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Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area for Females (& FAQs)

By Laura
March 30, 2023
7 minutes

Wondering if shaving is suitable for your sensitive lady parts? Or is it really necessary to remove hair from the pubic region? We are here to clear all of your ambiguities about shaving the intimate areas. Although shaving or removing hair is completely a personal choice, it has several benefits. These include prevention of infection, maintenance of body temperature, boosting confidence, looking more appealing to your partner, and more.

So, here we are going to discuss all of the benefits of shaving the pubic region in detail. Moreover, if you want to remove hair without shaving, we have other methods for you as well.

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair

Following are the benefits that can make you go for shaving your pubic hair.

pubic area Affordable and Nearly painless Solution to Itchy Pubic Hair

First things first, pubic hair is itchy, right? The thick and blunt hair of the intimate areas makes the skin itchy and you feel irritated. It also produces friction with the clothes and thighs, making you more annoyed. So, removing the hair can make you relax and feel calm down there.

One of the best options to get rid of pubic hair is shaving. All you need is a safety razor making shaving affordable. Moreover, it works above the skin surface making it nearly painless. But do not forget to keep your razor clean. Also, shaving needs to be repeated often.

Reduces Temperature and Sweating Aroung your Private Parts

Body hair acts as a layer of insulation surrounding the body. Pubic hair is thick and prevents ventilation in the pubic region. Consequently, your sensitive areas will feel warm in winter. However, this warmth turns into a hot and sweaty body in summer.

Moreover, undergarments and clothing also play role in increasing the temperature. So, removing pubic hair will make your skin feel free and cool. Also, it reduces the amount of sweat produced.

Eliminates Bad Body Odor

Have you ever wondered going without shaving for a long time makes your pubic area stenchy? Well, some chemicals are released continuously from the body into the air. And some microbiota is always present on the body surface as well. Additionally, more hair makes the body more sweaty.

Keeping the pubic hair prevents the entry of pheromones into the hair and traps bacteria which along with sweat results in bad body odor. However, keeping your vagina hair-free inhibits such bad smells.

bikini A Confident Bikini Look

Do you also match your OTD to the waxing days? What about when you are going to the beach? Exactly! You want your private areas to be free from any unwanted hair poking through your swimsuit.

Not all women can wear a bikini without shaving the pubic region. So, they simply resort to wearing shorts or a skirt. However, if you want to rock the beautiful bikini you got while looking confident, shaving the lady parts is the way to go.

Finding Any Pubic Problems

Hair on the intimate areas hides the status of skin on that level. Thus, you won’t ever know if any problem exists there. Whether there is a bump, a lump, some rash, redness, unusual secretion, or unhealthy texture, pubic hair conceals it.

Moreover, some of these can be a sign of STDs or lead to infections. So, it is important to have clear skin to notice if any problem exists. Additionally, waxing might aggravate the issue. Thus, it is best to shave it and do an examination.

Quick Showers and Better Hygiene

If you want to keep pubic hair, you have you wash the area and take care of it just like you keep your head hair clean. However, you have to be more gentle. As a result, either you have to spend some extra time in the shower or your hygiene will be compromised.

So, shaving your private parts keep the area clean, does not require a thorough wash up, maintains hygiene, and reduces shower time.

Reduced Risk of Infestation

With pubic hair comes the chances of colonization with of unwanted pests like lice and microbes like bacteria. This can result in infestation and also some diseases if a harmful pathogen gets entry into the vagina.

Shaving the pubic area eradicates the bushy environment the infesting agents need. As a result, your intimate areas can be happy and healthy.

Better Love Life

Do you prefer if your partner has a groomed appearance? Your partner feels the same. He prefers a hairless vaginal area. Although, having hair is not an issue. But smooth skin increases the sensations of touch and skin-to-skin contact. Thus, it enhances pleasure.

However, pubic hair might increase friction in intimate areas and make your experience less pleasant.


Is it Necessary to Remove Pubic Hair?

Not really, removing pubic hair is not necessary. There is no medical or hygienic significance of pubic hair. So, whether you want to keep them or remove them, is completely up to you. Moreover, you can choose to keep one part of the hair while removing the other or make several types of patterns.

Is it Safe to Shave Pubic Hair?

Yes, shaving pubic hair is completely safe as long as you follow the precautions. The best way to shave the intimate areas is to tighten the skin and move the razor in small strokes. However, you need the practice to make your shaving experience better and you also need to change your razor blade frequently.

What Precautions are Required for Shaving Pubic Hair?

Let us know the unsaid rules for a seamless shave.

razor Use a Mirror

Private areas are hard to reach. So, using a small handheld mirror can help you look where your blade is going and shave safely.

Soften the Hair Beforehand

Thick hair and dry skin can be irritating. So, use soap or shaving cream to soften the hair and remove them smoothly.

Cut Long Pubic Hair

It is difficult to shave off long pubic hair with razors. So, if you have not removed such hair in a while, trim them with scissors before shaving.

Sterilized Sharp Razor

Your razor blade must be sharp and sterilized for shaving off the hair without irritation or infection. Additionally, it is recommended to change the blade every 5-10 shaves.

Moisturized and Exflotiated Skin

Lastly, you should exfoliate the skin with a clean cloth and moisturize it after shaving.

What are the Risks Associated with Shaving Intimate Areas?

Following are the risks associated with shaving your private parts.

Ingrown Hair

Shaving can cause hair to grow inside the skin rather than coming out giving you ingrown hair.

Razor Cuts

If shaving is not done precisely or the razor blade is too sharp, it can result in skin cuts.

Redness and Itching

Shaving can also make your skin irritated and red.

What are Options Other Than Shaving for Getting Rid of Pubic Hair?

If shaving seems difficult for you, you can try other options for removing hair from the pubic region. These options include trimming with scissors, waxing, using depilatory creams, professional laser hair removal, or IPL hair removal.

Alternative Methods of Removing Hair from Private Parts: Ulike Sapphire AIR3 IPL Device

Ulike If you are looking for a method to save yourself from regular shaving or other hair removal methods, check out IPL devices like Ulike Sapphire AIR3 IPL handset. Let us know some of its advantages.

Hair Removal with No Side Effects

Whether it is shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, or laser, they have some unavoidable side effects. However, the latest dynamic ice-cooling and skin protection technology of Ulike AIR3 IPL prevent such effects.

Long-Lasting Hairless Pubic Region

You need to remove hair often from the pubic region unless you go for a laser. But with Ulike Sapphire, you can get silky smooth hairless skin for 6 months after 3 weeks of your IPL hair removal sessions.

Specific Intensity for Private Areas

The skin on private areas is sensitive but the hair is thick. So, it needs special attention to get rid of the hair. Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Purple handset comes with a specific intensity level of 2 to target such hair. Also, it has a soft comfort mode for intimate areas to make the experience even more gentle and relaxing.

Quick Treatment Time

Unlike other hair removal methods that require effort and time, removing hair with a Ulike AIR3 IPL device is simple and quick. It has an auto-glide and stamp mode to precisely treat the hair. Additionally, all you need is 1 minute for the hair of the bikini area.

FDA-Cleared and Dermatologically Recommended

Lastly, not all dermatologists recommend shaving because of its side effects. But Ulike AIR3 is recommended by doctors in addition to being cleared by the FDA. So, it is safe to use.


In this article, we have discussed how shaving can prove to be beneficial for your skin, private areas, and overall mood. Also, we explained the precautions of shaving and the side effects shaving can cause if not done correctly. Moreover, it is not the only method of pubic hair removal.

So, you can try out an IPL device as well. One of our recommended devices for sensitive pubic areas is the Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Purple IPL Handset. It has all the features to help you go swimming wearing a pretty purple bikini anytime.

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