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Should I Wash My Face in the Morning? 

By Mariela
January 9, 2024
6 minutes
wash face

There has been a lot of discussion lately on whether one should wash their face in the morning or not. Some say it is necessary to wash the face as your skin comes in touch with bacteria on your pillow throughout the night. In contrast, some individuals also prefer not to wash their face as it makes their skin more dry. 

Should I wash my face in the morning or not? A proper skincare routine is necessary for the skin to stay healthy. So, should it be a part of your skincare? Let’s find the answer.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Stories of People Who Stopped Washing Their Face in the Morning

Stop Wash FaceStory 1

This story is narrated by Olivia Muenter with the title “ I Stopped washing my face and acne went away”. She discussed the results of not washing her face in the morning for several months. She had acne-prone skin at first but she stopped using cleansers for half a year. Her skin got better with time. 

Instead of cleansers, she started using micellar water for makeup removal and normal water to wash her face. Moreover, she included only an exfoliant and a moisturizer in her skincare routine.

She also consulted various dermatologists regarding her situation. What they told her was quitting face washing in the morning is up to the individual. They can rather switch to cleansing. However, choosing the right cleanser according to skin type is also necessary. 

Story 2

This part mainly revolves around what majority of the Reddit users think about it. One user wrote that her skin is oily and acne-prone. Therefore she likes washing her face every morning otherwise it feels gross to her.

Another user shared her experience of doing both in the morning. She stopped cleansing her face in the morning to enjoy her morning glow. Later, she felt the need for cleansing in the morning as it was necessary to unclog her pores. Moreover, she felt like products were piling up on her face. 

Story 3

In the third part, let’s discuss what others have to say about this debate. Dushyant Soni, an Indian resident quotes the statement of Hirsch that if you have cleansed your face thoroughly at night, you do not need to wash your face in the morning. However, if you want to cleanse your face, you can do it. Be careful not to overstrip or use drying cleansers. Moreover, you cannot get breakouts only due to bacteria on your pillows. So, it is okay not to wash your face in the morning. 

Part 2: Should I Wash My Face in the Morning?

Some people recommend washing their face in the morning while others do not consider it necessary. Why? Because everyone has different skin types, washing the face regularly can have different results for everyone. Let’s see the factors that can bring these variations:

Skin Type

Skin TypeThe argument on washing your face in the morning revolves around your skin’s protective barrier. This barrier is more prone to stripping in individuals with dry skin, while oily skin types are at lesser risk. 

If you have dry skin, washing your face in the morning can disturb your moisture barrier thus increasing dryness. On the other hand, those with oily skin should always continue washing their face in the morning. It can cause acne and all the oil can trap dirt leading to the formation of pimples. 

Nighttime Skincare Routine

Nighttime Skincare RoutineIf you are following a regular nighttime skincare routine, then washing your face will depend upon the products you are using. Facial oils are differently composed as compared to skin’s natural oil, so you need to wash them off in the morning. 

Similarly, retinol-based skincare products also need to be removed as they make your skin sensitive to UV rays. 

Personal Preferences

The factor that has the biggest part in decision-making is your personal preference. Some people prefer not to wash their face in the morning even if they follow any nighttime skincare routine. 

While others tend not to do skin face washing in the morning in any case, if you cannot decide on one, you can just try not washing your face in the morning to see how it responds to this. Then, you can continue based on your results.  

Part 3: Tips for Morning Face Cleansing

Tips for Morning Face CleansingMorning facial cleansing is necessary even if you have another morning skincare routine, need to apply sunscreen, or have acne-prone skin. How to wash your face in the morning? Here are some tips that can make morning cleansing more effective:

Choose the Right Cleanser

Not every cleanser can go with every skin type. Those with oily skin should use exfoliating cleansers containing salicylic acid or retinol. If you have dry skin, use an emollient-rich moisturizer as it reduces moisture loss from the skin. 

Have sensitive skin? Go for a moisturizer that has no fragrances, and is rich in PHA and AHA. However, hyaluronic acid suits best for dehydrated skin. 

Be Aware of the Right Water Temperature

Right Water TemperatureLukewarm water is the best for cleansing the face in the morning. It facilitates the cleanser in removing dirt, dust, and excess oils from your skin. Focus that the water should be lukewarm and not hot. Hot water can strip your protective barrier while lukewarm water keeps your skin healthy.

You can also try cold water occasionally as it tightens your skin pores, makes you feel fresh, and prevents acne. 

Work on the Technique According to Your Skin Type 

Work on the Technique According to Your Skin Type Here are some tips to make your cleansing techniques more effective according to skin type:

Oily Skin

  • If you have oily skin, double cleansing can suit you the best. It includes using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. 
  • For gel or creamy cleansers, two peanut-sized drops are sufficient for the entire face
  • For foam-based cleanser, one pump in enough
  • Also, focus on areas with more oil accumulation while scrubbing the face

Dry skin

  • Just take one drop of cleanser and gently massage it on your face in circular motions
  • Do not rub your face to make lather as a cleanser for dry skin do not form any lather
  • If the cleanser is oil-based, then you can use a cotton cloth slightly dipped in water to remove the cleanser 

Combination skin 

  • Ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, and AHA suit best for combination skin. 
  • Use exfoliating scrubs having granular texture twice a week for best results
  • Take a dime-sized amount of cleanser and rub it gently mainly focusing on the oily areas of the skin

Part 4: When Should I Wash My Face After Workout in the Morning

If I work out in the morning, when should I wash my face? There is excessive sweating, buildup of dirt, and oil on your skin after a workout. Therefore, you should immediately wash your face with a cleanser after you are done working out. 

This removes all the acne-causing impurities from your skin thus reducing the risk of acne, breakout, and pimples on your face. 


There are different answers to washing the face in the morning or not depending upon personal preferences. Your skin type, your nighttime, and your daily routine during the day also contribute to the different opinions. 

Those with dry skin can skip washing their face while those having oily skin should wash their face twice a day regularly. Choosing the right cleanser, the right cleansing technique, and the optimum water temperature can affect the results to a great extent. So, once you are sure of your skincare, be consistent with it to attain the best results possible.

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