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Why is My Butt So Hairy? Should I Remove it?

By Mariela
January 21, 2024
6 minutes
Why is My Butt So Hairy? Should I Remove it?

Do you have some or a lot of hair around your butt hole? And do you think you are the only one with this embarrassing hair? Also, the hair in this weird place is not only embarrassing but also uncomfortable. 

So, do you wonder how other people having hair on the butt deal with it? Well, we will talk about it today. Also, let me tell you that butt hair is not without a function. It is there to help your body in ways you might not imagine.

So, let us talk about the causes, effects, and removal options for hairy butt in this article.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Why is My Butt So Hairy?

Why is My Butt So Hairy?Hair around the anus and on the buttocks is a natural occurrence. However, excessive hair might be concerning. So, here are the causes of the hairy butt.


Everyone regardless of gender, age, and ethnicity is prone to the development of hair in the butt area because the region around the anus has hair follicles.

However, the activity of the follicles and thus the number, texture, and thickness of the hair are under the control of genetics. Certain genes make some people have more while others have less hair in the butt.

Hormonal Imbalance 

Butt hair is under the influence of hormones in blood circulation like unwanted hair on any other parts of the body including the face and intimate areas. 

So, if hormones like androgens, progesterone, and estrogen are imbalanced because of any cause, a hairy butt can be the consequence. This is also the case with hirsutism and hypertrichosis.

Systemic Diseases

Systemic diseases that interfere with the release of hormones in the body can cause a hairy butt. 

Such diseases can involve adrenal glands like adrenal hyperplasia or adenoma, ovaries like polycystic ovarian syndrome and tumors, and diabetes with insulin resistance.

Drugs and Medications

Medicines that involve the formulation of hormones including anabolic steroids, oral contraceptive pills, and hormonal replacement therapy, or drugs that bind with hormonal receptors like danazol, metyprone, and minoxidil can have hirsutism as a side effect.

Although not so common, it can cause excess hair growth on the buttocks.

Part 2: Is it Normal to Have a Hairy Butt?

Is it Normal to Have a Hairy Butt?A hairy butt is a normal and natural condition. Not only normal but it is a useful condition because the butt hair can serve the following purposes. 

Managing Friction and Sweat

Butt hair increases sweating in the anal region. The sweat is not exactly a bad thing here as it is trapped in the hair while lubricating the anal region. As a result, there is a reduction in friction and chaffing in this area.

Temperature Maintenance 

Butt hair act as a layer of insulator during the winter and prevent the loss of heat from a sensitive area in the body. Similarly, it makes the skin sweat in summer. 

That sweat evaporates leaving a cooling sensation in the anal region. Therefore, a hairy butt helps in the regulation of the temperature of the body.

Protection from Environmental Factors 

In addition to protecting your skin and organs from the extremes of temperature, butt hair also helps in protecting the anus from environmental factors like pollution, sun exposure, and pressure by movements. 


Hair on the butt acts as a pheromone by giving out a particular smell. Smell is produced by the glands present in the anal region and hair spreads it. 

This smell was used to attract female/male partners before the civilization of humans. So, a hairy butt can serve as a source of sexual attraction.

Part 3: Men/Women and Hairy Butts

While hairy butts can be present in both men and women, there is a slight difference in the hair in both genders. These are given as.

Men Hairy Butt

Men Hairy ButtIt is common for men to have more coarse, dark, and thick hair on the butt hole. The reason is the predominance of androgens in men that makes the hair a prominent secondary sexual characteristic in men.

Women Hairy Butt

Women Hairy ButtJust like the hair on the bodies of women is much less as compared to men, women only grow a few hairs in the butt. And this hair is mostly thin and fine. Some women might not have butt hair at all. 

How do Both Genders deal with Butt Hair?

Men do not bother much with the hair whether it is on their chests or butts. In contrast, women feel conscious about such matters.

However, women need to realize that hairy butt is natural and it is time for them to embrace the natural hair on the body as it is nothing to be embarrassed of.

Part 4: Should I Remove My Butt Hair?

The removal of hair from the butt is completely a personal choice. If the hair is thick and irritating for you, go ahead and get rid of it. However, if it is light and causing no harm, let it be.

Furthermore, an essential factor in removing or keeping the hair is how you feel about it mentally. If the hair does not feel bothersome or embarrassing,  you can wear it as it is. 

However, if it is constantly putting you under pressure and you cannot embrace it anyhow, it is better to remove the butt hair. Also, learn how to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks naturally here.  

Part 5: How to Shave Your Butt?

Shaving the hairy butt can be quite a task because the area is concealed. So, let us talk about the safe ways to remove the hair from the anal region.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Shaving the Butt

If you prefer shaving unwanted hair from the body, follow the following steps to shave the butt region safely and effectively.

  • Get your supplies including shaving cream, a trimmer, a safety razor, and most importantly, a mirror.
  • Now prepare your skin by washing it with a gentle body wash to prevent post-shave infection and make sliding the razor smooth.
  • Sit down with the mirror in from of your legs and raise one leg in a way that you can see the butt.
  • Now trim the hair with a trimmer if it is too long. And if not, grab your safety razor.
  • Apply the shaving cream or lotion.
  • Move in small strokes in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Wash the area with water and you are done.

Tips and Tricks for Shaving the Butt Hair Appropriately

Here are some tips and tricks for dealing with the hairy butt with no hassle.

  • Always prepare your skin by washing it with warm water and soap.
  • Use an electric trimmer for long hair and a razor for close shaves.
  • A mirror makes the process easier and safer.
  • Never ignore the shaving creams.
  • Always follow your hair removal session with a post-shave lotion.

Alternative Methods for Butt Hair Removal 

Alternative Methods for Butt Hair Removal Shaving might not be the best choice out there because of the risk of cuts associated with it. So, let us talk about the best ways to remove hair on the buttocks

Hair Removal Creams 

Hair removal creams are the commonly used option for dealing with hairy butt in women and they are equally popular in men because of the nearly painless effects and effortless hair removal experience. Also, check hair removal creams on different areas of the body 


Waxing is a good choice as it enables you to stay hair-free for more than a month at the cost of a little pain. Moreover, it reduces the density and thickness of hair in subsequent sessions. 

Laser Hair Removal

In-office laser hair removal can be your best bet if your hair is dark, thick, and too annoying to be removed every week. This professional treatment offers long-lasting results.

IPL hair removal devices like Ulike Sapphire Air3 are an affordable alternative to professional lasers.


If you are sick of the butt hair and do not want to see it again, gear up your loins to take some pain and go for electrolysis.  The long-lasting hair removal method.


A natural part of the body, the hairy butt is there to protect your skin and maintain its temperature. That is why it is best to accept it the way it is. However, the acceptance might be too difficult for some people. 

In such cases, they can resort to hair removal options for hairy butt including shaving, waxing, laser, electrolysis, and hair removal creams as mentioned earlier.

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