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Kenzzi vs. Silk’n: Which IPL Device is Better?

By Viktoria
September 2, 2023
7 minutes

If you are reading this article, I want to guess that you are about to purchase an IPL gadget for your hair removal needs. You may have heard or read so many things about different brands and types of this technology, and Kenzzi and Silk’n are two choices laid before you to make.

Silk’n has its patented version of IPL, which it calls eHPL. According to this brand, the BellaFlash Pro Hair Removal handset operating on this patented technology has been clinically proven to be super effective at long-lastingly reducing hair. Kenzzi Multifunction IPL handset also promises multiple functionalities like acne and age spot removal in addition to helping to reduce body hair long-lastingly.

Even without being an expert in this subject, you can tell both brands have something to offer. They both have received excellent and not-so-good feedback from their teeming customers, and it can get confusing trying to select the better between the two. This post will deal with this issue by comparing both brands and pointing out how they differ so you can see which is better. But before we proceed, let’s consider briefly what each IPL device brings to the table.

Table of Contents:

Kenzzi Multifunction IPL Handset

If you choose this IPL handset, Kenzzi says you stand to benefit from the following.

  • 90-day Money-back guarantee
  • Full-body treatment, which covers bikinis and Brazilian
  • Speedy treatment completion due to the broad light window (just nine minutes to treat the  two legs, face, & underarms)
  • Multifunctionality that includes age spots and acne removal attachments
  • Nearly painless gadget with a five energy intensity rating

Silk’n BellaFlash Pro Hair Removal

The guarantees that Silk’n gives for its BellaFlash Pro Hair Removal device include: 

  • A more effective, patented IPL version (eHPL) that removes hair faster than traditional IPL
  • Full-body applicability.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Free standard shipping on orders above $69 purchased directly from the brand’s online store
  • Quick treatment due to its touch and glide functionality
  • Sufficient pulses (light) to last the whole treatment duration

Kenzzi vs. Silk’n: Which is Better?

In answering the question of which is better between Kenzzi’s multifunction IPL handset and Silk’n BellaFlash Pro Hair Removal, we are going to consider some critical factors that matter in selecting a good IPL hair removal handset. These include:

  • Ergonomic Design: Kenzzi is Better

Things to consider here include portability, convenience of handling, whether the device has a digital display, color combination, and light window attachments. While they are not the direct determinants of the handset’s effectiveness, they determine how easy to use their owners will find them.

There is not much difference between these two gadgets in this regard, as they both feature the same color combination, slide/glide functionality, and lack a digital display. Also, both have similar attachments and intensity graduation. What, however, makes Kenzzi a step ahead is its unique shape. You can wrap your hand around it and not feel that you’re carrying an extra burden. Unlike Silk’n, there is no tail-like handle that may constitute unwanted weight during your journey.

1. Functionality: Kenzzi is Better

Kenzzi01The common complaint by users of IPL devices is that some of them do not give the results they advertised. And what more can be more discouraging than that? Therefore, the functionality of an IPL device you plan to buy is germane.

To be fair to both Silk’n and Kenzzi, the feedback from real users has been nothing short of impressive. Yes, a few people expressed discontent with delivery, compatibility with their skin tones, and pain during usage. Still, the overwhelming consensus about the practicality and functionality of these two brands is that they work. The timeframe for results may differ, but either will remove your unwanted hair if you give it time.

Kenzzi’s multifunctionality is, however, why it dusts off Silk’n in this consideration. Besides offering hair removal via its intense pulsed light, it also has provisions for age spots and acne removal. As such, you are technically using one stone to kill several birds by purchasing it. It’s undoubtedly a great asset to have one device that can remove unwanted hair, age spots, and acne without carrying multiple gadgets.

2. Nearly painless Hair Removal: Both are at Pal

Hair removal techniques keep advancing by the day, and pain elimination during the process is a significant consideration that no one plays with. As it goes, nearly two-thirds of available options bring pain or discomfort, but IPL devices promise a nearly painless experience. Is this promise true for Kenzzi multifunction IPL and Silk’n BellaFlash Pro Hair Removal?

To some extent, yes. Both handsets have five intensity graduations that allow users to set the light based on the skin areas they are treating. As such, if you set the intensity level correctly, you will not experience a burning sensation that can bring much discomfort. That said, other IPL devices do more in this aspect than just providing intensity graduations; some have improved and patented pain elimination technology that addresses any discomfort from using the device.

3. Value for Money: Kenzzi is Better

Consumers often think twice before parting with their hard-earned money on a product. While higher prices may not always mean superior quality, many buyers will not mind paying additional bucks for a product that lives up to its hype. As such, we aren’t just looking at the market sales price of these products but also putting them side-by-side with what they offer. On this premise, even if a product costs more, if it provides more value, it carries the day.

Kenzzi Multifunction IPL handset has a market price of $289, while Silk’n BellaFlash Pro Hair Removal costs $349. The difference in price between these two handsets is, therefore, $60, which is significant. But that alone does not determine which offers the best value for money spent. Silk’n offers improved IPL technology (eHPL) with attractive add-ons in the box. These add-ons include three sensors for movement, touch, and skin color. It also includes charging accessories and a beautiful pouch to carry everything.

Kenzzi, on its part, provides three attachments for its three functionalities (hair, acne, and age spot removals), charging accessories, and an FDA-cleared technology for safety. Therefore, looking at what both offer vis-a-vis their price tags, Kenzz provides more value for money spent. It costs less than Silk’n and still provides as many functions as it does.

4. Time for Results: Silk’n is Better

Silk'n Infinity1Time is of the essence when seeking to get rid of unwanted hair. The longer it takes to achieve the desired result, the more frustrating things become. IPLs are not known to offer instant results, but some work faster than others. The difference in the result in the timeline depends on the energy of the pulsed light, technological improvements, areas being treated, and the user’s skin tone.

For the same skin tone and body area, the Silk’n BellaFlash Pro Hair Removal handset will produce a faster result than Kenzzi’s multifunction handset. The reason is that Silk’n operates with a clinically proven and improved IPL technology that removes hair more rapidly than traditional IPLs. Consequently, you only wait 4-6 weeks before seeing your unwanted hair disappear. But for Kenzzi, it can take up to eight weeks for you to get a satisfactory result.

Kenzzi vs. Silk’n: Final Verdict

Both IPL devices are not far from each other in what they have to offer. However, Kenzzi will give more value for money than Silk’n. Besides the significant price difference, you can do more with the multipurpose functionality provided by Kenzzi than the restrictive hair removal role of Silk’n. It’s also easier and lighter to carry Kenzzi when traveling than the long-handled Silk’n handset. 

But before you regard either as the standard for a perfect IPL handset, you need to learn about the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset. It’s the new standard in this niche, and it takes care of all loopholes that other brands overlook. Let’s briefly consider its benefits over Kenzzi and Silk’n.

Advantages of Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset

  • Speedy Hair Removal:- Thanks to its 21J energy output, this IPL handset will give you a noticeable result in three weeks. That’s different from either Kenzzi or Silk’n, which takes a minimum of six weeks.
  • Nearly painless Hair Removal:- Ulike has a patented Sapphire ice-cooling technology that immediately neutralizes the itching, stinging, or burning sensation that may occur because of your flashing of the IPL.
  • Regulatory Cleared:- Having FDA cleared isn’t a small feat because holders would have to prove that their products merit it. This Ulike handset is not just FDA-cleared, but many independent dermatologists give it the green light for functionality and safety.

Below is a comparison table to see how these three IPL devices fare and which is the best among them.

Parameters Kenzzi Multifunction IPL Silk’n bellaflash  Ulike Sapphire Air3 Winner
Time for full-body treatment 9 minutes 9 minutes 7 minutes Ulike
Time to produce visible results 6 weeks 4 weeks 3 weeks Ulike
Price $289 $349 $329 Kenzzi
FDA Cleared? Yes No Yes Kenzzi & Ulike
Nearly painless technology? No No Yes Ulike
Multifunction? Yes No No Kenzzi
Money-back Guarantee 90 days 60 days 90 days Kenzzi & Ulike
Warranty N/A 2 years 2 years
What’s in the box? IPL handset, two multi-functional attachments, & charging accessories IPL handset, charging accessories, and pouch IPL handset, protective goggles, charging accessories, pouch/bag Ulike


Kenzzi multifunction IPL device and Silk’n BellaFlash Pro are premium IPL tools for hair removal. While Kenzzi slightly edges out Silk’n in functionality price, the superior technology and effectiveness of Ulike Sapphire Air3 gadget makes it the IPL device to beat.

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