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Everything You Need to Know About IPL Underarm Hair Removal

By Mariela
August 26, 2023
7 minutes
hair removal

Shaving and waxing regularly can not only be tiring, but time-consuming too. If you’re looking for long-lasting results, way better than these methods, then IPL hair underarm hair removal treatment remains simply unbeaten.

In this article, you’ll stay plugged into everything that you should need to know before getting started with IPL hair removal underarms.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What’s IPL Underarm Hair Removal?

In most cases, patients seek fair skin tones, hairless skin, and smooth and soft texture under their arms through the IPL underarm hair removal process. While it might take multiple sessions to get rid of underarm hair completely, you’ll start noticing results a few days after the first session.

Underarm hair removal treatment focuses on the lights of various spectrums that are shot on the hair follicle to eliminate the growth. That results in no more hair growing on the treated removal diary

The results are so amazing that a variety of people have started opting for the treatment. IPL underarm hair removal is the most popular among the following:

          • Women: Ladies are the most common patients, looking for underarm hair removal. This trend of getting hairless underarms is very popular in Western cultures, but owing to globalization, more people around the world have started opting for the procedure.
          • Young adults: Young adults, both males and females are very concerned about their appearances. Getting underarm hair removal is one way of improving their overall grooming for the long term.
          • Athletes: You might notice some athletes opting for the procedure as that can help them improve their sports performance. Also, no hair means less sweating and less buildup of microorganisms. That’ll help them avoid unwanted diseases that could have potentially evolved under their arms with hair.

Part 2: How Does IPL Underarm Hair Removal Work?

IPL Underarm Hair Removal Work

The idea behind IPL underarm hair removal is to use light beams to eliminate hair growth under your skin. Hair has follicles that are responsible for growing hair on the body.

So, IPL hair removal will work on perishing these follicles, so they can’t grow hair anymore on your body.

The light beams remain under a controlled environment, so there’s potentially no danger of anything going wrong. Here’s a brief process of how IPL hair removal under your arms works:



IPL hair removal is a medical process, so it’s highly recommended to seek a professional. Your professional will understand your requirements and will tell you the best way to proceed. They’ll also tell you precautionary measures and tips to get the most appropriate results.

They’ll also ask you to avoid staying under direct sunlight for too long and avoid wearing sleeveless clothing that can potentially allow too much sunlight on your underarms.




Shaving your underarms is important, as that’ll remove all the hair on the skin. This step will help target the hair follicle, otherwise, the hair would have absorbed all the light.

Cooling Gel Application

A cooling gel needs to be applied on the skin after shaving so that the heat that pulsed lights will generate does not affect your skin. This way, the procedure becomes comforting for the patients and the effectiveness of the treatment enhances.

Protective Gears

You’ll have to wear eyewear protection because, during the treatment, the pulsed lights will be very close to your face. Eyes can easily get hurt if left unprotected.



Pulse Emission

The IPL device will now shoot pulsed lights to the targeted area. These light beams are meant to pass through the uppermost layer of your skin to reach the follicles. So you’ll feel like a rubber band snapping on your underarms.

Targeting Follicles

Hair follicles have melanin that will absorb the pulsed lights. The light energy will get converted into heat energy and that heat will be so much that it’ll damage the hair follicle. Hair follicles will get damaged and they’ll no longer be able to grow hair on your underarm.

Repeated Sessions

Your professional consultant might ask you to go through several sessions because IPL doesn’t necessarily remove all the hair at once in just one session. The question of how many sessions you’ll need to finish up the process can only be answered by your professional.

Part 3: Benefits & Side Effects of IPL Underarm Hair Removal

Underarm hair removal through IPL will leave you with a lot of advantages and side effects. This section covers that.



          • Long-lasting results: With IPL treatment done nicely, you don’t have to go through waxing or shaving sessions anymore for a very long time. Also, you’ll see no hair growing on your underarms for a long time.
          • Less ingrown hair: Other hair removal techniques can leave you with ingrown hair, but with IPL treatment, you won’t have any ingrown hair on your underarms.
          • Better skin texture: Your underarm skin texture is sure to improve gradually, leaving you with fair and smooth underarms. The appearance will improve as well.
          • Precise finishing touch: The IPL technology has advanced so much that it can target the follicles precisely. As a result, surrounding skin won’t get affected and you’ll get a nice finishing touch on your underarms after the treatment.
          • Comfortable process: Many people get scared after hearing about the use of pulsed lights in the process. However, it’s a myth that IPL is painful. You’ll get a comfortable and less painful sensation than waxing. A slight sensation like a mosquito bite or a rubber band snapping is expected, though.

Side Effects

Side Effects

          • Slight sensation: It might feel like a sunburn for a while during and after the treatment.
          • Temporary redness: Since light beams will be shot for quite a few seconds, a mild redness is common after getting the treatment. But don’t worry, it’ll clear out in a few hours.
          • Skin discoloration: Due to hair follicles being damaged at a massive rate, the color of your underarm can change from usual. Underarms can become lighter or darker, but it’ll resolve in some time.
          • Not for all skin types: Unfortunately, IPL won’t give the same results on all skin types. Those with dark skin won’t get better results than those with lighter and brown skin. For dark skins, a different setting will be needed.

Part 4: IPL Underarm Hair Removal Before & After

Before the treatment, you’ll have dense hair on your underarms with quite a length. After the treatment, the density is expected to shrink dramatically and the length of any remaining hair will be minimum.

Part 5: How Do You Use IPL on Your Underarms At Home?

ulike You can possibly get IPL underarm treatment in the comfort of your home using home IPL devices like those by Ulike. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Getting Started

          • Read the manual: Since you’ll be using a home device, you need to get familiar with the product well before using it. The best way is to read the user manual that clearly details the product and its usage.
          • Testing: You need to test your skin for sensitivity by trying out the product on a very small patch under your skin. Wait for 24 hours to see the results.
          • Shave the area: You can shave the underarms using any regular shaving methods that you like.
          • Protective wear: Protective eyewear is highly advisable before you get started.


          1. Prepare the underarms: After shaving, make sure that your underarms are clean and dry, or else the pulsed light might not work as you desire.
          2. Go with the lowest settings first: IPL home devices have several pulsed light intensity settings for different types of skins. So you should begin with the lowest settings and increase them as you get comfortable.
          3. Position the device correctly: You need to position the device so it can work on the targeted area. Make sure that the device stays touched to your skin. Your IPL device might have a sensor to help you adjust the position correctly.
          4. Progress slowly: You should now start moving the device slowly on the targeted area. Also, avoid moving the device on the same spots repeatedly or else that can irritate your skin.

Post Treatment

You need to maintain proper moisture on your underarms after the treatment. Drink plenty of water and avoid staying in direct sunlight. Keep the underarms cool and free from sweating as much as possible.

Part 6: Is IPL Underarm Hair Removal Good for Pregnant?

Is IPL Underarm Hair Removal Good for Pregnant? No, IPL underarm hair removal good for pregnant ladies is a big NO. There are plenty of reasons supporting this fact:

          • Hormonal changes: During pregnancy, your body goes through so many hormonal changes and that can make your skin react to various things differently than usual. So, even if your skin won’t react badly to the process during normal days, it can still react adversely during pregnancy.
          • Unknown risks: Research on IPL underarm hair removal treatment during pregnancy is still a hot topic for researchers and there’s still room for research. It’s still not known exactly what risks are associated with the process during such a period.

Final Verdict

IPL underarm hair removal treatment is a great option if you crave smooth, hairless, and beautiful underarms. While this process used to be done at medical facilities, home IPL devices have become very reliable lately. So you can surely try out IPL hair removal products for home use, such as those you Ulike. They’re affordable, reliable, and durable.

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