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How to Trim Men’s Eyebrows: A Comprehensive Guide!

By Viktoria
January 10, 2024
6 minutes
How to Trim Men’s Eyebrows: A Comprehensive Guide!

Grooming is as important for men as it is for women. It makes them look tidy, well-groomed, and neat. This enhances the facial appearance of men and increases their self-confidence. No one would want to have a unibrow or long bushy brows, right?

The solution to this is regular eyebrow trimming. Is it okay for men to trim their eyebrows? How to trim men’s eyebrows? Trimming for men works similarly to women as long as you know how to use tools correctly. Let’s understand the details.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Preparation for Eyebrow Trimming

Preparation for Eyebrow TrimmingGather Necessary Tools 

To prepare for eyebrow trimming, you must first have the right tools within your reach. These tools include a spoolie brush and tweezers. You can choose any trimmer, eyebrow scissors, or razor to trim your eyebrows. 

These tools need to be clean and the trimmer/scissors/ razor should be sharp enough to trim your brow hair smoothly. 

Clean Your Eyebrows

Cleaning the brows before trimming helps you eliminate any piled-up impurities from your eyebrows. This lets the trimming tool move steadily on your eyebrows. Moreover, oils or gels stuck to your brow hair can weigh them down. So, thorough cleansing is necessary to precisely trim eyebrow hair. 

Comb Your Hair

Take a small comb and brush your eyebrows from the inner side towards your temples. While brushing your hair, move the comb in an upward direction at first. Then, brush them upwards and slightly out as you move towards the temples. 

This helps in shaping your brows perfectly. 

Part 2: How to Trim  Men’s Eyebrow with a Trimmer

How to Trim  Men’s Eyebrow with a TrimmerEyebrow trimmers work best for bushy and heavy eyebrows. They take less time to trim your hair. Moreover, there are trimmers specifically designed for eyebrow trimming. So, avoid using beard trimmers as they can increase the chances of accidents. Let’s learn how to trim eyebrows using a trimmer:

  1. After combing your eyebrows, decide a shape for them. You can use a brow pencil to draw the shape you want to have lightly
  2. Secure a comb attachment with the trimmer. If you are a beginner, start with a long attachment and once you are an expert, you can use shorter attachments
  3. Start moving the trimmer from your nose towards your ears and trim all the hair that goes outside of your drawn shape
  4. Also, shave towards the direction of hair growth as you move the trimmer across the eyebrows
  5. Lastly, use a pair of tweezers to pluck any loose hairs to define the shape of your brows better

Part 3: How to Trim Men’s Eyebrows with Scissors

How to Trim Men’s Eyebrows with ScissorsTrimming with scissors works best for beginners. You will need a pair of scissors, a mirror, and a spoolie brush for shortening the stray eyebrow hairs:

  1. First, stand very close to the mirror so that you can see your hair well
  2. Take the spoolie brush and comb your hair upwards in the direction of hair growth. You will notice some hair extending above the eyebrow line at this stage
  3. Use the brush to hold the hair in its place. This prevents you from cutting the eyebrow hairs shorter than required
  4. Hold the scissors in your dominant hand and start cutting all the longer hair
  5. Once you are done, brush your eyebrow hair downward and cut all the hairs extending more than your lower eyebrow line.
  6. To make sure nothing goes wrong, keep checking your progress after every few minutes
  7. Lastly, check if any hair still needs to be included. Either pluck it with a tweezer or cut it using scissors

Part 4: How to Trim Men’s Eyebrows with a Razor

Eyebrow razor is another user-friendly tool that can help beginners to shape their eyebrows perfectly. 

  1. To shape your eyebrows perfectly, hold your brow pencil vertically and align it with the side of the top part of your nose. Mark a line on your brow. 
  2. To define the arch, align the outer edge of your iris with your brow. 
  3. For the eyebrow tail, the mark should be at the point where the outer corner of the eye and brow align evenly.
  4. Now outline your eyebrows using a brow pencil. The color of the pencil should be in contrast with your hair.
  5. Apply a little shaving cream or oil around your eyebrows to reduce the resistance between your skin and the razor.
  6. Hold your skin taunt in a slightly upward and outward direction.
  7. Start moving the blade from the inner to the outward direction. The movement should be such that the blade cuts hair in the direction of hair growth.
  8. Trim the upper side first and then move to the lower brow line.
  9. Clean your face at last and apply moisturizer a few hours after shaving.
  10. You can maintain the brow shape by shaving your eyebrows once every week.

Note that oil is used as an alternative to shaving cream. If you do not want to use either of them, try 11 Shaving Cream Alternatives. 

Part 5: Post Trimming Care and Maintenance 

Wash Your Face Thoroughly

Wash Your Face ThoroughlyAfter you are done trimming and obtaining the desired eyebrow shape, use cold water to wash your face. Cold water helps to soothe any skin irritation. Furthermore, it gets rid of all the cut hair from your face that can be a cause of continuous itching.

Other than cold water, you can also directly apply cold packs on the brow area. Keep it on your eyebrow area for a few minutes and let your skin heal well. 

Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Cold packs can give you temporary relief from redness, itching, and inflammation. If these packs do not help, you can apply aloe vera gel on your skin.

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling caused by irritated hair follicles. In addition, it speeds up the recovery process by repairing the protective barrier of your skin. Another benefit is that the gel can moisturize your skin which means you are getting all the benefits from a single product. 

It is also easily available or you can use naturally grown aloe vera to extract gel. 

Do not Use Harsh Products

A trimmer makes your skin sensitive, irritated, and weak. Similarly, a razor blade sometimes slightly strips off your skin’s barrier making it prone to foreign bodies. When you use harsh products immediately after eyebrow hair removal, the chemicals in it cause allergic reactions. 

They can trigger your already irritated follicles and slow down the natural healing process of your skin. Therefore, wait for at least 48 hours after hair removal to use such products. 

Avoid Exfoliation

Using scissors to trim hair does not have many complications as it works on your hair only. On the other hand, blades and trimmers cut your hair close to the surface of the skin. Some of the dead skin cells along with healthy cells are also removed while shaving.

So, when you exfoliate your already sensitive skin, it can cause adverse reactions. As a result, ingrown hair, razor burns, bumps, and continuous redness and itching can occur. So, do not exfoliate your skin for 2-3 days after trimming the eyebrow hair.

Trim Every Week

Trimming your eyebrow hair every week can help maintain the shape of your eyebrows for a long time. Eyebrow hair takes a few weeks to grow back completely. However, they grow back quickly and your brows can look disheveled even within one week. So, trim regularly to enjoy perfectly shaped brows. 


Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features of a person’s face. Correct shaping and regular maintenance distinguish a man from others as not everyone focuses on them. They increase the facial appearance of a man.

Therefore you can do trimming once every week with a trimmer, razor, or a pair of scissors. Trimmers are quick while scissors and razors are easier to use. So, you can choose any of the methods depending on your preferences and expertise. So, do not forget to trim the stray eyebrow hairs as you start your preparations for an even. It can make you stand out among the crowd. 

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