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7 Facts You Should Know About Mole Hair

By Laura
January 20, 2024
6 minutes
7 Facts You Should Know About Mole Hair

A mole in different areas of the body has much significance in different cultures. A mole on the chin is considered to be associated with a strong personality, a mole on the eyes shows leadership qualities, a mole on the hands is considered to bring wealth and much more. 

While moles are considered a sign of luck in some countries and a sign of beauty in others, not everyone feels happy about having a mole, especially if the mole is large or gives you weird symptoms.

One of the symptoms that might make you alarmed about the mole is growing hair on it. However, let us find out if it is a warning about a serious disorder or nothing along with some other facts about hairy mole. Also, learn about hairy feet here. 

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Why Does My Mole Grow Hair?

Hair on Mole: Good or Bad?

Whether your mole produced the hair since the time it formed or it started giving way to hair suddenly, here are the causes behind the hairy mole.

Presence of Hair Follicle in the Mole 

First of all, it is essential to note that it is not the mole resulting in the development of the hair. Rather it is the hair follicle that is present in the area of the mole. 

This is the reason why hair growing out of moles on the face, chin, upper lips, sideburns, and eyebrows is common. Also, the hair is expected to be thick because of the increased production of mela

nin in the area with moles.


Moles are the result of the genetic alterations in the pigment-producing cells present in the skin. These cells called melanocytes tend to cluster at one point forming a dark mole on the skin.

Genetics also determine the location where a mole can occur. So, if it is located at the skin sites having a hair follicle, you are likely to have a hairy mole.


The hair follicles as well as pigmentation in the skin are under the influence of hormones. Hormones like melanin cause the formation of a mole and if there is also an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in the body, the hair follicle in the area of the mole gives rise to a single or multiple thick and 

dark hair coming out of the mole.

Sun Exposure 

One of the uncommon findings related to a hairy mole is the presence of hair in the mole in areas exposed to the sun without the application of sunscreen or other forms of sun protection.

The mechanism behind the formation of hairy moles in such cases is unclear. However, it is common in people with fair skin and excess exposure to the sun.

Part 2: Hair on Mole: Good or Bad?

Now let us burst the bubble about the concern of hairy mole being bad or good. First, let us tell you that the hairy mole is considered bad because of a myth of its association with cancer. 

But this is not the case with a hairy mole. A hairy mole is an asymptomatic condition that does not cause any medical issues. Also, it is not a sign of cancer either. Therefore, a hairy mole is not a bad thing.

Moreover, a hairy mole is not very pleasant to look at and might cause cosmetic concerns for some people. Consequently, it is not a good thing in every case as well.

In conclusion, a hairy mole is just a simple and normal cluster of melanocytes with hair follicles. It is neither good nor bad.

Part 3: Can You Pluck Mole Hair?

Can You Pluck Mole Hair?There is another myth that says that removing hair from a hairy mole can trigger cancer. However, this is just a myth with no evidence to support it. 

Also, plucking the hair from a hairy mole is no different than plucking it from the normal area of the skin. Therefore, you can trim it, tweeze it, thread it, or even shave and wax it without much issue. Electrolysis is another recommended way of removing hair from a mole.

However, you may have to be a little more careful while removing the hair from a mole as the hair in this area is thick and might irritate your skin. Also, contact a dermatologist if you ever notice any changes in the color, surface area, or texture of the skin.

Part 4: Does Plucking Mole Hair Cause Cancer?

A hairy mole is neither a sign of cancer nor does it cause any malignancy. Furthermore, plucking the hair from a hairy mole does not initiate a tumor as well.

This all is just a myth and it started from the fact that some cancers like teratoma cause both hyperpigmentation and the growth of hair. 

A discussion started in Mayo Clinic News Network explains that moles are common and rarely become cancerous [1]. The shape, color, diameter, and evolution of a mole can be checked regularly to see its chances of turning into a very low cancer.

Additionally, an article in Health compares the symptoms of a normal mole with a cancerous mole and explains that the risk of developing cancer in a normal mole is the same as that of a hairy mole [2]

Part 5: How to Get Rid of Mole Hair Long-lastingly?

How to Get Rid of Mole Hair Long-lastingly?While the mole is no more than a cosmetic concern, you can remove it using the following long-lasting methods. Also, check other methods of hair removal here. 


Surgery is a commonly done treatment for the removal of the moles. In this treatment, the mole is removed along with the hair. The procedure involves numbing the skin with local anesthesia and removing the mole with the scalpel.

Depending upon the size of the mole, it is allowed to heal as it is or is sutured for primary closure. The drawback of surgery is that it can leave a scar that you might have to get another treatment for.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a choice for semi-long-lasting removal of hair from the mole. However, it is not the safest option out there. If you choose the laser designed specifically for dark skin and moles, it is effective and gentle. 

However, if you go for a random laser, it can burn the skin.


Lastly, electrolysis is a long-lasting method of hair removal from a hairy mole. It involves the insertion of a small and thin needle at the area of the mole with hair and giving the hair follicle a current to kill it.

It is effective, safe, and long-lasting. However, it might be too painful and time-consuming even for a small area of the mole.

Part 6: Will Hair Grow Back After Mole Removal?

Will Hair Grow Back After Mole Removal?The regrowth of the hair after removal from a hairy mole depends upon the method you use to remove it. For example, if you pluck the moles from the face or other areas using tweezers or shave them with a razor, the hair will regrow within a few weeks.

Similarly, if you get laser on the mole as well as the hair, you can enjoy no hair in that area for a few years. Lastly, if you go for electrolysis, the hair on the mole won’t grow back ever. 

Part 7: Mole vs. Ingrown Hair

Sometimes, you might confuse a hairy mole with an ingrown hair. So, let us talk about the characteristics of both to know which of the both you have. Also, learn about the difference between ingrown hair vs. pimples here.

Firstly, a mole is present by birth, grows slowly over time till puberty, and reaches its adult size. On the other hand, ingrown hair is acquired during any time in life due to improper removal of the hair.

A mole is a flat dark area of the skin while an ingrown hair is a bump having a little dark dot inside. So, the hyperpigmented area is inside of the ingrown hair while the mole itself is a hyperpigmented area with a hair growing out of it.


A hairy mole raises both cosmetic and health concerns in men and women. While most health concerns related to it are just an un-proved myth, cosmetics concerns can be a problem. 

Therefore, you can remove the hairy mole or hair from it by long-lasting and temporary hair removal methods. Also, it is important to note that neither the mole nor plucking hair from it causes cancer. 

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