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Kenzzi Review (not Sponsored)| Dr. Dray

By Dr Dray
April 10, 2023
7 minutes

Hi there!

This is Dr. Dray, a board-certified dermatologist who loves to talk about skincare and grooming by explaining everything on a clinical basis. Lately, I have been getting many requests about the review of Kenzzi’s IPL hair removal device.

So, here I am with how I feel about laser and IPL hair removal along with the review of the Kenzzi hair removal IPL handset. Unwanted hair, no doubt, is trouble with how they make the skin look displeasing and makeup application so difficult, especially when your hair is thick and coarse.

So, you try out different methods to remove hair like shaving, waxing, tweezing, sugaring, and whatnot. But these stubborn come back and come with irritation and redness as well.

Finally, long-lasting hair removal is an effective and safe method to remove hair with fewer side effects. So, I am going to explain how in-office and at-home hair removal works and how they differ. Also, I am not going to skip the Kenzzi review you all asked for.

Laser Hair Removal

In-office laser hair removal is a successful way to get rid of bushy, pesky, and irritating unwanted hair. But as you know, it requires a commitment to attend the session and go through long treatments.

Professional laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment of the hair cells and penetrating light deep into the follicles while damaging them completely. There are two types of ways by which laser prevents the growth of unwanted hair.

It either puts the hair into a resting phase for long-term offering transient hairlessness. On the other hand, it miniaturizes some full-grown hair into small peach fuzz that is almost invisible to the human eye but is felt when you touch the skin.

Both ways, unwanted hair is gone for a long time but you need to repeat the procedure every now and then.

At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices


At-home IPL hair removal works exactly the same way as that of in-office treatment by removing the hair from its roots or converting them into thin little strands. So, tons of at-home hair removal devices have replaced in-office laser hair removal treatments.

They are not as strong as professional lasers. But they are pretty affordable, accessible, and feasible gadgets to help you lose unwanted hair and win silky smooth skin.

However, the light emitted by such devices can be a risk to the eyes but when used appropriately, they are actually safe and effective. So, at-home IPL devices like Kenzzi can be used as a complement to in-office or as a viable attainable way to reduce hair regrowth from the scratch in your privacy.

Difference Between Laser and IPL

Although the mechanism of photoablation used in both cases is exactly the same, both methods are not without differences. These are exactly the differences that make intense light like laser safe to be used at home with no monitoring.

Type of Light Used

First of all, the light used in both cases is different. The laser uses a single beam of light with a single wavelength in a single color which is deeply penetrative, very intense, specifically focused, and extremely strong. So, it annihilates the hair follicles and focuses on a few hair cells at one time.

On contrary, light emitted through IPL devices is like a flash of light with lesser intensity, lesser energy, shallower penetration, and lesser focus. It has a broad width and destroys multiple hair follicles at one time. However, it also, just like a laser, turns hair into baby hair or destroys them completely.

Difference Between Laser and IPL

Number of Treatments

In-office laser hair removal requires 3-8 sessions with each session spaced at 6-8 weeks for sustained hair removal. But their cost is extravagant. IPL hair removal devices like Kenzzi cost about $400. This is a major difference that makes IPL devices more appealing.


Laser or IPL hair removal does not work for everyone. There is a skin tone and hair color compatibility that determines the absorption of light by the pigment in the hair while preventing it from getting into the pigment of the skin.

So, if your skin is fair and your hair is dark, light will focus where it should without being distracted by surrounding skin pigments.

To get a clear idea, I want to let you check out this Fitzpatrick phototype chart. IPL hair removal device does not work for Fitzpatrick phototypes 4, 5, and 6 while it works wonderfully for phototypes 1, 2, and 3 with black or dark-colored hair.

People with phototypes 4, 5, and 6 get few benefits along with the risk of side effects because of the skin pigments causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Fitzpatrick phototypes

Areas to Avoid Using IPL on

In addition to skin tone and hair color compatibility, there are a few cases where IPL must not be used. Most such problem cases are because of hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Black Mole or Beauty Mark

Freckle or mole is a no-no when it comes to removing hair from them with IPL. Because the pigment of such marks misdirects and absorbs the energy into the skin rather than the hair. This results in an altered appearance of such moles which look bad under a microscope and predispose your skin to carcinomas.

On Pluked, Tweezed, or Waxed Skin

As light is not well-absorbed by too long or too short hair, IPL works on shaved hair, specifically when hair is shaved 1-2 days before your session. So, you must not pluck, wax, tweeze, or remove from roots because the pigment and proper hair length are essential for better energy transmission.

Tatoo and Tanned Skin

Just like moles, tattoos or tanned skin also have increased levels of pigments in the dermis. This also includes the skin tanned by sun exposure. So, IPL on such skin can cause melanoma as well.

Eyebrows and Region Surrounding Eye

IPL is harmful to the eyes. To remove hair or groom your eyebrows, IPL devices are not just used once or twice. Rather, some hair follicles are present at any point in time making you repeat the procedure several times. So, repeated flashes of light near the eyes can damage them.

Kenzzi Hair Removal Removal

While most of what I have explained was about IPL devices. And as you know Kenzzi is also one. But if you want to know about it specifically, here we go.

Women Who Should Get It

Kenzzi From what I have seen, the Kenzzi IPL hair removal device is helpful for women with PCOS and coarse dark thick facial hair growth. Additionally, it is loved by women who hate spending time shaving and are irritated by ingrown hair as it offers affordable hair removal as compared to laser.

Moreover, in the bikini area, different options used to remove hair are not quite suitable for the convexities and concavities of the sensitive area. And the complex techniques of waxing, sugaring, or shaving cause irritation, ingrown hair, and secondary infection. So, Kenzzi is a great option to get a sustained long-lasting reduction of hair down there.


The major side effect you need to be concerned about while using the Kenzzi IPL hair removal device is the risk of damaging the eyes and burning yourself. For such adverse effects, Kenzzi manufacturers have ensured that the device does not flash unless there is proper skin-to-skin contact with the device. So, eyes cannot see light flashes.

Moreover, you can wear protective glasses and take proper safety measures to prevent such damage.

Patients Experience

As I come across several patients every day who use the Kenzzi IPL devices to remove hair. Other than pain and stinging associated with IPL hair removal, I have not met a single patient who suffered from any side effects ranging from blisters and burns to eye irritation and damage.

However, they say that the process is time-intensive because of the small head that requires multiple passages. Though, I feel the small head is for protective reasons.

But in the end, all my patients using Kenzzi are happy with its results.

My Experience

If you ask about my personal experience, I am afraid I cannot state any. Because I have not personally purchased the Kenzzi hair removal device or used it. As I had my in-office laser hair removal a while back, there is no hair to experiment with Kenzzi.

Moreover, I cannot comment on the longevity of the Kenzzi hair removal device. So, I am not sure if it will last or Peter out after a while. But the company gives a warranty to help you with that insecurity.

Additionally, as I said earlier, my patients are satisfied with Kenzzi as they did not experience any side effects. However, I would still mention that safety measures and skin compatibility are must-have precautions to be followed to keep yourself safe from burning your skin.


Kenzzi hair removal IPL device just like many high-quality IPL devices is a safe, affordable, and effective choice to treat unwanted body and facial hair as long as you stick by the safety precautions. Mild side effects like pain and redness cannot be avoided but they are temporary.

This is all. I hope you have a good day and a good hair removal experience as well!

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