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The 12 Men’s Bike Gloves for Cycling (2023)

By Jason
April 14, 2023
6 minutes

Are you looking for gloves to spice up your cycling experience? Well, this article looks at 10 of the best gloves for men, ideal for road, gravel, and mountain biking. So, why do you need gloves? What benefits do they afford you? Let’s find out.

Why you need gloves for cycling

  • For protection against accidents

While most cyclists pay attention to the safety of their heads, it is crucial to ensure your hands are safe when bike riding. And one way to do it is to wear gloves. They protect your hands from scratches and shock synonymous with accidents.

  • For comfort

Ever ridden a bike without gloves? Uncomfortable! Right? That’s why you need gloves, especially with a padded surface. The padded layer absorbs shock when riding on uneven grounds, bolstering comfort significantly. They also prevent sweating since they are made of a moisture-wicking mesh.

  • For improved grip

Weather conditions can make your hands moist and sweaty. This can reduce the level of control you have on the bike. To mitigate this, you can wear breathable gloves that keep your hands dry. Besides, they can trap sweat, preventing it from reaching the handlebars.

  • For warmth

If you like cycling in cold weather, you need gloves to prevent your hands from getting numb. Here, you can opt for those with thermal warming technology. Ensure to go for full-finger gloves for optimal warmth.

The 12 men’s bike gloves for cycling


If you are looking for half-finger gloves, this might be your ideal option. They are suited for men and women and come with a shock-absorbing pad that makes cycling comfortable. As you’d expect, they are lightweight and easy to wear and remove. And for their aesthetic aspect, they come in over five colors.

Made of polyester and nylon, they are easy to clean so you can use them in harsh environments. The anti-slip design ensures you can ride with ease even on uneven surfaces. What’s more, you get a finger loop, so you can pull them off easily.

Souke 2. Souke Sports Cycling Bike Gloves

This is yet another awesome pair of gloves intended for road to mountain biking. It comes in a rather conventional yet classic black-and-white design. like other premium gloves, you get two small finger loops, allowing you to pull off the gloves with ease. With them, you don’t have to worry about uncontrolled sweating as they are breathable.

You also get an anti-slip pair for comfortable cycling. They come in large, medium, small, and extra-large designs. It is easy to clean them since they are made of nylon. What’s more, they are flexible, allowing you to cycle with ease.

Giro 3. Giro Jag Mens Road Cycling Gloves

If you are looking for gloves intended for men only, this might be your perfect choice. Coming in a black and white color pattern, they are appealing to the eye. What’s more, they are made of anti-slip material so you can ride with minimal discomfort. You can get this pair in more than five colors, ranging from black and blue, to red.

Thanks to its microfiber construction, it is easy to clean, flexible, and lightweight. As such, you’ll have an easy time riding on the road, gravel, or mountain bike trails. Unlike most gloves on the list, it features a 3-layer construction for reduced discomfort when riding.

MOREOK 4. MOREOK Cycling Gloves

The unisex glove comes in a colorful black and blue pattern that is appealing to the eye. What’s more, it is made of breathable and comfortable material, reducing sweating and slipping to a minimum. With it, you can rest assured of flexibility so you can control your bike easily. Thanks to the hook and loop closure, they do not come off even on uneven roads.

And to ensure seamless cleaning, the thumb area has a towel cloth that is easy to wipe. With robust microfiber, you can use it for an extended period. And with the moisture-wicking mesh, you can rest assured your hands will remain cool throughout the ride.

Giro Bravo 5. Giro Bravo Gel Mens Road Cycling Gloves

This is yet another option for men. It is made of nylon, which is easy to clean, flexible, and durable. You get a hook closure ensuring the glove doesn’t get loose when riding your bike. The padding zone has a 3-layer construction that ensures maximum comfort without sacrificing performance. Meaning, you’ll control your bike as if you had no gloves. With it, you can rest assured of maximum grip, thanks to the anti-slip design.

ATERCEL 6. ATERCEL Workout Gloves for Men and Women

This is a universal type of gloves that you can use for different activities such as cycling, gym, weight lifting, and more. It is made of breathable material with a moisture-wicking mesh, keeping your hands dry and cool for extended periods. You can get it in red, black, and green colors. Unlike nylon gloves, the microfiber construction makes it easy to clean and improves flexibility, and durability significantly.

7. OZERO Winter Thermal Gloves


If you are looking for winter gloves, this might be your perfect bet. They feature a thermal polar fleece, keeping you warm for an extended period. What’s more, they are water- and windproof, making them ideal for harsh weather. Not only are they ideal for cycling, but also camping, hiking, running, and walking.

Unlike other gloves, they come with an elastic knit cuff closure, allowing them to fit your hands tightly. The thumb and index finger have a conductive fabric that enhances practicality. As such, you can control your bike with ease. You can get it in several sizes such as large, small, and medium.

Tanluhu 8. Tanluhu Cycling Gloves

These half-finger gloves are ideal for men and women and come in different color options such as red, orange, pink, and blue. Coming in a buckle closure design, they can fit just about any person. Besides, you can choose among the many sizes the pair comes in. As you’d expect, the surface is made of breathable material. You also get a moisture-wicking mesh to keep your hands dry and cool.

CXWXC 9. CXWXC Cycling Gloves

These rugged cycling gloves feature a hook and loop closure that prevents them from getting loose when cycling. They also feature a padded surface, bolstering the grip significantly. Thanks to the shock-absorbing technology, you can use them on uneven grounds with ease. You also get a finger loop that allows you to pull them off with ease. As you’d guess, they are breathable, coming with a moisture-wicking mesh.

GEARONIC 10. GEARONIC Cycling Gloves

Like other premium cycling gloves, this model comes with a hook and loop closure, for easier adjustment. It is made of heavy-duty material, absorbing shock when riding. As such, you can use them on mountain bike trails. They are also wind and waterproof so you can use them in harsh environments. You can opt for the half or full-finger option.

11. INBIKE 5mm Gel Padded Mens Cycling Gloves


If you are looking for full-finger gloves for men, consider this option. It is made of lightweight and easy-to-clean polyester. The constriction also ensures you can control your bike with ease. What’s more? You get a padded surface for improved grip. As you’d guess, they are waterproof so you can use them on rainy days. For improved comfort, they are breathable and feature a moisture-wicking mesh.


12. GEARONIC Cycling Gloves

Finally, you can opt for these lightweight half-finger gloves. Made of rugged material, they are ideal for the road to mountain biking. With a hook and loop closure, you can rest assured they won’t get loose when cycling. The abrasion palm material ensures you can use them for extended periods. They are comfortable thanks to their breathable mesh. You can use them for different activities such as hiking, camping, running, and more.

What to consider when buying cycling gloves

Before settling for cycling gloves, ensure to consider the following:

  • Type

The type of gloves for your cycling experience will depend on the sport and weather conditions. For example, you’ll need padded gloves for mountain biking and heavy-duty ones for winter. Some of the most common gloves include:

  • Mountain bike gloves: They are made of tough material and offer better protection.
  • Summer road gloves: Most come in half finger design. They are made of lightweight material.
  • Full-finger gloves: They are practical during the late autumn and winter seasons. They are windproof and waterproof, coming with a moisture-wicking mesh.
  • Grip

Most cycling gloves will have synthetic or leather palms for improved grip. Others will also feature silicone grippers on the fingers for optimal braking and gear shifting.

  • Wicking ability

To mitigate discomfort, you need gloves with a moisture-wicking mesh. It absorbs sweat, keeping your hands dry. Besides, the mesh ensures the moisture does not reach the handlebars by trapping it.


These are some of the best gloves for men. They are easy to wear, lightweight, and durable. They are also ideal for different activities such as mountain biking, gym, and hiking. Ensure to consider the grip, wicking ability, and type before opting for any pair of gloves.

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