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Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM vs. GM vs. PM: Which Should You Buy?

By Mariela
April 20, 2023
8 minutes

Louis Vuitton is a high-end brand that makes exclusive, elegant, fashionable, durable, and practically useful items. The wide range of its products includes watches, jewelry, dresses, clothing items, accessories, perfumes, bags, and many more. Out of all these items, bags grab the most attention as LV is known as a brand of high-quality leather goods.


Louis Vuitton, the most searched and most desired luxury brand in the world, offers a wide range of voguish handbags including totes, cross-body bags, chain bags, clutches, mini bangs, and bag packs. In addition to bags for women, they have classic and fashionable bags for men as well.

This leading brand produces bags with the material, stitching, and craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere. And this is exactly the reason why people go crazy over Louis Vuitton bags. One of the most popular and practical LV bags is its tote bags, especially the Neverfall collection.

So, we assume that you are here to look into the Loius Vuitton Neverfall MM, GM, and PM bags.

Brief History of Loius Vuitton

Before talking about what we feel about the Neverfall tote bags collection, let us know a little more about Loius Vuitton. The history of this popular 170 years old brand dates back to 1837 when 16 years old Loius Vuitton decided to become the world’s best trunk master.

Those trunks, the storage cases, are also the pioneers of the iconic LV bags we see today. Getting back to the point, he joined the apprenticeship of Monsier Merachal, a highly-respect craftsman in Paris. After learning from him for 17 years, he launched his own store in 1857.

His hard work, his family’s support, and his employees’ tireless effort led Loius Vuitton, the brand to start its journey to becoming the brand it is today. It now produces items wanted by every elite personality to every commoner.

Moreover, LV has protected its name by maintaining the quality of all of its merchandise without compromising on raw materials, design, durability, or craftsmanship.

What is Loius Vuitton’s Neverfull Bags Collection

The Neverfull Bags collection of Louis Vitton was launched back in 2007. It was launched as a seasonal beach bag, but it grabbed too much attention to let it go. So, even after one decade and a half, it continues to be one of the most wanted LV bags as they seem to be always in style.

Additionally, the LV Neverfull tote bags are loved by everyone particularly because they make one feel confident, gorgeous, and classically elegant while keeping the functionality of these amply-spaced bags.

There are mainly 3 bags in the Neverfull collection, the LV MM bag, the LV GM bag, and the LV PM bag. These 3 bags differ with respect to sizes. Moreover, there are also a few limited-designed editions of these basket bags.

You can flaunt any of these bags at formal, semi-formal, or casual events. Taking this bag to a work meet-up can also help you make new friends with similar interests.

What Makes Louis Vuitton so Expensive

lv mm Your mind will be thinking being *luxury*, *high end*, or *extremely famous* is what makes Loius Vuitton sell its items at such a high price. Well, that is one thing. But maintaining the standard and keeping people loving you the same for so many decades is actually the reason.

The secret behind people trusting Loius Vuitton with their image is the durability and exclusivity, and luxury associated with the brand. Louis Vuitton gathers the best quality raw materials including leather or canvas for bags. Additionally, the bags are handmade with love and precision.

The seamless stitches with no hanging threads, the invisible and strongly glued straps, and the fine print make Neverfull tote bags one of a kind.

Features of Neverfull Bags

The size of Neverfull bags makes them different from each other. There are a few subtle differences as well. But before discussing all those features specifically, let us know some of the common features of all three bags.

Material Used

Unlike most Loius Vuitton bags, the Neverfull tote bags are not made of 100% leather. Rather their raw material is PVC-coated canvas fabric. You can also get the full leather version of these bags.

The inner lining of these bags is also made of a similar fabric. However, the straps or handles are made of cowhide leather. You can trust these bags to last probably as long as your life because all of the materials used are highly durable.


LV GM Neverfull bags are actually tote bags with an elongated bucket-like shape. The bottom part of the bag is firm and straight helping you stand the bag on any surface. The upper part is without any zip for closing it. Inside the bag is a zipper pouch. Moreover, there are bows on the sides.

Additionally, the handle of all bags is a thin leather strap that is designed to carry up to 90 kg of weight without breaking. These bags also feature classic LV prints. Some of these prints are changed after an interval, while others are kept to show the heritage and remember the history.


The name, Neverfull is to show that these bags are big enough to never fill up with your everyday stuff. These bags are aimed at providing space for women without having to adjust their stuff in the bags forcefully.

Although all three bags are roomy, they are designed for women with different needs. So, their sizes also differ resulting in the collection with a large GM size, a moderate MM size, and a small PM size.


LV PM Loius Vuitton is the name of durability. So, the timeless Neverfull bags last for years and years to come. Everything from their outer coated canvas material to leather strap is made to last long.

Additionally, you will see little to no signs of wear and tear on the bags. Whether it is scratches, marks, or scuffs on the exterior of the bag because of a not-too-protective use or the wrinkling of the internal side because of stuffing the bag, you will not experience it.

Also, as long as you clean the bag and keep it dust-free, it will always look brand new.

Price Range

One of the world’s oldest and high-standard brands, Louis Vuitton is no doubt expensive. When the Neverfull collection was first launched in 2007, its price ranged from $500-$600. Then there was a few dollar increases in price making them reach more than $700-$800 in 2011. This price remained the same for 8 years till 2019 when it became more than $1,000.

The current price of Loius Vuitton Neverfall bags ranges from $1,960 to 3,650 depending on the size, color, and design you are choosing. The classic monogram bags are the least expensive white the lustrous bags developed exclusively are the most costly.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM vs. GM vs. PM

As we mentioned already, the major difference between the bags is the size. However, let us take a look at some of their features in detail.

1. Color and Pattern

LV GM Neverfull bags come in a number of colors and patterns. Some of the classic patterns are Mon Monogram or Damier patterns. These classic checkered patterns of Neverfull are either in brown-skin or blue-white color combinations.

Additionally, there are some simple prints like Rose Trianon having a light background with darker color imprints. Then comes with mono-color LV Neverfull bags like the black, turtle dove, or creme.

Lastly, there are some collaborative collections like Loius Vuitton and Yayo Kusama with lustrous prints and eye-catching colors.

2. Price

Regarding the current price of Neverfull bags, the classic Neverfull PM is $1,960, MM is $2,030, and GM is $2,100. However, if you choose Neverfull bags with other prints, the price can go up to $2,800 for regular bags, and $3,000 plus for bags designed in collaboration.

Also, the price of bags with different strap patterns like that of braided Neverfull can be about $500 greater than bags with no accessories and straight straps.

Lastly, there is always an option to buy a pre-loved Neverfull bag. A pre-loved bag is actually worth the price and also does not become heavy on your pocket. You can save about $200-400 on a secondhand bag in a good condition.

Regardless of buying a new or a pre-owned bag, the experience of using a Neverfull tote will be amazing.

3. Size


Neverfull PM

Neverfull MM

Neverfull GM













LV PM The Neverfull PM (Petit Modele) is the smallest of the bags. It is more like a handbag than a big tote. Its dimensions are 11.4” in length, 8.7” in Height, and 5.1” in width of a bucket with a 6.5” long strap.

The Neverfull MM (Moyen Modele) is a medium-sized bag that measures 12.6” in length, 11.4” in height, and 6.7” in width with a strap of 8”.

Lastly, the largest of the three, the Neverfall GM (Grande Modele) is 15.7” long, 13” high, and 7.9” wide. Its strap is 9” long.

All three designs come in canvas or leather material, multiple prints, and several linings as well.

4. Stuff They Can Carry Without Being Full

The PM bag can hold small everyday stuff like your cell phone, wallet, makeup, water bottle, keys, and a few more such things. However, if you plan to stuff it with more things, the MM can do the job.

The MM is a regular-sized bag that can carry a tablet, makeup pouch, scarf, and more stuff like that. It is actually the right bag to carry most of the things you need.

The GM is a big bag that can carry more stuff than you can assume. A laptop, sweater, items for your baby, your routine essentials, and almost everything you can think of. Moreover, it can carry up to 200 lbs of weight without flinching.


5. Popularity

As you can probably guess, the most popular of the three is the Neverfull MM bag. It is also the most sold bag of Loius Vuitton because it has the perfect size and style for every event.

Additionally, it is also the version with most of the limited edition bags and the greatest resale value.

8. Resale Value

The Loius Vuitton Neverfull bags, just like any other designer bags, have a good resale value. You can sell them with a discount once you are done using them or want another bag. However, the resale price depends on how well you have taken care of the bag, its condition, and its year of purchase.

You can sell the bag for a few hundred dollars less than the original price. But if you have some special bag like a limited edition or a rare print, it can actually be sold for more than the price you bought it for.

9. Where to Buy

The best bet is to purchase the Neverfull of any of the LV bags directly from their website, Us.louisvuitton . The second option is to buy it from a department store like Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus.

Lastly, to buy second-hand bags, you need to do thorough research and go for reliable sites like eBay and Blondes and Bagels . Moreover, we recommended you go prepared by learning about the features of the bags, the differences with the knockoff, and a few more tips for purchasing a pre-loved before investing your money.

The Final Verdict

Loius Vuitton’s Neverfull collection is one of the most purchased and adored collections of LV bags. This collection includes three bags, PM, MM, and GM. While they have the same material and same design, they differ in terms of size and price.

The MM bag is the best out of the three because it is neither too big nor too small. However, you should get the bag according to your needs. Like if you just carry basic stuff with you, PM is the one. If you want to carry it to your workplace or college, go for MM. Lastly, if you are buying it to keep your baby’s items, GM is perfect.

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