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Bosidin vs. Jovs: What’s Difference and Which Better?

By Viktoria
October 13, 2023
7 minutes
Bosidin vs. Jovs

The technological advancement we are experiencing today in all human endeavors did not leave out the beauty and grooming world. Lots of technology has been developed to remove hair from the body in ways that 18th-century beauticians could never have imagined. One can now go hairless for months with new inventions like the IPL devices.

These devices offer nearly painless and hassle-free hair removal, which is why they are currently in high demand. Some even help treat various skin issues, leaving the skin glowing and making the devices ideal for every skin-beauty-conscious person. People just need to find the suitable IPL device for their skin tone, hair color, and budget, and they can look their best at all times.

Currently, there are legions of IPL devices on the market, and some of them are from the same manufacturers, making the choice a bit difficult to make. Choosing IPL devices from different companies seems easy; you just have to choose from a more reputable company. But how do you choose between models from the same reputable company, like BoSidin Pioneer-Pro Long-lasting Hair Removal Device and JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Removal Device?

To make a choice between Bosidin and Jovs easier for you, this article offers a close comparison between them. But before then, what is IPL all about?

What is IPL Hair Removal?

What is IPL Hair RemovalIPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal uses energy-packed lights to remove objectionable hair from the skin. Devices that operate on this technology produce light rays of various wavelengths that penetrate the skin to varying depths and help to remedy skin problems, including the removal of hair and inhibition of hair growth for weeks. All a user has to do is flashlights of appropriate intensity from the IPL device and wait a few weeks to see its effects.

How an IPL Device Works

How an IPL Device WorksAn IPL device removes hair in ways similar to a laser hair removal machine. Both methods produce light absorbed by the pigment in the skin and hair follicles. This absorption leads to a buildup of heat in the hair follicles till they get photo-thermally damaged.

The only difference between a laser and IPL is that the light produced by IPL devices is not as focused as that of a laser. IP lights have varying wavelengths, penetrating the skin to various depths. Lasers, however, are single-focused and intense, which is why they are more suitable for long-lasting hair removal than IPL devices.

BoSidin Pioneer-Pro vs. Jovs Venus Pro II: Which IPL Device is Better?

Bosidin and Jovs IPL devices may be from the same company, but they are pretty different. Below are the details of the reviews and comparisons between the two products.

Ergonomics: Winner – Jovs

Ergonomics Winner - JovsBoth Bosidin and Jovs are L-shaped, making their handling very easy, especially when working on hard-to-reach body areas. Bosidin’s power button is, however, well-positioned, so you can quickly access it and start hair removal seamlessly. It equally features a 180-degree rotating head that enables you to maneuver your body curves and contours.

Jovs Venus Pro II Hair removal devices may look exactly like Bosidin, but there are differences between them, especially in their weights. Jovs is more lightweight than Bosidin to ensure that you don’t get hand fatigue while using it. Its handle design and 330-degree rotating head make hair removal from places like the bikini area and underarms as hassle-free as possible.

Therefore, when it comes to users’ comfort, the weight and 330° head of Jovs make it a better choice because it makes it easier for you to handle and reach every part of your body.

Intensity Levels: Winner – Jovs

The intensity level of an IPL device showcases its versatility and flexibility. Typically, the higher the intensity level, the more applicable the device is to different skin types and body parts. Bosidin has five intensity levels, which is typical of most IPL devices.

Jovs, on its part, has six light intensity levels that are recommended based on the part of your body and your tolerance to IPL. Most times, beginners are advised to start with level 1 as it’s not so hot and gradually move to level 2. It has light intensity levels for skin rejuvenation, bikini line, face, leg, hand, and underarms.

In intensity level, Jovs leads while Bosidin follows.

Money-back Guarantee: Winner – Bosidin

Bosidin has a 180-day money return policy, which is open to all its customers. As such, you can return the IPL device if unsatisfied and get a full refund after seven days.  Jovs offers only a 90-day money-back guarantee to its customers. If you find faults in your IPL device after 90 days, you might have to replace it on your own.

Based on the generosity of the money return period, Bosidin has 90 more days to offer, and this indicates the confidence level of this brand’s product in standing the rigor of use. However, the 90 days provided by Jovs is still enough for buyers to detect a fault in their IPLs if they have been using them within the period.

Number of Flashes: Winner – A Tie

Bosidin Pioneer-Pro IPL offers 500,000 flashes, which qualifies it to be listed among the IPL devices with unlimited flashes. It has enough flashes that can last for its lifetime without a need for replacement.

Jovs offers 500,000 flashes, too, which guarantee continuous usage for a lifetime. Most users do not exhaust the number of flashes in these two devices, even if they use it on their whole family.

Bosidin and Jovs have the same number of flashes, making it a tie on this scale.

Effectiveness and Results: Winner – Jovs

JovsOne remarkable feature of Bosidin IPL that every user appreciates so much is its ability to reduce hair growth within three weeks. After a few weeks of Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) treatment with Bosidin, an impressive result is usually achieved. Its five attachments help to optimize hair removal, remove hyperpigmentation, tighten pores, and exfoliate the skin. Therefore, it qualifies as a multifunctional IPL device.

Jovs combines the medically cleared Multiple Frequency Continuous Pulse Technology (MFCPT) and Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) to ensure optimal results. You can start seeing results as early as after four weeks of application. Its Skin rejuvenating feature helps to reduce old wrinkles, fade dark spots, and reduce signs of aging.

Jovs has the upper hand in effectiveness with its OTP and MFCPT features, guaranteeing the treatment of several skin issues.

Safety: Winner – Jovs

Bosidin is undeniably safe to use with its six international certificates for safety and qualification, including its FDA clearance. It has a dynamic cooling system that ensures almost nearly painless hair removal at all times.

However, Jovs has been certified safe to use by 11 international certification bodies. Because IPL emits different light spectrums, Jovs is built to filter out UV rays from getting to your skin. This makes it one of the safest IPLs in the market today. Its sapphire Ice cooling system helps to cool the skin with a protective layer of 5°C while the melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the heat.

Jovs’ compatibility with many skin tones, including dark skin tones, makes it a top choice for so many people. Because most people get tanned during summer, having an IPL device that can handle tanned skin comes in handy.

Both IPL devices are safe to use, but Jovs is topping on the safety scale, with its numerous certifications and capacity to work on different skin tones.

Cordless Experience: Winner  A Tie

Bosidin is designed to be used corded, but it usually comes with a flexible cord to ensure smooth operations. Its cord is also long enough to give you enough room to relax, so you don’t have to stay too close to the socket. Jovs has a corded design, too. And just like Bosidin, it has a long and flexible cord.

Therefore, on this scale, both Bosidin and Jovs stand on the same level. None of them can give you a cordless experience, but they come with long and flexible cords to enhance your comfort.

Another Option – Ulike Air3 IPL Device

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal DeviceThere are better alternatives to Bosidin and Jovs IPL devices that come highly recommended, like the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Handset, which has a track record of having a high customer satisfaction rate. It is one of the cost-effective IPLs that professionals trust and recommend for people to use at home.

How is Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Handset Better?

Granted, the other two IPLs are also FDA-cleared, but Ulike has a cooling system that makes it stand out on the safety scale. The patented Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology of Ulike is second to none as it keeps your skin’s temperature at a comfortable 50°F while you flash those lights in. You only need to use Ulike for about three weeks before your journey to hairlessness starts to get actualized (* refers to a decrease in hair count within 3 weeks, sourced from third-party laboratory testing reports. Individual results may vary). In addition to all its awesome features, you will also get free shipping to your location.

What’s more? There is a 90-day money-back policy on this device, just as you also get to enjoy a two-year warranty. So, you can give it a trial with an assurance of a full refund if you do not find the device impressive.

Bosidin vs. Jovs vs. Ulike: Comparison Table

Parameters Bosidin Jovs Ulike
Number of Flashes 500,000 500,000 1,000,000
FDA Status Cleared Cleared Cleared
Original Price $389.99 $429.00 $329.00
Warranty 2 years 1 year 2 years
Usage Full body Full body Full body
Time to start getting results 4 weeks 4 weeks 3 weeks
What’s in the box Shaver, charger, Bosidin IPL, necessary attachments. Razor, charger, guide card, goggles, user manual, and Jovs IPL. IPL device, goggles, charger, razor, beauty pouch for carriage

Take Home

Both the Bosidin and the Jovs are practical IPL devices from a reputable company. They have earned good reputations among IPL users and are similar in several ways. However, they differ in their light adjustment options, certifications, designs, money-back policies, and effectiveness.

To determine which is best for you, you need to look for the one that can offer the features you want in an IPL device. Next, look at your budget and pick the one that falls within your budget. The highly recommended Ulike IPL device is also an excellent alternative to Bosidin and Jovs. It gives you all you can desire in an IPL device.

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