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Tria vs. Kenzzi: Which Hair Removal Device is Better?

By Viktoria
March 28, 2023
6 minutes

Unwanted hair, whether facial or body leads to insecurity and sometimes uncomfortable situations. Pesky irritating hair comes out of nowhere even the next day after shaving and the pain of waxing brings tears to your eyes, right? So, how to deal with such irksome peach fuzz? Maybe invest in a long-lasting hair removal device?

So, Is it finally time for you to treat yourself to some at-home long-lasting hair removal device? However, if you know nothing about such devices and do not want to waste your money without making your research, we got you. Let us get informed about the at-home hair removal devices and find the right one for you.

At-home removal devices either use IPL or laser technology to eliminate unwanted hair from the roots and make skin smooth and glowing for a few months. So, let us see the comparison of two devices that use different technologies but give almost the same results.

Tria vs. Kenzzi

Here we have the Kenzzi hair removal device which uses intense pulse light, and Tria beauty 4X which uses laser light to help you go hair free. So, let us know more about both.

1. First Look: Winner – Kenzzi

Kenzzi Aesthetics are important, right? It would be great if a device that works well also looks good. So, when you unbox the package, you would immediately like Kenzzi multi-functional IPL device for its decent looks and compact design. It is a minimally designed device in a graceful white color with golden details.

However, when you take the first look at Tria beauty 4x, you would either be thrilled or intimidated. The device comes in a white color with a pink, green, or grey handle. It got big heat-dissipation fans on the sides and a small round mouth which is actually the laser window.

As we like to keep it simple, Kenzzi is more pleasing to look at.

2. The Box Includes: Winner – Kenzzi

It is important to know what you are paying for and if you will have to invest more in other necessary items. Kenzzi IPL device package contains a Kenzzi IPL handset, two extra attachment heads for acne and aging spot treatment, and an adaptor.

All Tria beauty has in its box is a Tria laser device and its charger. You have to buy light protective goggles and safety razors separately with both devices. However, Kenzzi takes the lead here because of its extra heads.

3. User Experience: Winner – Kenzzi

Kenzzi IPL hair removal device uses a low level of broad-spectrum light energy to treat your skin. It is compatible with sensitive skin as well. However, it is not completely without pain. Depending upon your pain tolerance, you can feel a little snapping to stinging or mild pain during your session.

However, you would feel a little more pain in your laser hair removal session with Tria beauty 4x. Just as it says, it uses 4 times the power of regular IPL devices. Moreover, high-intensity monochromatic light is used in Tria. So, you can feel burning to painful sensations during the session.

4. Better Results in Less Time: Winner – Tria

Tria How long will it take for both devices to make your skin hair-free? Well, both devices take around about the same time when it comes to giving significant hair regrowth reduction. Kenzzi takes 3 months or less while Tria takes three months or more to show results.

While both devices take an equal average time to help you go completely hairless, Tria beauty outsmarts Kenzzi’s IPL hair removal device as its results last for a longer time. Tria offers about 1 year of hairless skin within 3 months of use.

5. Feasibility of Use: Winner – Kenzzi

Kenzzi IPL device is a corded device with an adaptor. The cord is long enough to perform your hair removal session feasibly. Moreover, the device is lightweight and works quickly to kill hair follicles with its broad window.

On the other hand, Tria 4x works on a rechargeable battery that needs a 2-hour charging before use. Additionally, it takes about an hour to do a full-body hair removal treatment because the device has a small oval window.

Although both devices come with 5 intensity levels to adjust according to the sensitivity of your skin and the thickness of the hair, Kenzzi is more feasible to use depending on its weight and fast treatment.

6. Additional Benefits: Winner – Kenzzi

You must be wondering if all these devices do is hair removal or do they offer more benefits. Well, Kenzzi has something amazing for you. In addition to treating unwanted hair, it can treat unwanted spots as well. It comes with a red and yellow attachment head that works on acne marks and age spots.

However, all Tria beauty offers is hairlessness. Its one-purpose laser focuses on removing objectionable hair only. So, if you also have acne or age spots, choose the Kenzzi IPL device.

7. Price and Lifespan: Winner – Kenzzi

Kenzzi 2 What is the price of both devices and is the price worth it? The price of the Kenzzi IPL device with both its attachments is $369. Additionally, it comes with 400,00 flashes giving it about 15-20 years of life.

While the price of the Tria beauty 4x laser device is $499 and it has 90,000 flashes. So, you either need to replace the device or its battery after 3 years. Lesser priced and more lifespan make Kenzzi more worthy of investment.

8. Safety: Winner – A Tie

Safety is another major concern while trying out light-based technology at home. Both devices are completely safe to use as they are cleared by FDA. Moreover, they have features to protect your skin from accidental burns as well.

The Kenzzi IPL device has skin-tone adaptive technology to set the accurate intensity level and protect the skin from excessive light rays. And Tria beauty comes with a built-in mechanism that needs to be unlocked before use on the skin. And it only unlocks when your skin tone is compatible.

A Better Alternative: Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Purple IPL Handset

While Kenzzi seems like an attractive choice for removing hair at home, do you think you cannot wait for 3 months for 6 months of hairless smooth skin? No worries, because there are some IPL devices that can provide the same if not better results within 3 weeks. One of the best devices with quick results is the Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Purple IPL handset.

Let us see how Ulike is a better option.

Pretty Purple Device

Although the design of Kenzzi looks elegant yet simple, it is outdated. On the other hand, the latest Ulike Sapphire AIR3 IPL handset is a glamorous and fancy yet durable and easy-to-operate device. Additionally, its crystal purple color adds to the beauty of the device. Its packaging and travel case is luxurious as well.

High Power with Quicker Results

While IPL devices have low power and even the power of Tria’s laser does not exceed 20 J/cm2, Ulike Sapphire AIR3 handset comes with 21 j/cm2 of the energy level. This high energy allows the device to remove 93.29% of hair within 3 weeks. Moreover, its results last for a long time.

Totally Pain-free

Most IPL or laser hair removal devices, either at home use or salon use, give a mild to moderate painful experience. However, Ulike Sapphire AIR3 is totally pain-free because of its patented ice-cooling technology, graphene cooling solution, and dual duct heat dissipation system.

It keeps the temperature of light waves and the device up to 68F for 30 minutes of use.

Ulike Purple 2 Comfort Modes

Another plus point Ulike AIR3 has over Kenzzi or Tria is its 3 comfort modes to treat your skin gently. The soft mode is for delicate areas like the face, upper lips, and bikini, body mode is for legs and arms, and lastly, power mode is for stubborn hair on the chest and armpits.

Globally Certified

Ulike sapphire AIR3 purple IPL handset is a globally certified device cleared by FDA, SGS, WEEE, IEC, EMC, and more. So, it is completely safe for hair removal at home and gives professional salon-like results.

Comparison Table

Here is a table comparing all three devices we discussed earlier.









No. of flashes/pulses




Work on

Whole body

Whole body

Whole body

Full body treatment in

> 1 hour

9 minutes

10 minutes

Results within

3 months

3-6 months

3 weeks





The box includes

Tria laser device


Kenzzi IPL device

Adaptor and cord

Two extra heads

Ulike IPL device

Adaptor and cord

Protective goggles

Safety razor


1 year

1 year

2 years

Money-back guarantee

90 days

90 days

90 days

Nearly painless hair removal




The Final Verdict: Winner – Ulike

Kenzzi is an IPL hair removal device that takes 3 months to make your skin hairless with little discomfort. On the other hand, Tria is a laser device that also takes 3 months to remove hair from your body completely. Both devices are safe, FDA-cleared, and easy to use.

However, if you want no discomfort or pain at all, prefer your device to be more advanced, good-looking, and have quick results, go for the Ulike Sapphire AIR3 IPL device .

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