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Ulike Air3 vs. Rose IPL Device: Which Should You Buy? 

By Mariela
September 26, 2023
7 minutes

IPL devices are in trend for their ability to provide long-lasting hair reduction, eliminate ingrown hair, and set you free from the everyday struggle of shaving your hair. They also save you from bearing the waxing pain every month just to have your hair removed for a short time.

Among several devices available, Ulike is one of the most trusted brands for making decent IPL hair removal devices. Have you heard of any Ulike devices? Well, it has the Ulike Sapphire Air3, Air+, and also the Ulike Rose handset. Each of these has unique functions that make them distinct from each other

So, if you are looking to opt for any of the Ulike devices, this article provides an in-depth comparison of Ulike Air3 and Rose. 

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Ulike Air3 vs. Rose IPL Device

The Ulike Sapphire Air3 handset is the latest product of Ulike that offers quick hair reduction sessions with long-lasting results. On the other hand, the Ulike Rose offers long-lasting hair reduction and skin rejuvenation as well. Let’s see how both these devices provide benefits to you.

1. Design and Aesthetics

Although looks do not matter, having a device with a beautiful design is the cherry on top. Both the Ulike Air3 and Rose are well-designed in terms of both their designs and functionality. The Ulike Air3 handset is a sleek handset available in purple, pink, and white colors. The rectangular device is thin and small enough to easily fit in your hands.

On the other hand, the Ulike Rose is a grayish-black handset with golden detailing in the center. Its flat precision head allows more light to come in contact with the skin allowing faster and better results. It is comparable to the Ulike Sapphire Air3 in weight and size.

2. What’s Inside the Box?

Other than the effectivity and appearance of a device, its economic value can be determined by what the brand has to offer. While most brands offer only the main device and charging accessories, both Ulike air3 and Rose offer shaving razors and protective eye goggles along with the handset and charger.

This makes them highly economical for the users as they do not have to buy razors or goggles separately. Among these two, Ulike Air3 costs $329 while Ulike Rose costs $399. So, the Ulike Sapphire Air3 handset is more affordable for everyone providing you similar benefits as that of Ulike Rose.

3. Versatility

Now comes the versatile functions of both these devices. The main function of IPL hair removal devices is to eliminate all the unwanted hairs from your body; that is exactly what the Ulike Air3 handset offers. It has different intensities to customize settings for hair removal on sensitive areas easily.

Unlike the Air3 handset, Ulike Rose not only provides you with hair removal benefits but also has an anti-aging mode. In this mode, it provides light therapy to your skin that improves the production of collagen and boosts the radiance of your skin. Hence, you can kill two flies with one slap using the Ulike Rose hair removal and anti-aging handset.

4. Modes

The Ulike Sapphire Air3 has 3 modes that are power mode, soft mode, and body mode. The soft mode is for sensitive areas such as the face, bikini line, or upper lips. The power mode works for areas like your chest while the third, body mode, can be used on your arms and legs.

It also offers an auto-glide mode that quickly helps cover the whole body.

As for the Rose hair removal device, it has two main modes for hair removal: Continuous and single mode. You can stamp the device on smaller areas to achieve precision while the other mode is for quickly gliding the device over your whole skin.

5. Intensity Levels

A good IPL device offers you low, medium, and high-intensity levels. You cannot treat sensitive areas with high intensity as it can burn or irritate those areas. So, for such areas, low-intensity should be available.

The Ulike Air3 handset offers 3 levels of intensity so that you can customize the settings according to the sensitivity of your body part. The Ulike Rose is even better as it offers 5 intensity levels. As it has more levels of intensity, you will be able to use it more comfortably as compared to the Air3 handset.

6. Skin Tone and Hair Color Compatibility

All the IPL hair removal devices have a common principle – they perform their function by targeting melanin in your hair and body. They should not be used for dark skin tones as they can cause skin burns and blistering.

Similarly, the Ulike Air3 cannot work for brown or very dark brown skin. On the other hand, the Ulike Rose claims to work on dark skin up to skin tone 5 but there is no clear evidence about it’s safety for dark skin. So, practically, both these devices can be safely used on light skin tones only. 

Moreover, they are not suitable for ginger, blonde, grey, or any other lighter hair colors. 

7. Treatment Time

ulikeThe Ulike IPL Sapphire Air3 handset works real quick. It only takes 12 minutes to give you a quick full-body treatment. It flashes every 0.7 seconds to target each small section of your body thoroughly and quickly and help you get done with your session as soon as possible.

You can start seeing the noticeable results within 3-4 weeks and after 10 weeks of consistency, all your hair will be gone. On the contrary, the Uliek Rose handset is quicker in showing you long-lasting hair reduction. Its powerful light flashes allow long-lasting reduction within 4-6 weeks as you continue your regular sessions.

8. Lifetime

The lifetime of IPL hair removal devices directly relates to the number of flashes. The higher the number of flashes, the longer the device will work. The Ulike Sapphire Air3 hair removal device offers unlimited flashes which means you can use it for more than 10 years to your complete lifetime.

Even your family can benefit from a single hair removal handset and you still will not get out of its flashes. Similarly, the Ulike Rose can also perform its function well for your complete lifespan as it has 1 million nearly unlimited flashes. So you will not have to worry about buying another device as long as you are using any of the two highly competent handsets.

9. Cooling Technology

Both the Ulike Sapphire Air3 and Ulike Rose offer cooling technology for soothing the area you are treating and cooling it down. The technology in Ulike Air3 is patented ice-cooling technology. This 4-fold ice cooling system lowers your body temperature to 50°C as the heat from the device might increase it to 158°C.

This cooling system can work continuously for 30 minutes and you will be done in whole body hair session within this time. The cooling system in Ulike Rose is the freezing system that also enables the user to get pain-free hair removal without the risk of skin burns.

10. FDA-clearance

FDA clearance is important for any brand to prove to its customers that it is safe. The Ulike Sapphire Air3 handset is cleared by FDA and has gotten recommendations from qualified dermatologists all around the world.

Furthermore, it has also been recognized by 30+ other safety administrations like SGS, CFDA, IEC, EMC, and UKCA. The Ulike Rose is also FDA-cleared and has been recommended by board-certified dermatologists. So you don’t have to worry about using either of the devices damaging your skin.

They have been backed up by safety authorities and are completely reliable tools to use on your skin.

11. Customer Satisfaction

Now comes the customer satisfaction. Both the Ulike Sapphire Air3 and Ulike Rose offer a 2-year warranty to their customers. Moreover, Ulike Air3 also gives its customers a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means if you have regularly used the device in this period and still are satisfied with the results, then you can return the device and get a refund.

As for Ulike Rose, the Current Body offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on its devices. Additionally, you can also avail free shipping and interest-free installment opportunities while buying any of the two devices.

Comparison Table

We have narrowed down all the above-mentioned details into a summary in the form of this comparison table. This will help you get a clear answer to every question you have in your mind.

Parameters Ulike Air3 Ulike Rose Winner
Weight 271 grams 269 grams A tie
Exclusive Technology Patented Ice-cooling Technology
  • Freezing technology
  • Anti-aging skin rejuvenating mode
Ulike Rose
Intensity Levels 3 5 Ulike Rose
Modes 3 Energy Modes

1 Auto-glide Mode

2 modes for hair removal

1 for skin rejuvenation 

Ulike Air3
Number of Flashes  Unlimited  1 Million Ulike Air3
Complete Results within 3-4 weeks 4-6 weeks Ulike Air3
Warranty 2-year warranty 2-year warranty A tie
Energy Output 21J 19.8J Ulike Air3
What’s Inside the Box Purple IPL device

Adaptor with cord

Rectangular grey leather case

Protective glasses

Safety razor

Ulike Rose IPL device

Adaptor and cable

Safety razor

Protective glasses

Storage case

A Tie


Ulike devices can be your always go-to choice for getting a perfect hair removal session done. They allow long-lasting hair reduction. They are cleared by the FDA and recommended by dermatologists. Ulike Air3 has unlimited flashes while Rose has 1 million flashes. Both of them have tough competition and to narrow down these two options into one, you need to know your preferences.

Sort out your requirements, expectations, and budget within which you want to buy a device. Then, make a decision.

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