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Is Shaving Cream Good for Sunburn & What’s the Alternative?

By Laura
December 25, 2023
6 minutes

Sunburn causes a lot of skin irritation unless it heals. People often use a variety of ointments and relieving creams, while some also prefer shaving creams. The reason behind the use of shaving creams is that they’re cool and offer a cool sensation, which many people find relieving. While using shaving cream on sunburn isn’t the most appropriate choice, it still solves the purpose to some extent.

This article deals with the use of shaving cream on sunburn and using it the right way while shaving. It also recommends some of the most sensible products to use on sunburn. Table of Contents:

Is Shaving Cream Good for Sunburn?

Is Shaving Cream Good for Sunburn?Yes, shaving cream is good for sunburn but it’s not the best solution. Shaving creams contain gentle, soothing, cooling, and moisturizing agents that can relieve irritation arising out of sunburn. That’s the main reason why many people apply it if there’s nothing else readily available at the moment. Shaving creams can give temporary relief to sunburn but they don’t help with healing the skin.

A lot of people combine shaving cream with cold compression, cold baths, and aloe vera gels to aid temporary relief. While sunburn heals naturally, severe cases require medical attention and shaving creams become helpless in such cases.

How to Use Shaving Cream for Sunburn?

How to Use Shaving Cream for Sunburn?Using shaving cream on a sunburned skin is a two-step process:

      1. Pre-shave Preparation

Before beginning the shaving process, always prepare for it. Here’s how:

      • Clean gently: Use a gentle and soft cleanser to clean the sunburned area with cold water. Don’t rub harshly and if possible, use a natural cleanser.
      • Pat dry: Always pat dry using a terry towel because it’s one of the best absorbent. Be gentle.
      • Cold compress: Cold compress the affected skin for a few minutes to relieve inflammation.
      • Aloe vera gel: While it’s an optional step, many people prefer applying it before shaving because it’s a natural relieving ingredient with no side effects.
      1. Applying Shaving Cream

Once the skin is prepared and ready for shaving, follow these steps:

      1. Use a mild shaving cream that is gentle and fragrance-free because it’s the best for sensitive skin.
      2. Apply a very thin layer of shaving cream with 2-3 fingers and least pressure. If it feels discomforting, release the fingers immediately or reduce the pressure.
      3. Ensure that the razor is strictly designed for sensitive skin only (not for all skin types). Start shaving from one side of the sunburned skin. Use very short, gentle, and light strokes with the least pressure. A sharp and clean blade will help reduce friction, irritation, and further damage to the affected skin.
      4. Once shaved, rinse the skin with cold water and gently pat dry with a terry towel.
      5. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer and ointment for soothing and relieving the skin.

Shaving Cream for Sunburn Before and After

Shaving Cream for Sunburn Before and After

What Are Some Alternatives to Shaving Cream For Sunburn?

While shaving cream can relieve temporarily, these are the better alternatives:

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a natural ingredient with zero side effects on the skin, hence it becomes a perfect option for soothing and relieving sunburn. It contains anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, which give an instant relief and cooling effect on the skin. Aloe vera application can result in reduced redness, itching, and discomfort. Always use pure and fresh aloe vera gel if possible as that’ll give the best results one can expect from it.

Aloe vera gel needs to be whipped for a minute to get an even texture. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera all over the affected area and let it settle. One can remove the applied layer after a few minutes and apply another layer of fresh aloe vera gel to elevate the benefits.

Coconut Oil

Coconut OilCoconut oil is one of the best natural antiseptics in the world that has amazing healing properties. Whether it’s a wound or a sunburn, one layer of pure coconut oil can increase healing speed to a massive degree. Coconut oil may not relieve redness and burning sensation immediately, but it offers excellent healing properties. Many people combine coconut oil with cooling agents such as aloe vera.

Apply a layer of coconut oil directly on the sunburn with 2-3 fingers and rub gently. Let the skin absorb the oil and apply a fresh aloe vera gel mask on the skin to allow a cooling effect. This is one of the best combinations to combine healing and cooling agents without side effects.

Oatmeal Paste

Oatmeal PasteOatmeal paste can calm down the irritation to a high degree and contains anti-inflammatory properties. One needs to create a thick consistency of the oatmeal paste by grinding oats fine with water. Leaving the paste for at least 20 minutes gives the best results. However, there’s no specific proof that it can increase the healing speed.

Some Tips & Precautions

This section explains some tips and precautions in case of a sunburn.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals & Exfoliation

Using harsh chemicals will only damage the skin further. Don’t use any chemical products and opt for natural products instead. Chemicals will negatively react with the sunburn and worsen the situation. Similarly, exfoliation is highly inadvisable even if there’s a mild sunburn because it’ll scrape the topmost layer of the skin, which will increase irritation, redness, and inflammation. In some cases, the patient might observe slight bleeding. Try using gentle creams like aloe shaving cream for sunburn, menthol shaving cream for sunburn, or shaving foam sunburn for safe application.

Be Patient With The Healing Time

It’s important to understand that sunburn takes some time to heal and getting impatient is senseless. Be patient with the healing process and try using coconut oil regularly 3-5 times a day. Such regular use of coconut oil will heal sunburn quicker than expected and won’t leave any side effects.

See A Doctor If The Situation Is Severe

While mild sunburns cure naturally in up to 10 to 12 days with proper care and protection from sunlight, if the situation seems severe or if the patient doesn’t notice any improvement on the skin, it’s best to consult a doctor. The professional advisor can prescribe medications based on the skin analysis to heal sunburn. They may advise the patient to adjust their diet to support healthy skin.

Stay Away From Sunlight

Every doctor’s first precaution is to stay out of sunlight until sunburn heals. Even the slightest exposure of the affected area to the sunlight will impair the healing process and worsen it.


Curing sunburn requires extra care, gentleness, proper moisturization, and protection from sunlight until it heals. When shaving sunburned skin, one needs to be cautious about not scraping the skin like regular days, as it’ll be dangerous to the skin. Also, don’t forget to follow the most recommended techniques for shaving sunburned skin and ensure that the chosen razor and shaving cream are strictly meant for use on sensitive skin only. Never become careless with the care and treatment of sunburn.

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