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How to Use Hair Removal Spray? (The Ultimate Guide)

July 5, 2023
6 minutes

Hair removal sprays are one of the latest additions to hair removal methods by depilation. In contrast to electric depilators that offer mechanical hair removal, hair removal sprays use chemicals to have your unwanted hair removed.

Although you might already be using hair removal creams, you might view using hair removal sprays with caution because of the dispersal of the chemical-containing particles. Well, using hair removal sprays is not rocket science but it is safe to check out the steps of removing hair with a spray in detail to ensure safety and the best results.

So, here we have the ultimate guide to hair removal using hair removal sprays.

What is a Hair Removal Spray?

Hair removal sprays are a means of chemical depilation. These are formulated with chemicals to dissolve unwanted hair like lactic acid, thioglycolic acid, potassium and sodium hydroxide, and propane or butane gas to turn the cream form of a chemical depilator into a spray form.

They work by breaking the outer protective covering of the hair while allowing proteolytic chemicals to pass inside and dissolve the hair shaft completely. As a result, hair becomes brittle and is removed even with slight wiping pressure. Moreover, you can read the detailed working of hair removal sprays in how hair removal spray work .

What are the Advantages of Hair Removal Spray?

The following advantages make hair removal spray popular. Additionally, they are more used by men as compared to women for particularly these reasons.

1. Quick and Convenient

Hair removal with a depilatory spray only takes 10 to 20 minutes depending upon if you are treating a single area of the full body at one time. Furthermore, the application of hair removal sprays is convenient and quick as all you just spray the fumes over the area to be treated.

2. Inexpensive and Effective

The best hair removal sprays in the market cost $20 at max. You can get a good spray for $15 to $20 and it lasts for a month or so. So, chemical depilation is one the cheapest methods of hair removal.

But with cheap, it does not mean they are ineffective at removing hair. Hair removal sprays remove all hair in one go and make your skin soft and smooth.

3. Safe and Nearly painless

Hair removal sprays are cleared by FDA as a safe method of hair removal. They act above the level of the hair roots and dissolve hair slowly. So, hair removal with sprays is completely nearly painless. And there is no discomfort either.

4. No Risk of Infection

As the spray is dispersed directly from the bottle nozzle to your skin. You do not touch any spatula with your body or your hands. As a result, the product in the bottle stays contamination-free and the risk of infections is subsided.

What are the Disadvantages of Hair Removal Spray?

While hair removal sprays are a good option when it comes to hair removal, they are not a miracle product because of the following reasons.

1. Strong Fragrance

The chemicals used in such sprays have a strong burning smell. Although many brands use additional fragrances to conceal the chemical smell, you would still feel a mild smell and people sensitive to added fragrances might get allergies.

So, hair removal sprays are not for you if you are someone who avoids fragrance-containing products.

2. Redness, Irritation, and Hyperpigmentation

A clear point in instruction says that “do not leave the product on for longer than 15 minutes”. But as we often ignore reading instructions and keep it on for a longer time, we can experience skin redness and irritation.

It can also occur on sensitive skin even when the product is used for a short period. Moreover, regular use of hair removal sprays is known to alter melanin production in the body causing hyperpigmentation.

3. Not Practical for Face and Intimate Areas

We do not want hair removal spray fumes in our eyes, mouth, vagina, or anus, right? So, although brands call hair removal sprays suitable for the full body, they cannot be used on sensitive areas because it is hard to spray the product at some parts while protecting the others.

4. Chemical Reaction

Lastly, not so common side effect of hair removal sprays is a chemical reaction. The concentration of chemicals in a spray is maintained but they can cause rashes, blisters, and burns. Moreover, you can find hair removal spray side effects here.

How to Use Hair Removal Spray: The Ultimate Guide

Finally, here are the steps to use a hair removal spray like a pro.

Step 1: Buy a Good Quality Spray

The first step is to get a good spray with a gentle formula, mild fragrance, and short action time. Getting a substandard product makes your skin at risk of chemical reactions.

So, you can get one of the products mentioned in the best hair removal sprays .

Step 2: Go Through Instruction

Although we do not bother to read the instruction manual and throw it away, we recommend giving a superficial read to the instructions quickly to see if that product mentions some specific instruction or if it contains any ingredient you are allergic to.

Also, the time to leave the product on is mentioned in the how-to manual.

Step 3: Prepare Your Skin

Get in the shower and wash your skin to be treated. Make sure your skin contains no residues of your skincare products like lotions or sunscreen. Then either dry it by dabbing a clean towel on it or let it air dry.

Step 4: Do a Patch Test

Apply the spray over a small area of your body that is difficult to be seen like inner thighs and wait for 5 minutes. Then remove the product to see how your skin reacted. If it is fine, you can use the product.

If you see any irritation or redness, wash the patch test area with cold water and avoid using the product in the future. Also, patch tests should be done at least 24 hours before doing your whole hair removal treatment.

Step 5: Apply the Spray

Now, it is time to get the product on your skin. Take the spray, hold it about 4 inches away from the area to be treated, and press the nozzle.

Make sure the product is applied evenly on the skin without you getting the spray bottle too close to the skin or touching the body to even out the applied spray. Also, spray an adequate amount to cover all hair but do not overuse the product.

Additionally, you cannot apply the spray directly to your back and other hard-to-reach areas. So, either use a mirror or ask for help in that case.

Step 6: Wait for a Few Minutes and Check

Most hair removal sprays work within 5 to 10 minutes and the precautions are never to leave the product on for longer than 15 minutes. But the time duration may differ for different brands.

So, check out how long the spray you have needs to be applied on the package of the spray bottle. After that time, remove the spray from a small area to check if your hair is gone.

Also, you can use a timer or a clock to note the time.

Step 7: Remove the Spray

If your hair are removed when you checked earlier, you can remove the spray from the whole area. And if they are not removed, wait for 2 to 4 minutes to remove them. Use a damp washcloth or a sponge to wipe the spray along with unwanted hair off your skin.

You should gently remove the hair instead of rubbing the clothing onto your skin. Moreover, it is important to note that fine hair takes less time to be dissolved as compared to thick hair. So, adjust the time keeping this in mind.

Step 8: Wash Your Skin

Once the spray is all gone, you should remove its residues. Use lukewarm water to thoroughly wash the treated area. Also, you can use a mild body wash but do not apply any harsh product on your skin.

Step 9: Moisturize the Skin

After washing dry the skin with a clean towel. Then moisturize it with a gentle body lotion to soothe the skin and nourish it.

Step 10: Maintenance Sessions

Hair takes about 3 to 7 days to regrow after using hair removal sprays. These sprays work on any length of hair. So, you can schedule hair removal sessions once a week. Also, at least wait for 3 days before using the product again.


Hair removal sprays are one of the most convenient methods of depilation. They are simple and quick to use. All you have to do is apply the spray on dry skin, wait for the designated time, remove it with a damp washcloth, and moisturize the skin. Also, never forget to do a patch test.

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