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Shaving Gel vs Cream vs Foam: Which Should You Choose?

By Jason
July 15, 2023
7 minutes

Have you ever been in a shaving dilemma? uhm, not quite sure what that means. not to worry, we’d paint a scenario: your beard seems to grow twice as fast as you cut it but then you are forced to retain hair because each time you shave, you end up battling with some form of after-shave problems razor cuts, bump, ingrown hair and folliculitis due to a wrong shaving method. This is frustrating but you’ve exhausted your remedy options and this sometimes forces you to keep your hair longer than usual.

We want you to know that you are not alone. Almost every bearded guy has gone through the hurdles of having to choose the right shaving methods. Let’s face it, it could be tiresome having to surf the net in a bid to choose the right shaving method especially when there are several brands out there trying to convince you of the authenticity of their product – you get lost in your choices.

However, how cool would it be if you found all of that information in one article? cool, yeah?

So, in this article, we discuss three types of shaving methods and compare them to help solve this dilemma that has made shaving routine a nightmare and prevented a lot of guys from sticking to their shaving routines. In addition, through this comparison, you would be able to know which shaving method is best for you.

Why do you need to shave?

Apparently, there are several reasons to shave however, the most significant reason would be to keep your beard tidy. So, you could relate that with why you may need the shaving gel, foam, or cream, which is to help serve as a protective layer over your hair surface to help soften the hair and prepare it for shaving. Generally, the purpose of these products can be placed into three categories. In the first category, they can serve as a moisturizer to help hydrate your hair and make it softer to the touch and easy to cut. A second purpose is that these products serve as lubricators and they help reduce friction in the area to be cut thus allowing the shaving razor to glide over your face smoothly to deliver the desired cut one that is free of razor marks, cuts, and bumps. lastly, these products serve as a tranquilizer and deliver a soothing effect to your skin as you shave so you don’t feel the gliding effect of the shaving razor.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s examine the advantages of each of these products.

Shaving gel vs cream vs foam

1. Shaving gel

Let’s begin with the most modernized forms of all shaving products, the shaving gels. Although less known when compared to other types of shaving products, shaving gel holds a tangible amount of benefits that make it unique in its form. They are contained in a can and in terms of thickness, they are denser than other shaving products. The advantages of using the shaving gel include;


  • The moisturizing and lubricating effect

Generally, the purpose of all shaving products is to deliver a moisturizing and lubricating effect however, the shaving gel delivers a maximum benefit in this regard. They deliver this soothing effect that helps ease the shaving process without using any form of liquid thus giving you the smoothest shave you could ever wish for.

  • Great for sensitive skin

Where it gets super exciting using the shaving gel is for those with sensitive skin. Due to its lubricating effect, the shaving gel helps reduce friction between the skin and the shaving razor thus making it suitable for use if you have sensitive skin. You can be guaranteed maximum protection from razor cuts, or tiny marks.


Despite the great benefits the shaving gel offers, it has a downside in that it could result in a razor burn because it opens up the pores of the skin thereby making it susceptible to aftershave burns. This could cause inflammation and redness which can be treated using a cold compress to numb the pain and reduce redness.

2. Shaving cream

The most common shaving product is the shaving cream and it’s been around for quite a while now. They come in tubes and almost every guy would at some point use or consider shaving creams. Perhaps we could attribute its common use to its lathering properties which makes it easier to remove facial hair at spots where it is applied. Usually, you would need to get a shaving brush and a shaving razor to get the job done. For its use, apply the cream on the desired area and spread using the bristle of your brush (advisedly, use a soft bristle brush).

Advantages of using the shaving cream

  • Gentle face massage

One cool advantage of using the shaving cream is seen in its dual function – as a shaving cream and face massage. As you spread the cream across the surface you desire to shave, the brush helps to lather the cream and evenly distribute the cream over the area as well as serves as a massager thus improving blood circulation and general health of the skin and hair around the face.

  • Close-skin shave

This requires a lot of time and patience and because a lot of time is being spent to make a lather out of the shaving cream, this helps to moisturize and soften the hair in the area. The result of this is that it helps coat the surface area of the skin and in turn allows the razor to deliver a close shave, leaving your skin feeling smooth and fresh thereby slowing down beard growth .


  • Time-consuming

A lot of time is wasted in the process of trying to make lather out of the cream. So, this may not be the most suitable option for you, if you are always in a rush or you constantly have a busy schedule.

  • Odor

Due to the types of chemicals and ingredients used in creating this shaving formula, it may emit some forms of unpleasant odors. So, if you have a heightened sensitivity for a strong odor like the one in shaving cream, then you may want to settle for other shaving products.

  • Risk of shaving cuts and burns

The shaving cream delivers a close shave and as a result, it might lead to accidental cuts and burns. So, you have to take extra caution and be focused while shaving. Also, you want to ensure that you are in a well-lit environment to aid lighting.

3. Shaving foam

Similar to shaving cream is shaving foam. You can visualize the shaving foam as a pressurized pre-lathered foam and they come in a can. The convenience of shaking and spraying makes the shaving foam a fun-to-use product. This time, all you need to do is spray a sizable amount on your hands and plaster over the desired area to shave then glide the razor over the area to get rid of hair.


  • Time-saving and fast

Using the shaving spray foam helps save time as you do not have to prep the lather as it has already been done and pressurized in the can so, all you need to do is just moisten the desired area to shave and spray.

  • Ease of use

You can already tell from its name, how easy it is to use this product. This product offers the fastest form of shaving service.


  • Harmful chemicals

More common with pressurized products, they contain lots of harmful chemicals that are not suitable for the skin. These substances can damage your skin thus causing more problems for you. However, with advancements in research and technology, it has been found that superfoods like charcoal, coffee, and turmeric can help lessen the harmful effects of these substances thereby making the product more appropriate and safer for use.

  • Product waste

The shaving foam is made of lather pressurized in a can and so, you have to spray a lot of it to cover the area to be shaved and to get the desired shaving results. So, if you don’t mind spending some bucks on this product, you can settle for it. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can opt for other shaving products that allow for conservative use.

Shaving gel vs cream vs foam: which should you choose?

Amongst the three shaving products discussed so far, you can tell that the difference is clear and this section will help you decide which to choose using three main subheadings;

1. Time factor

If you are considering time, then shaving foam would be the best option for you. This is because it is easier to use and you don’t have to make any preparation before applying on the desired area. All you need to do is spray and shave.

2. Comfort and ease of use

In terms of comfort and ease of use, both the shaving gel and foam are of a higher advantage than the cream. The shaving foam is super easy to use and the gel delivers a soothing effect to help calm the skin around your face.

3. Budget

We all want to get the money value for every product we purchase and purchasing a shaving product is no different. So, in terms of budget, the shaving cream wins as it is the cheapest shaving product available. With a few bucks, you can purchase one that will last you for a few weeks.

Final note

With tons of shaving products available in the market, it is easier to get lost in a ramshackle of what products to choose. However, with the right information at your disposal, you are on the right part to making the right selection among these shaving products. Remember, the goal is to find the most suitable shaving product, one that is compatible with your skin type. So, be sure to be careful in your selection process. If you meticulously followed through with all that has been discussed in this article, it shouldn’t be a hassle to make the right choice. We hope these comparisons have been able to inform your choice of shaving methods.

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