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How to Use Kenzzi IPL Laser Hair Removal? | Tutorial

By Fernanda Ramirez
April 12, 2023
7 minutes


Hi, this is Fernanda Ramirez. If you know me, I am so excited to see you here. And If you do not, I make content related to style, traveling, and self-care. I came on vacation in Los Angeles, California, and talking about my new IPL device has been stuck in my mind since earlier.

My friend introduced this astonishing device to me a while back. So, I decided to let you guys know why I cannot take this amazing handset out of my mind. Kenzzi’s multi-functional IPL device is one of the world’s most popular hair removal laser devices.

I hope you are as excited as I am right now. So, without wasting more time, let us dive right into all I have to share about my confidence-boosting IPL handset.

What IPL Actually is?

IPL stands for intense pulse light which means broad spectrum light radiations with high energy target the problem areas. The problem areas could be your unwanted hair, stubborn acne marks, uneven hyperpigmentation, increasing wrinkles, or other signs of aging.

Regarding IPL hair removal devices, they specifically target the hair follicles beneath the surface of the skin and break the hair growth cycle. In addition, they prevent hair from reaching above the skin surface. Consequently, hair becomes smaller, thinner, and lesser, and ultimately none are left.

IPL devices convert light energy into heat to kill the hair follicle and reduce unwanted hair regrowth.

The broad spectrum of IPL along with the large treatment window makes such devices target more surface area in less time. Moreover, the light rays are non-radiating, convenient, and safe. So, you end up being hairless in much less time and with much more safety.



Now I think I should let you know why I cannot stop talking about this device. Here are some of the many benefits that can make you love it as well.

Time Saving

First and foremost, I am a busy person. While I make self-care-related content, I have no time to waste on grooming my body hair when I can spend that time doing something productive instead.

So, the Kenzzi hair removal IPL device is saving that time for me. It quickly cleans up my skin from undesired hair and makes that hairlessness last for quite a while as well. Thus, I save time spent in repeated shaving.


Kenzzi hair removal IPL handset is pretty simple and convenient to use. This super lightweight device helps me do my full-body hair removal sessions in the comfort of my own home. There is no need for expensive salon appointments or being crunched up in an awkward position.

Plus as I am an introverted person, at-home Kenzzi hair removal saves me from a lot of embarrassment.

Cost Saving

Other than being time-saving, it is cost-saving as well. When I consider the money I have wasted on trying several methods of hair removal for years and I compare it to the total cost I invested in the Kenzzi hair removal IPL handset, I feel like this is one of the best pocket-friendly decisions I have made.

No Hair Problem

With the Kenzzi hair removal IPL handset, I am free of hair, ingrown ends, itching skin, and bumps. Moreover, the duration of hairlessness lasts longer than other hair removal methods even in between treatments. So, I am loving this device as it is saving me from many unwanted hair issues.

Portable and Cute

As I told you earlier, I am on a vacation and it was so easy to carry the Kenzzi hair removal device with me. This super cute device is compact and portable. So, I keep it in the side compartment of my bag and use it where I go.

Good Results

I am so excited to continue using this IPL handset for weeks or months to come as I am impressed by its effective and quick results. It has boosted my confidence and made my skin super soft.

My skin is looking a little orange here, but it is just self-tanning not because of this safe hair removal device.

Used on

Kenzzi hair removal IPL handset can be used on the full body. However, I have only used it on my arms, armpits, and legs.

Product Features

Product Features

I am Super glad for partnering with Kenzzi and thrilled to share it with lovely my audience. So, let us talk a little about the features of this multi-purpose handset.

Hair Removal

The primary function of the Kenzzi IPL device is hair removal. It flashes light that damages hair roots inhibits hair growth from follicles, and prevents roots from regenerating. So, periodic use of this device can make the skin essentially hairless.

Preventing Acne

The second and most important use of the Kenzzi multi-functional handset is the prevention of acne. Its heated light destroys acne-causing bacteria and minimizes acne breakouts.

Lightens Dark Spots

Kenzzi’s IPL device also breaks down the unnecessary pigment in the skin. So, it lightens the dark spots, acne marks, or age spots.

Anti-Aging Properties

Lastly, it makes the skin youthful and ageless as well. Kenzzi IPL device soothes the skin surface, fades out wrinkles, makes skin elastic, enhances skin cell regeneration, and increases the permeability of the skin.

Why I Started Using Kenzzi

Why I Started Using Kenzzi

The top reason why I restored to Kenzzi for removing unwanted hair is that I HATE SHAVING. I hate how time-consuming it is and how precautious I have to be when shaving tricky areas.

Shaving also gives razor cuts, shaving scars, irritated skin, and redness. Moreover, at times I forget to shave and feel so embarrassed when I go out wearing shorts and look at the bushy growing hair.

Also, the ridiculous money spent on buying expensive razors makes me wanna stay away from shaving altogether. And as hair grows back quickly, I just cannot shave my skin for my whole life.

I also tried waxing but could not do it again because of the painful tears it brought to my eyes. Then I selected hair removal creams and agh!! Their chemical-like smell and skin irritation made me detest them. And epilation made my skin peel off.

Moreover, every method causes some type of soreness, discomfort, or nicks. And laser was so expensive costing $390 per session and requiring a minimum of 6 sessions for hairlessness. So, I had to get an IPL hair removal device, specifically the Kenzzi IPL handset.



I have almost tried all methods of removing hair and IPL hair removal is the most pocket-friendly out of them all. Kenzzi hair removal IPL device is only $249. And if you use my code FR1, you will get a $50 discount. So, it is only $199 for such a fantastic device.

Moreover, you can pay in installments. It also lasts for 10 or more years. So, it is a great investment, right?


Kenzzi’s multi-functional IPL device uses different wavelengths to target different skin conditions like unwanted hair, acne, age spots, and skin rejuvenation.

3-4 weeks of regular treatments give significant hair growth reduction and 12 weeks of regular sessions provide full-body hairlessness.

While 3 months seems a lot, it makes the hair thinner and patchier with reduced and slowed hair regrowth with each progressive session. Consequently, the skin becomes hairless in the long term and you enjoy soft skin for months.



The Kenzzi IPL hair removal kit comes in a sleek box with an ergonomically designed IPL handset having 10 years’ worth of flashes, an instruction manual for clueless people like me, a 3-meter-long cord to prevent the device from running out of battery, and a skin tone compatibility chart for safety.

It also has a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty card. If you love it, great, and if you do not, simply return it.

How to Use

How to Use

Now let us see some simple steps to use this feasible IPL handset at home.

  • Plug the set into the charger, and a green light will show up on the back. Press this green light button and a little blue and red light will turn on the font. It indicates that the device is on.

  • Now check the skin chart that shows the compatible levels of intensity according to skin tone. My tone falls in 1st or 2nd category. So, I can use 1-5 intensity levels and change them by pressing the green button.

  • I like to start with the lowest intensity and slowly increase it.

  • When all is set, I hold the device flat against the skin and hold and press the flash button as I glide.

  • That’s how I do it by pressing the big button and letting the device do everything for me with no pain at all.

  • I keep the intensity setting to level 3 as it works best for my skin tolerance and sensitivity.

Final Thoughts

I used this before going on vacations and it made me feel so confident that I am going to keep it with myself and keep using it for as long as I can and as many times as I need. Self-care is a significant portion of my content creation. So, I will keep you updated about my hair loss journey. Additionally, I am also curious about the experience of other people using Kenzzi’s IPL hair removal device.

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