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Is Nair Hair Removal Cream Safe for Pubic Area Hair? (& FAQs)

By Mariela
April 2, 2024
7 minutes
Nair Hair Removal

There’s no doubt that depilatory creams are a relief for people with low pain thresholds. Leaving aside its quick action, this method – if used correctly – guarantees little or no discomfort apart from its offensive, rotten-egg smell. And among all depilatory creams, Nair is famous for its overwhelming positive feedback and reviews from many customers.

In an earlier post, we already explained why Nair’s hair smells so bad; you may want to check the link to read more on this. But if you are able to overcome this smell issue as suggested in the piece, is it a good idea to try Nair in your pubic area? For men, it might even be a bit less worrisome, but for women, how safe is this product beneath the belly button area?

For clarity’s sake, when we talk about the pubic area, we mean the scrotum, vagina, anus, penis, and testicles, which make up our private bits depending on our gender. Can you apply Nair on these places safely?

Interestingly, the manufacturers of this depilatory cream gave an answer to this question. According to them, the cream is for external use only and must not get into the vaginal or penis. Of course, you probably guessed as much, judging by the powerful chemicals that depilatory creams use to dissolve the hair’s protein.

Nair has potassium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide as two of its most powerful ingredients for hair removal. Calcium hydroxide is a base whose primary function is to cause swelling of the hair shaft. The thioglycolate is an acid salt that breaks the disulfide bonds holding the keratin molecules together. Neither of these two is safe outside the skin and can even cause irritation around sensitive skin, such as the pubic area.

You probably know already that acids are corrosive, and although Nair has put the ingredients together in such an effective and safe proportion, the ultra-sensitive nature of the skin around the genitals poses a very great safety concern. As such, to answer the primary question posed by this article’s title, it is not safe to apply Nair directly on the genitals. However, you can use the various Nair depilatories (Nair™ Bikini Cream and Nair™ Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini) around the bikini lines by following these safety procedures.

Table of Contents:

How to Safely Use Nair Hair Removal Cream Around Bikini Lines

How to Safely Use Nair Hair Removal Cream Around Bikini LinesIf you pay close attention to these tips, you can safely use Nair on your bikini lines (not your genitals) for effective hair removal.

1.    No Cuts or Abrasions

As mentioned earlier, Nair is designed for external use only. As such, if you’ve got knicks, cuts, abrasions, or any injury around your bikini area, ensure it has healed before using this product. If you can’t wait for this injury to heal, you can consider other methods like shaving or finding a means to mask off the area before applying the cream.

2.    Patch Test

Different skin reacts to Nair differently. You can’t even tell how or if yours will respond to this formula. As such, you should try with a small quantity of the cream in a small area to watch out for reactions. In case of an unwanted reaction, wash off the cream with plenty of water and avoid applying pressure on the spot. It’s only after your patch test confirms that Nair is OK for your bikini lines that you should proceed to apply it generously.

3.    Trim Your Hair

If the hair around your bikini is already overgrown, it makes sense to first trim it to a manageable level before applying the depilatory cream. It ensures that you don’t get the cream to areas not intended.

4.    Use Petroleum Jelly to Keep Openings Safe

Each time you use Nair around your bikini area, you stand the risk of getting the cream into your vaginal or anus, which can breed all manners of infections. One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to apply petroleum jelly (baby cream) on your rectum, vaginal canal, and vulva to create a barrier that prevents this accidental entrance.

5.    Wipe Gently

The wiping stage is one where things can go wrong when using Nair or any depilatory cream, for that matter. If you are too violent at this stage, you can get skin rash, tears, or irritation. Once you’ve waited for the recommended time (usually 3 to 10 minutes), use a soft and wet cloth to wipe off the paste or cream gently; never use a spatula.

Alternatives to Nair for Pubic Hair Removal

It’s risky using Nair or any depilatory cream around the pubic area. But thankfully, you don’t have to stick to this method alone. Yes, it is easy and relatively painless, but other methods may be better. Let’s consider three of such.

1.    Shaving

Shaving creamBoth shaving and depilatory creams are similar in the outcomes they give. That’s because they both remove hairs at the skin level and not from the root. Shaving also has its risks, but with extra carefulness, you can avoid them. One of the best ways to get the best out of shaving is to use a shaving cream and ensure that your blade is new and sharp. Also, when shaving the pubic area, you have to take your time to ensure you don’t cut yourself accidentally.

With aloe vera gel or an excellent moisturizer, you can deal with aftershave like itching or dryness and enjoy the smooth skin that you’ve always desired down there.

2.    Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Brazilian WaxRemoving hair at the skin level may be fast and cheap in the short run, but when viewed from a long-term perspective, it’s expensive and may be frustrating. Imagine having to shave or apply Nair every month; it won’t be long before the whole thing wearies you out.

IPL is a method that uses light to target hair follicles and alter their growth cycle. These light rays emanate from a handheld device fabricated by beauty companies for that purpose. Your duty is to flash those lights over the skin often, harboring the unwanted hair, and wait for reactions.

One IPL device that is good for the bikini or pubic area is the Ulike Air 3. Manufactured by a leading global brand with multiple endorsements, this handset is FDA-cleared and works with a patented Sapphire ice-cooling technology that cools it and your skin down. In two weeks or even less, you can expect around 50 – 60% reduction in your pubic hair volume and length. By the time you have used it for a month, as recommended, you will have noticed an amazing result.

One thing about IPL, especially the Ulike Air 3 recommended, is that you can use a single device for life. Treatment is usually once a week, and the flashes are more than enough to last you for several years. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t give immediate results, there are no side effects like knicks, infections, ingrown hairs, and hyperpigmentation common with other hair removal methods.

3.    Brazilian Wax

Brazilian WaxIf your pain tolerance is high, one effective hair removal method you can use for your pubic area is Brazilian wax. Like IPL, its hair removal goes into the root, offering you a significant hair holiday down there. But while IPL uses light, waxing involves pulling the hairs from their roots with a strip or wax. As such, the procedure can be painful. Also, if not done carefully and by an expert, it can lead to skin tears and other side effects.

The most significant setback to this method (in my opinion) is that you can’t do it successfully at home by yourself. You would have to submit yourself to a person to have them “work on” your private bits. I know it’s not a big deal for some people, but many may find this a bitter pill to swallow. At-home Brazilian wax is always less successful than professionally-done ones.

Therefore, if you don’t want to shave and are not pain-tolerant, your best bet is IPL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Nair to remove nose hair?

Please don’t try this. The skin in the nose is very soft and sensitive; besides, you risk inhaling the cream, causing a lot of discomfort in breathing and even cleaning. Use a nose hair trimmer instead.

How does Nair remove body hair?

Nair is a line of depilatory cream that works by first causing a swelling of the hair shaft before breaking the disulfide bonds. It uses the base Calcium hydroxide to achieve this swelling while the acid salt, potassium thioglycolate weakens or breaks the bonds. The other ingredients mainly serve to nourish the skin and give the product a nice smell.

What are the side effects of Nair on the body?

Most skin types tolerate Nair to a large extent. However, if things go south and your skin rejects this formula, the possible reactions you can get include chemical burns, allergic reactions, rashes, skin peeling, blisters, and irritation. How you handle the wiping off of the cream after the recommended time frame can also be a contributing factor to these things. But then, doing a patch test before going all out for the product can save you stories.

Is Nair a permanent hair remover?

No depilatory cream removes hair permanently. They only dissolve the surface hair aka hair shaft, but the follicles and hair roots are still intact and capable of regrowth. How quickly your hair will regrow after applying Nair depends on your hair cycle. If you are the fast-growing type, you can start witnessing a regrowth after a few days.

How much does Nair hair removal cost?

There are different variants of this product, so the prices are not the same. The best place to get the most accurate price is on the brand’s official website or on Amazon. But typically, the product is affordable compared to other hair removal products.


Nair is an excellent depilatory cream with a high customer rating. It will remove hair from any body part including the pubic area. However, because of the chemical composition and side effects associated with this product, it’s not completely safe to use on a delicate body part like the pubic area. A more suitable option would be a premium IPL device or the traditional method, which is shaving.

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