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A Guide to IPL Hair Removal Results for Smooth Skin

August 23, 2023
6 minutes
A Guide to IPL Hair Removal Results 1

If you crave smooth and hairless skin, shaving isn’t the best method. Try IPL hair removal for long-lasting hairless skin. Intense Pulsed Light hair removal has been trending due to the magnificent results that it leaves on a patient’s skin. You can get an IPL hair removal treatment to get mind-blowing skin.

In this article, you’ll learn about how IPL hair removal works, what the IPL hair removal results are, and how you can get the best of what IPL hair removal treatment can offer you. This is a condensed guide! Table of Contents:

Part 1: How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

IPL Hair Removal Work2

The patient gets its hair removed through intense pulsed lights that target the hair follicles. Here’s how the process works:

  1. During the initial phase, the surgeon will apply a cooling gel on your skin.
  2. A pulsed light beam is targeted to the hair follicles and the melanin in your hair follicles will absorb that light. These lights vary in wavelengths that will reach at different depths of your skin.
  3. Once the light gets absorbed, it’ll convert into heat energy that shifts to the hair follicle. This follicle grows hair on the skin. Each hair on the body will have its follicle.
  4. Due to so much heat, the cells of the follicle start damaging. As a result, the affected follicles get damaged so much that they can no longer grow hair on your skin.
  5. While the surgical process ends here, you will notice that the hair starts shedding from your skin.This process can continue for several days or perhaps weeks. Shedding means that the treatment was correctly executed and it’s showing positive results on your body.
  6. You might have to go through more sessions or rounds of IPL hair removal based on how much area you want to clear out on your skin.
  7. There’s a possibility of maintenance sessions, where your doctor will make a follow up on any regrowth of hair.

Part 2: What Can You Expect From IPL Hair Removal?

Smooth Skin1

While the main objective of IPL hair removal is to get rid of unwanted hair on the skin, there can still be a lot many expectations from the process. They’re listed below:

1. Smooth Skin

Due to no hair on the skin, it’ll get smoother and softer. Especially those with a soft skin might notice baby-like skin on certain areas, such as after the upper lip hair removal.

2. Better Skin Texture

Your skin texture will improve gradually and you’ll get a glowing skin without the need of any cosmetics.

3. No Ingrown Hair

Many people who rely on waxing and shaving for removing ingrown hair will see a drastic change in ingrown hair on their treated skin.

You will get the best results from a professional treatment. At home IPL hair removal before and after will be less effective than a professional treatment.

4. Long-lasting Results

Long-lasting Results

IPL hair removal is indeed the only most reliable solution if you’re looking for long-lasting results. Waxing offers reliable results too, but it’s painful and you still have to get regular waxing sessions to maintain that glow and smoothness.

The IPL hair removal before and after photos show that you will see a significant change right after the first session. You can get these results by treatment from Ulike. Many people ask how long to see results from home IPL hair removal. They can expect visible results after a few weeks.

Furthermore, before and after IPL hair removal very much depends on the hair density on the treated skin, the health of the hair follicle, and how deep the follicle is located under your skin. Sometimes, depending on the patient’s health, the doctor might suggest multiple, but small and less intense sessions of IPL treatment.

Part 3: Factors That Can Affect IPL Hair Removal Results

Here are a few factors that can affect your IPL hair removal results than expected:

1. Hair Color

Those with dark hair color will see better results than those with lighter hair color. That’s because if you’ve got light hair color like blonde, red, gray, etc., they’ll have less melanin than dark hair. So you might have to go through more sessions if you have light hair.

2. Skin Tone

Skin Tone1

Even your skin tone will affect your IPL hair removal results. It’s great if you have light brown skin tones to get the best results.

The problem with dark skin is that the dark skin will have melanin of its own, and the skin melanin might absorb pulsed light, which was supposed to be absorbed by hair melanin.

3. Hair Growth Stage

All the hair on your body never remains at the same stage. Some will be at a growing stage, while some might not be as actively growing as others. IPL hair removal treatment works best on hair that is actively growing.

So, in order to get those hair removed that aren’t growing so well, you will have to go through additional hair removal sessions. Hair that’s connected well to its follicle and is actively growing is in its anagen phase. Such hair is best removed with IPL hair removal treatment.

4. Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure1

You must avoid tanning your skin or exposing it to direct sunlight for a long time before and after your IPL hair removal sessions. That’s because tanned skin or sunburns on your skin will interfere with the IPL treatment. Pulsed lights won’t get absorbed in the melanin properly if you have sunburns or tans on the treated skin area.

5. Individual’s Variations

Different patients will see different results of IPL treatment because every individual’s body differs in terms of how it responds to IPL treatment. There are several patients who had to undergo a few more sessions to get the same results than other patients. IPL hair removal before and after images of all the patients after each session won’t necessarily be the same.

Part 4: Top Tips For Best IPL Hair Removal Results

To achieve the best hair removal results, consider these top tips:

  • Consult a professional: You should always consult a professional before getting a treatment. Moreover, if you’re not satisfied with your professional’s advice, never back out from taking a second opinion.

Ensure proper hydration

A professional will give you custom and personalized advice and recommendations to get the best results from IPL hair removal treatment.

  • Be consistent: You’ll be given a complete schedule of the treatment, which you must follow sincerely. Skipping sessions or being careless with your skin’s maintenance and care will not give you the best results that you’re hoping for.
  • Sun protection: You must not expose your skin to harsh sunlight for a long time. Going out under the sun is fine, but if possible please cover the treated skin area with a cloth or try to walk under the shade as much as possible. Visiting places like beaches, etc. where you’ll be exposed to sun for a long time is a big no.
  • Ensure proper hydration: During IPL hair removal treatment, your skin goes through much more than usual. That’s why the best way to keep your skin healthy is by giving it plenty of water. Therefore, you need to maintain proper hydration in your body, so your skin doesn’t get damaged.
  • Say no to chemicals: Chemicals like skin care creams, harsh soaps, etc. can be really harsh to your skin during the IPL hair removal treatment phases. It’s not a big deal to stay away from the chemicals for a while until your treatment completes. It’s very difficult to analyze how your skin might react to the chemicals.



So far you learned about IPL hair removal results for smooth skin, the top tips to get the IPL hair removal’s best results, how different factors can affect the results of the treatment, and much more. Since IPL hair removal treatment is a risky treatment, being careless is never an option. 

You must get it done under an expert’s guidance, so it’s highly recommended to reach out to your trusted professional guide and tell them all that you desire. They’ll guide you throughout your treatment and will give you personalized plans for the best results.

Welcome to Ulike! We hope our expertise can bring value to you.
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