lastly, just like animals, this hair exists to retain pheromones and disperse them into the air. This was a thing when intimate areas grooming products did not exist. 

Additionally, it reduces the friction during intercourse and makes your love life better. 

Part 2: Ways to Soften Pubic Hair


Soften Pubic HairThe hair does not have to be dry and irritating for it to confer its benefits, right? So let us find out how you can soften pubic hair easily. 

Additionally, soft pubic hair is also removed more easily. So, check out pubic hair removal methods.

1. Moisturize the Pubic Hair with a Conditioner

What do you use when your skin feels dry and itchy, use a lotion, right? And what do you use when your scalp hair is rough, a conditioner, right? 

Well, a plain unscented lotion works to soften the short pubic hair while hair conditioner can be used to hydrate the fully-grown pubic hair. In addition to moisturization, it nourishes the hair as well making the soft effect last longer.

2. Groom Pubic Hair Regularly

The longer the pubic hair is, the greater will be the friction between the adjacent hair strands and the clothes. This friction makes hair hard and rough. So, keeping the hair length in control can help in making them soft as well. 

Shaving is an option but it can irritate the skin when overdone. So, keep scissors or trimmer at hand and groom the hair as you like. You can read about more methods at the best ways to remove pubic hair

3. Use Vitamin E Rich Oil

Use Vitamin E Rich OilAdditionally, it stimulates the skin to produce soft hair from the inside. However, if these oils are not available, baby oil can be a good replacement.

4. Maintain Your Water Intake

The key to having a healthy pubic area with soft hair is to hydrate your body so that it produces enough oils to maintain moisturization of the skin and thus hair. 

So, drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every day and try drinking fresh fruit juices and healthy drinks. Also, restrict your intake of caffeine and alcohol as it causes dehydration. 

5. Prevent Tangling of Pubic Hair

If you leave pubic hair ungroomed for a while, they grow long enough to tangle. Rough hair tangles more easily. And the friction caused by tangling adds to the coarse texture of hair. So, comb this hair to prevent tangling. 

Try using a wooden comb and keep it limited to be used on pubes to maintain hygiene. 

Part 3: How to Make Pubic Hair Softer  Naturally

 Make Pubic Hair Softer NaturallySome homemade natural remedies can also used to soften pubic hair. These are given below.

1. Use a Homemade Natural Scrub

A scrub helps remove ingrown hair, open clogged pores, reduce bumps, and clean the skin of dead skin cells. You can make your scrub for sensitive pubic skin by mixing honey, finely granulated sugar, and coffee powder in a ratio of 1:2:2. 

Apply it over the pubic region and scrub in gentle circular motions for 5 to 10 minutes. You can leave this mixture on for a few minutes as well. 

2. Take Warm Water Bath

Take Warm Water BathThe fastest and simplest method to deal with coarse and dry pubic hair is a warm water bath. This is especially useful when you want to soften the hair before hair removal to help the razor glide easily. Warm water makes the hair soft and opens the pores as well. Also, if you have no time for a full body shower, simply soak the pubes in warm water for a few minutes and go on with your routine.

3. Use a DIY Moisturizing Mask

A DIY moisturizing mask is another way to soften the pubic hair. To make your mask, take any gentle body lotion having ingredients like shea butter and mix a few drops of essential oils in it. Then apply on the pubic region and massage it until it is absorbed. 

Moreover, you should never use Vaseline on such sensitive areas. 

4. Wear Soft and Loose Dresses

A major cause of rough pubic hair could be tight clothes that constantly rub with the hair and worsen its texture. So, wear skin-friendly loose clothes. 

Part 4: Tips for Comfortable Pubic Hair Grooming

Tips for Comfortable Pubic Hair GroomingUsing a good technique for grooming pubic hair is necessary to keep them soft as they grow back. So, here are some tips for comfortable pubic hair grooming. 

1. The Right Direction of Shaving is Essential

Always shave in the direction of hair growth in the pubic area. Even though it does not give a close shave, it prevents ingrown hair and skin irritation that makes you itch. Additionally, the hair grows back to be softer. 

However, if you like well-groome pubes opt for other hair removal options like depilatory creams and wax. 

2. Try Some Long-lasting Methods of Hair Removal

Long-lasting hair removal methods are the best way to deal with coarse pubic hair because no matter how thick the hair is, it will become finer and softer after subsequent treatments. 

The most convenient way to treat pubic hair is IPL hair removal. Furthermore, its comparison with other long-lasting hair removal methods is given in IPL vs. Electrolysis vs. Laser

3. Always Lubricate the Skin Before Hair Removal

Dry shaving might be a thing. But you should never touch a razor to your pubes without lubricating them. 

So, always use a moisturizing shaving cream to soften the hair and prepare the skin for hair removal. The best creams for pubic parts are given the Best shaving creams for private areas.  

4. Use Products Specific for Pubic Hair

Pubic areas are more sensitive as compared to other areas of the body. So, whichever products you use to groom such areas, check out the product information to see if it is suitable to be used on private parts. If not, search for a compatible product. 


Although irritating and itchy, the coarse and thick pubic hair protects your skin from trauma, infection, and damage to the pubic skin. However, you should not worry about it as you can soften it with some simple products and methods. 

The key is to maintain hydration and nourishment in the pubic region to soften the skin and hair from the inside. Additionally, you can use oils, homemade scrubs, and moisturizing masks to reduce the rough texture of this hair. 

Lastly, it is important to groom the pubic hair gently by following a good grooming technique to keep it soft and smooth. 


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