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Top 8 Numbing Creams for Laser Hair Removal 2023

By Laura
November 18, 2023
8 minutes
Top 8 Numbing Creams for Laser Hair Removal 2023

When we hear about long-term hair reduction, the first thing that comes to mind is laser hair removal. It is one of the most popular hair removal methods that provides you with years of fuzz-free skin just after a few sessions.

But, with all the benefits comes some potential risks and side effects of laser hair removal. The most common is pain, followed by redness and inflammation. Topical products, soothing creams, aloe vera, etc can be used for redness and swelling but what about the pain?

You can use a numbing cream for laser hair removal pain. Let’s see what it is.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Understanding Numbing CreamNumbing Cream

A numbing cream is a thick paste that you can apply on your skin to numb the nerves. On application, the cream absorbs into your skin continuously and reaches the nerve endings. There, these creams block the nerves to send pain signals to your brain thus stopping the painful sensation temporarily.

The most common ingredients that can reduce pain sensitivity include lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine, and pramoxine. Lidocaine is the most commonly used ingredient while a mixture of lidocaine, tetracaine, and benzocaine can also be used in BLT creams.

You can use them before many painful procedures including laser hair removal. However, while making your choice, keep the quality in mind and follow the right instructions for usage. The right cream and the right dosage can help you get the required benefits and avoid any harmful effects like skin burning, pain, or allergy.

Part 2: Can You Use Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a painful procedure and numbing creams can be a perfect idea to cope with the pain. However, you should appropriately use the cream to keep your skin safe. For instance, avoid applying too much of the cream as it can reach your bloodstream and cause seizures, or difficulty in breathing.

Similarly, applying the cream at least half to an hour before laser hair removal is preferred so that it can properly absorb into the skin and show effects. How is the application helpful for you?

  • It reduces pain and discomfort thus allowing a problem-free hair removal session
  • Some numbing creams also come with soothing and healing products to soften your skin and help it heal
  • The creams can be used for hair removal procedures, micro-needling, medical therapies, and tattoos

Part 3: Best Numbing Creams for Laser Hair Removal

Looking for the strongest numbing cream for laser hair removal? Check out the following:

1. TKTX Numbing CreamTKTX Numbing Cream

The TKTX numbing cream is the best numbing cream for laser hair removal because it is full of natural ingredients that not only numb the painful sensation but also soothe your skin and help in healing. Vitamin E and aloe vera soothe your skin and prevent irritation. Moreover, menthol speeds up the healing process.

  • Price: $22.9
  • Safety: Safe for all skin types
  • Effectiveness: for 6-8 hours

Customer Reviews “ Doubt it would have worked. But to my surprise, I actually felt a difference the very next morning so I can say this product lived up to my expectations”

2. Mad Rabbit Numbing CreamMad Rabbit Numbing Cream

The Mad Rabbit numbing cream contains 5% lidocaine and numbs the area within 5 minutes. It also provides relief from visible inflammation and redness quickly. Moreover, the cream is lightweight, fragrance-free, and grease-free which makes it suitable for most people.

  • Price: $24.99
  • Safety: Highly safe doctor-formulated cream
  • Effectiveness: for 1 hour

Customer Reviews “ This numbing cream worked great! I needed to buy a second one because it is recommended to use a thick layer so you have to use a lot. It applied white and dried off-white, it was easy to put on, and it was non-fragrant. Good buy”

3. Zensa Numbing CreamZensa Numbing Cream

The Zensa numbing cream is a scent-free cream that works for as long as 4 hours without changing the texture of your skin or constricting your blood vessels. The numbing cream is available to use for all skin types and even on sensitive skin areas like your face.

It starts working within 20 minutes and provides relief not only during laser but also during microneedling, electrolysis, and botox.

  • Price: $43.99
  • Safety: Hypoallergenic and for all skin types
  • Effectiveness: 2-4 hours

Customer Reviews “ Works exactly how I thought it would! I put a thick layer on my spine about an hour and a half before my appointment, I wiped the area clean before going in and I didn’t feel much, I could feel her touching me but no pain, highly recommend.”

4. Dr. Numb Numbing CreamDr. Numb Numbing Cream

The Dr. Numb pain-reducing cream is a multipurpose semi-solid product that you can apply to combat the pain and help your body heal quickly. It has 5% lidocaine along with vitamin E for numbing your skin within 15 minutes and soothe it.

Additionally, it absorbs quickly into your skin to prevent any greasiness.

  • Price: $49.99
  • Safety: Hypoallergenic cream with child-resistant cap
  • Effectiveness: 2-4 hours

Customer Reviews “This Dr. Numb really did work. it really did its job. I wish it was a little cheaper but for it to work the way it did, it’s working!”

5. Samnyte Numbing CreamSamnyte Numbing Cream

The Samnyte topical cream is infused with vitamin E, aloe vera, mint, and menthol. All these products calm down your itchy skin aid the recovery process, and help you go through the laser hair removal session nearly painlessly.

You will find an applicator inside so don’t worry about finding gloves and the waste they create every time you dispose of the gloves.

  • Price: $12.99
  • Effectiveness: 6-8 hours

Customer Reviews: Nichole wrote “It worked extremely well. Kept my arm numb for at least 4hrs.It works extremely well” and another user commented “ So far so good easy to apply and doesn’t have a bad smell”

6. Mithra Numbing CreamMithra Numbing Cream

The Mithra numbing cream is a non-greasy and powerful skin-numbing agent you can apply before your laser hair removal session. It contains prilocaine and lidocaine to block the nerve ending on the target area and provide you relief for hours.

  • Price: $8.09
  • Effectiveness: 3-5 hours

Customer Reviews “Works for about two hours when you follow the directions. After that, it starts to wear out but that first two hours you feel nothing.”

7. Emla Numbing CreamEmla Numbing Cream

Emla numbing cream is famous internationally for the powerful effect it provides against pain from needles, hair removal procedures, or other medical treatments. It mainly contains lidocaine and prilocaine to anesthetize the skin.

However, it can be a bit difficult to find the cream in the US, and is more commonly available in the UK.

  • Price: $5.35
  • Safety: Safe for everyone above 3 months of age
  • Effectiveness: 2 hours

Customer Reviews “ I love this product! I’m a massive needle-phobic, I would literally not get anything checked and live in pain until I almost died of pneumonia. They tried freeze sprays, no good, my veins would collapse with the stress. I have to have regular blood done since, and there is no way I could do it without Emla.”

8. Lidocaine Numbing CreamLidocaine Numbing Cream

Lastly, we have the lidocaine numbing cream by Ebanel. It contains 5% lidocaine in combination with allantoin and relieves your skin from burning, itching, and painful sensations. It shows a quick effect within 5 minutes and reaches its peak within 30 minutes. Additionally, it is free of any harsh chemicals, hypoallergenic, and odor-free.

  • Price: $16.89
  • Safety: FSA-HSA cleared
  • Effectiveness: 1-2 hours

Customer Reviews “Used this before laser hair removal session… I didn’t have high hopes because I couldn’t tell if it actually numbed or not but it made a huge difference in pain! The pain wasn’t 100% gone but it definitely filled the pain by at least 50-75%! I applied about 30 mins before and put plastic wrap over it to avoid drying out”

If you are someone who prefers waxing, read Numbing Creams for Waxing.

Part 4: How to Apply Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal

The application is very easy. All you need is to follow these simple instructions:

  • Make sure the area on which you are applying the numbing cream is dry and clean
  • Then squeeze out the cream and apply it using an application or with the fingers of your hand with gloves on (do not spread the cream much)
  • Cover the area with a plastic wrap to maximize the effect of numbing cream
  • Then you can wipe off the cream at the time of your session and clean the area

Each numbing cream has a given time for application and a given amount. So, read instructions carefully not to go over that time or amount.

Part 5: Where Can I Buy Numbing Cream for Laser Hair RemovalWhere Can I Buy Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal

Using numbing cream before laser seems like a good idea, right? Let’s discuss some sources where you can get these topical pain reducers:

  • Online Retailers: The most convenient way to get your hands on them is to find reputable online retailers and contact them so that the creams can get delivered to your doorstep
  • Local Pharmacies: Over-the-counter numbing creams are easily available in most local pharmacies
  • Speciality Stores: There are also specialty stores located in different areas where you find a variety of options for numbing creams
  • Cosmetic Stores: Numbing creams are easily available in cosmetic stores as well. So, if you cannot find a cream anywhere, a cosmetic store can be your last resort to overcome the laser hair removal pain

Part 6: Safety Considerations and Precautions

No one would like to damage their skin just before their laser hair removal session because laser hair removal cannot be performed on burnt or damaged skin. So, here are some instructions you can follow to avoid any problems:

  • It is best to wear gloves on your hands before applying the numbing cream as the direct contact can numb your hands as well
  • BLT numbing creams are quick and show a stronger effect but you cannot use them without a proper prescription
  • Every numbing cream has different instructions provided with them. Sticking to these instructions is necessary to avoid burning your skin, swelling, or redness on the skin.
  • Conduct a patch test before spreading the cream on the whole area. There are times when a person is allergic to numbing agents and is unaware. So, a patch test can help you rule out any allergies or irritation on the skin


Numbing creams can help reduce the pain and discomfort felt during laser hair removal. Some of them also soothe your skin and speed up its healing. To enjoy all these benefits, it is necessary to use a high-quality product from a trusted brand.

You can find a suitable option for your skin from online retailers, pharmacies, or nearby stores as long as you know your needs. Also, as long as you are using them the right way, they will not harm your skin. So, trying them for laser hair removal is surely going to be a good decision.

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