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Bosidin vs. Ulike: Which Hair Removal Device Better?

By Laura
October 16, 2023
7 minutes
Bosidin vs. Ulike

IPL hair removal devices got into the market replacing the expensive in-salon laser hair removal a few years back. Over time, there hype has increased, and each company in the beauty and skincare market has introduced a semi-long-lasting at-home hair removal device.

Additionally, some companies are completely dedicated to the production of the safest and most effective IPL hair removal devices out there. Two such companies are BoSidin and Ulike. With comparable features, it gets difficult to choose one for yourself.

Therefore, we will talk about both of these devices in different dimensions highlighting their major features, differences, and comparisons in this article. Let us see what we have in store for you.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Key Points of Bosidin Vs. UlikeKey Points of Bosidin Vs. Ulike

BoSidin and Ulike have a high rank in the top 10 IPL hair removal devices. Below are the key features explaining how these devices got into the list.

  • Both are IPL hair removal devices that work on selective photothermolysis. The broad-spectrum light of these handsets goes to the hair follicles through the pigment in hair strands and burns them.
  • Both devices work on dark hair and light skin tones
  • Both devices are cleared by the FDA as safe at-home alternatives to laser hair removal.
  • Both devices begin to show results within a month of usage and significantly reduce the appearance of unwanted hair on the body.
  • To reduce the discomfort and pain caused by IPL technology on the skin, these handsets use cooling technology.
  • You can use Bosidin and Ulike IPL hair removal devices on all parts of the face except the eyes and most of the parts of the body including arms, legs, chest, bikini lines, back, and armpits.
  • In contrast to laser hair removal, these at-home IPL devices allow super-quick treatment sessions taking only 15-20 minutes for the full body.
  • The treatment modes and comfort modes of these devices allow personalization of each hair removal treatment session.
  • The price of these devices, their warranty, and their money-back guarantee are some of the additional points that make Bosidin and Ulike worth a try.

Part 2: Comparison Table

Parameter Bosidin Ulike Winner
Price $389 $329 Ulike
Noticeable Results within 4 weeks 3 weeks Ulike
Can be used on Full body and face in men and women Full body and face in men and women Both
Session time 15 minutes 12 minutes Ulike
Display Manual Manual Both
FDA-Cleared Yes Yes Both
Dermatologist Recommended No Yes Ulike
Lifespan 500,000 flashes 1,000,000 flashes Ulike
Warranty 2 years 2 years Both
Money-Back Guarantee 180 days 90 days Bosidin
Where to buy At Bosidin At Ulike Both

Part 3: All About BosidinAll About Bosidin

Bosidin Pro long-lasting laser hair removal device is a multi-purpose gun-shaped IPL hair removal device that features dynamic cooling device technology to make the heated rays of IPL comfortable on the skin. The device is suitable for coarse thick hair in men and fine to medium hair in women making it universal in its use.

In addition, it does much more than simple hair removal with its 4 attachments for long-lasting hair removal, skin rejuvenation, improvement of skin texture, and more.


Here are the positive points of the Bosidin at-home IPL hair removal handset.

  • Rotatable head that helps you reach tricky areas easily
  • A yellow light head to treat unwanted hair and a red light head to stimulate collagen production in the skin
  • Five attachments for different parts of the body
  • 6 intensity levels
  • 500,000 flashes to go a long way


Its negative points are given as

  • The need to change heads while doing full body and face hair removal can be frustrating
  • The large head of the device reaches hidden areas like underarms with difficulty
  • Claims to be long-lasting even if it is not

Part 4: All About UlikeAll About Ulike

Ulike sapphire Air3 IPL hair removal handset is an ergonomically designed wand-shaped lightweight IPL hair device that has been featured in beauty magazines like Bazaar, Elle, and more for its salon-like results.

It features sapphire ice-cooling technology to reduce the temperature of the device to 50 degrees and make hair removal nearly painless.

Additionally, it has 3 treatment modes to customize its usage for different areas of the body and its 21J energy level makes it effective for fine to stubborn hair on the body and face.


The advantages of Ulike Air3 are given as,

  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Easy to use even in tricky areas
  • Thumb-free auto glide mode making your sessions super quick
  • Loved by dermatologists Ulike entered into a commercial arrangement with a few dermatologists
  • 1,000,000 flashes that last for infinity
  • Shows significant results within 3 weeks


Its disadvantages in comparison to Bosidin are given as.

  • Only has 3 intensity levels
  • There is no skin rejuvenation mode

Part 5: Major Differences Between Bosidin Vs. UlikeMajor Differences Between Bosidin Vs. Ulike

You can check the difference between Ulike Air3 and Nood Flasher. Here, we have major differences between Bosidin and Ulike Air3.

  • Energy Levels: Ulike only features 3 levels of intensity for the whole body while Bosidin has 6 of them.
  • Power output: Even at lower levels of intensity, the 21J power output of Ulike is more than that of Bosidin.
  • Attachments: The Bosidin IPL device comes with 4 attachment heads while Ulike keeps it simple with no attachments.
  • Treatment time: Although both are fast, a single session of Ulike takes 12 minutes while that of Bosidin can be extended to 15-20 minutes.
  • Design: Ulike is a lightweight wand-like elegantly designed device. On the other hand, Bosidin is a large gun-shaped device with a rotatable head.
  • Available colors: Ulike comes in lavish lavender, pretty pink, and adorable white color. In contrast, you can find Bosidin in gorgeous green and beautiful white colors.
  • Money-back guarantee: Ulike Air3 offers 3 monthly money-back guarantees while the guarantee or Bosidin lasts for 6 months.

Part 6: Which of the Devices is More Effective?Which of the Devices is More Effective

Being 2 of the IPL hair removal device brands, the effectiveness of both Ulike and Bosidin is comparable. Both are better than the other in different aspects of effectiveness. For example, Ulike Air3 shows faster and stronger results because of its high level of power output.

It only takes 3 weeks to show results to 10 weeks to complete the treatment. While Bosidin takes 4 weeks for you to notice hairlessness you can achieve complete hairlessness within 12 weeks.

Furthermore, Ulike only focuses on hair removal while Bosidin also improves the texture of the skin, closes the pores, and stimulates protein production. It is important to note that Bosidin has 6 levels of intensity making it more personalized for different body parts while Uike only has 3 of them.

Part 7: Which of the Devices is More Easy to Use?Which of the Devices is More Easy to Use

Ulike Air3 is hands down the easiest device to use in the market. Its light weight of 79 grams, its slim gripable design, and its rectangle window make the user he/she is holding a feature during the hair removal session.

The device reaches bikini lines and arms effortlessly and the hands are not even a little tired at the end of the session. Also, the thumb-free treatment mode of Ulike adds to the feasibility of its use.

However, Bosidin is large. Although the bottom part of the device can be easily held in the hand, the weight of the device makes the hair removal session tiring. Plus the rotatable head seems cool at first but it is not as functional as it seems.

No matter how you rotate it, some parts of the concealed areas of the body can be missed.

Part 8: Which of the Devices is More Affordable?

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device costs $329. At this price, you get every accessory you need along with the IPL device to achieve long-lasting hair removal.

So, there is the IPL device, its long corded adaptor, shaving razor, safety goggles, and a leather storage case in the package.

On the other hand, Bosidin Pro long-lasting hair removal device costs $389, about 60 dollars more than Ulike Air3. At this price, you get the Bosidin IPL device, its adaptor, attachment heads, and razor in the set. You need to get protective glasses separately.

Part 9: Which of the Devices Lasts for a Longer Time?Which of the Devices Lasts for a Longer Time

The longevity of the device is measured by its durable manufacturing and the number of flashes the device has. The number of flashes determines how long the IPL handset can be used. Both Ulike and Bosidin are durable and come with a 2-year warranty.

When it comes to flashes, Ulike has double the number as compared to Bosidin. If we consider using 20,000 flashes in a year, the 1,000,000 flashes of Ulike will last for 50 years while 500,000 flashes of Bosidin can last for 25 years.

In both cases, the device lasts for a very long time making it totally worth it and economical when compared with the yearly cost of other hair removal methods.

Final Verdict

Bosidin and Ulike Air3 are popular devices with high ratings and customer satisfaction. Investing in any of them won’t be a regretful decision. Therefore, if you want skin rejuvenation along with hair removal, Bosidin can serve you better.

However, if you would rather have an easy-to-use device that only focuses on hair removal and offers better results in terms of time taken, Ulike is for you. Also, as Ulike lasts 25 years more than Bosidin, it can be a better investment.

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