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Best 8 IPL Hair Removals Men Can Try

By Jason
August 22, 2023
10 minutes
Best 8 IPL Hair Removals That Men Can TryBest 8 IPL Hair Removals That Men Can Try

Times have changed when only women bothered to have clean, smooth, and beautiful skin. High beauty standards have become a deep concern for men since a few years ago.

A hairless body is a part of these beauty standards, yet having painful waxing, threading, or plucking isn’t acceptable for men. That’s where the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) jumps in to save the lives of men, giving them smooth, effortless, and glowing hairless skin.

Other than women, men are also eager to find these hair-removing devices and their advantages. So here we will take an in-depth look at IPL Hair Removal for Men and the devices to use at home.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What is IPL Hair Removal? IPL Vs. Laser?

What is IPL Hair Removal IPL Vs. Laser

Intense Pulsed Light is an excellent treatment provided in spas. However, people want to know the answer to one question: what is the difference between IPL and Laser? So, the main difference between both is the light which is used.

Intense Pulsed Light is broadband pulsed light that targets the melanin in the unwanted hair follicle and gives a great result. On the other hand, a laser is a monochromatic coherent light treatment. It also perfectly focuses on the unwanted hair follicle and gives everlasting results.

However, both treatments meet the root of the unwanted hairs with the help of melanin.

Part 2: Do Men Need IPL Hair Removals?

The most common method for men’s hair removal is using razors and shavers. However, while these methods can provide immediately smooth skin, as the hair grows back, it can cause irritation such as red bumps, redness, and ingrown hair. On the other hand, IPL hair removal offers the following advantages:

Adds Comfort In Wearing Gym Suits

You may have to deal with sweat, irritation, and itching when wearing a gym suit. Yet, smooth skin with hairs removed with IPL treatment will improve everything.

Helpful For Swimmers

Creating resistance against water, your body hair will reduce your opportunity to win, so you need to remove your hair. Razor might seem an easy option for men, but the truth is the opposite. That’s why it’s better to choose methods like IPL.

Smooth and Clean Feeling

Where summers can give you so many good things, smell, itchiness, and irritation are the worst things, and hairs are the home to all these. But don’t you even consider using traditional hair removal methods? Instead, go for IPL, you can save yourself from all the unpleasant feelings.

Part 3: Best 8 IPL Hair Removals For Men

If you seek everlasting results from unwanted hair, especially for removing hair from the chest, you must invest in a good hair removal machine. For the best results, IPL technology is the perfect option to release stress from unwanted hair. Because here, we will point out the top 8 IPL hair removal devices for men that will work out for your needs. So let’s get started and discover them deeply!

Ulike Hair Removal

Ulike Hair RemovalThis one’s the top IPL hair removal men’s device, with multiple benefits and long-lasting results. It has sapphire ice-cooling technology to give pain-free outcomes. This device is safe and helpful in reducing face and body hair growth.


  • An easy-to-use device with no hard rocket science. You open the package and start removing your hair within no time.
  • Incorporated with clinical-grade sapphire ice-touch technology, this mind-blowing device efficiently maintains the connection point with your skin. During hair removal, it utilizes a 158-degree to 50-degree temperature.
  • You’ll get three things in the package: 1 razor for extra hair cleaning, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and of course, one Ulike device.
  • If you hate pain, this device is your friend, as it doesn’t cause any pain.


  • $219


  • Usable even when you are low on time.
  • Maintains smooth skin, giving you a perfectly fantastic feel.
  • It is equipped with the latest sapphire ice-touch technology to improve your hair removal experience.
  • Conveniently designed to be used wherever you want to remove hairs on your body. Even the sensitive parts.


  • You may have to pay more than a Brazilian.
  • Slow pulsing light may make hair removal a bit slow.


SmoothSkin01With emitting around 100 flashes in a minute, SmoothSkin takes over all your worries about removing body hair. If you are a man looking for a men’s IPL hair removal device, then this is your stop. With this fantastic device, only ten minutes is all you need to make your skin look smooth, clean, and beautiful.

Stay confident while using it because the UV filters and skin sensors will protect you from every possible harm.


  • A unique hair removal machine is designed to calculate the exact intensity level, which can reach a maximum depth of 6J/cm2. This makes it an even more precise and accurate device to remove even the tiniest f your hair.
  • For those of you who wish to get complete hair removal, a recommended usage time is twelve weeks. There are 90% chances that you’ll get rid of the unwanted hair issue after this.
  • A safe-to-use device as its 3mm glass UV filter protects your skin against the pulsated laser. Plus, you can enjoy further protection with its 4-point pores technology.
  • Looking to use this device on small skin areas? Well, there’s no restriction because the precision adaptor makes this possible. Use it to reach smaller areas easily which are otherwise impossible.


  • $350


  • Carry it with you on your trips or wherever you want, as it’s small in size.
  • An easily usable device without causing any hurdles in hair removal.
  • High-quality material is used to make it one of the top-notch devices.


  • People with tattoos can’t use it because it uses laser technology.
  • It does not work as quickly as advertised, so you may need more time.
  • Some customers have complained that it burns skin at times.


BraunBraun has been in the market for years and brings new hair removal devices every year. This time our pick for men’s IPL hair removal is New Silk Expert Pro 5. Using the Intense Pulsed Light, this incredible device will remove your hair quickly and easily, saving you from the hurdles of using a razor. Continuous usage results in complete hair removal for almost 6 months.

People with sensitive skin can also use it, as it comes with three modes to make it comfortable for your skin.


  • You can enjoy hair free body for up to six months after a few continuous usages. So you don’t need to go for spa treatments and spend thousands of dollars only to get long-lasting hair removal.
  • An automatic skin tone sensor makes it convenient to use, offering extra safety and excellent results for your skin.
  • Contains three sensitivity modes: Normal, Gentle, and Extra Gentle.
  • There is no need to manually set the skin tone and pores of your skin in this machine; instead, it will automatically make adjustments to fit your skin.


  • $429.99


  • Despite being amazingly powerful, this device stays gentle, saving your skin from damage.
  • It gives out perfect and accurate results when removing hairs. You will rarely have to use a razor after removing hairs with Braun.
  • Power capacity is suitable to go on for full body hair removal.


  • Not as fast as you may desire it to be.
  • It costs more than most other similar devices in the market.


FOREO PEACH 2Searching for a quick and easy way to eliminate your unwanted hair? Well, choose FOREO PEACH 2. The company has designed it for ease of use and removing hairs within a few minutes to save up your time. Whether you hope to enjoy a party or want to go on a long trip, use this device to turn the tables.

Numerous intensified lasers are used at a time in this device to make everything clean and lightning-fast.


  • Unique IPL technology is used to relieve you from the stress of visiting spas and parlors to get your hair removed.
  • A huge treatment window makes it remove more hair in one use, saving you time. Plus, you can easily use it on more significant body parts.
  • It comes with a 360° skin cooling system to give you a soothing feeling after each use.
  • You can enjoy a T-SonicTM massage, a unique feature of this men’s IPL hair removal.


  • $390


  • Built-design is professionally made to make it easy to hold when using it.
  • High-quality machine to be used under different conditions easily.
  • You’ll not need to apply any after-creams because this device has an in-built cooling system to make it pain-free.


  • You may feel it is more costly than other devices especially when it comes you comparing its features with other devices.
  • Some customers complain of slow working.


AMIROIf you want to eliminate your unwanted hair in less than a month, then there’s nothing better than AMIRO. You can benefit from this hair-removing machine’s 6 J/cm2 (6 joules per cm2) intensity and go smooth.

The BI-LAYER chilling mechanism is designed to give your pores a chilling feel, reducing the pain associated with the laser treatment.



  • You don’t need to wait more than ten minutes until you finally have your desired hairless skin from the preferred area. The advanced IPL technology makes hair removal faster and more convenient for you.
  • If you are looking for an IPL hair removal men’s device to be used under the shoulders area, then this one will work for you.
  • Allow the skin to be cool to 15°C at some stages during treatment. This saves you from experiencing high temperatures or burns on your skin from the laser.


  • $260


●    Easy to carry wherever you go, helping you stay beautiful and smooth.

  • Utilities good Intense Pulsed Light technology
  • Manufactured with high-quality material to last for years, enhancing its durability.
  • Always suitable for full-body use because you can use it in small to large areas.


  • Appears to be expensive compared to the features it offers.
  • Battery timing is not good, making it difficult for you to go all hairless in one go.


Dermabolt01If you are not satisfied with the devices mentioned above, go for this one. This latest device is designed for home use. You get smooth and unwanted hair-free skin without taking the treatments at spas. So you can stay fear-free from getting any skin damage or accident.

Utilize the benefits of this device on your more significant body parts like legs, remove the hairs within minutes, and wear your favorite shorts in the summer.


  • The device does not flash continuously, as it may damage your eyes. It is effectively designed to flash when it comes into direct contact with your body part. You don’t need to wear extra sunglasses while using IPL hair removal for men.
  • Offers a pain-free treatment at home within some time. Waiting for long hours for your turn at a spa for hair removal isn’t an option now. Enjoy a stunning body with this hair removal device, that works for your convenience.
  • This technology also provides therapeutic infrared LED masks, which take care of the skin and reduce unwanted hair growth.


  • $109.99


  • Safer device than waxing saving you from getting your skin damaged from hot wax, and extensive pain while removing the wax strips.
  • There’s no additional pain associated with this device. You may have a light sensation when the laser removes your hair, but you will not experience intense heat.
  • Its powerful yet gentle working mechanism does not cause any accidents to your skin.


  • Expensive
  • Time gaining device


LumiLumiLumi is another men’s IPL hair removal treatment device. This latest technology utilizes Intense Pulsed Light technology to give a proper solution for men to reduce unwanted hair growth. This device targets the hair follicles and rapidly reduces their potential to grow new hair.

However, without waxing and shaving, this IPL hair removal for men device offers pain-free and smooth skin.


  • This hair removal device offers an at-home service that utilizes IPL technology. So you don’t have to go for a hair removal procedure out of your home. Just take your IPL device, get into the bathroom, and come out with beautiful and smooth skin to amaze everyone.
  • Lumi saves you from making loud painful noises while removing hair, that’s common during waxing. Benefit from the nearly painless hair removal method.
  • This latest technology provides long-lasting hair-reducing treatment. Make continuous usage to reduce hair growth after every use.


  • $189


  • Best for saving your body from any unpleasant pains that come with hair removal. It uses gentle technology to make you hairless from unwanted places.
  • A rechargeable battery makes it convenient to use whenever you want. Additionally, it saves your time spent on waxing and other traditional hair removal methods. Just pick it up and start removing hair with the IPL technology.
  • Considerable reduction in hair growth when used for elongated periods. This limits the time required to remove unwanted hair after every episode.


  • The built design is not handy, which may cause the slipping of the device from your hands when using it for unreachable areas like the back.
  • Most of the customers complain that this device does not come with a considerable battery time.


AminzerThis one’s our last pick and another excellent device for reducing unwanted hair growth and removing rapidly visible hair. Its latest technology produces light pulses, which are directly connected to the way of melanin in unwanted hair follicles, which consume light and change into heat.

During the process, the hair follicles get damaged due to the heat, which does not allow them to generate new unwanted hair.


  • Utilizes the excellent IPL hair removal system giving you the perfect skin that you’ve always wished for.
  • It is a long-term device and is much better than waxing and shaving. You don’t have to buy a new device after a few usage counts.
  • No need to use a razor or tweezers after using the IPL device as it clears off all the hairs, leaving behind smooth skin.


  • $80


  • Gives you the convenience at home of removing hair, saving you time on taking appointments.
  • User-friendly design that fits in your hands well while removing your hair.
  • Does not cost a lot, saving your pocket.


  • You may experience a tingling feeling after the usage, which seems unpleasant.
  • The hair removal window is small, targeting fewer areas at a time.


IPL hair removal is the best way to reduce unwanted hair reduction. Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, removes approximately 70% of unwanted hair of the selective part through numerous wavelengths of light, which targets hair follicles.

To those searching to target their chest and facial unwanted hair, IPL is the best solution. Of all eight devices mentioned above, Ulike is the most powerful and useful device and has gained the most popularity till now. Due to its pain-free, comfortable, and easy-to-use features, it became a valuable device among IPL users.

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