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SmoothSkin Pure vs Bare+: Which IPL Device is Better?

By Mariela
June 6, 2023
7 minutes

IPL hair removal is one of the most user-friendly, convenient, and time-saving methods of hair removal. However, it becomes challenging to choose one hair removal IPL device out of the countless IPL handsets, all claiming to be the best one in the market. So, what to do in such circumstances, and how to choose an IPL device that won’t disappoint you?

The simple answer is to list your requirements and then get the device that fulfills them all. These parameters include FDA approval for safety, hair color, and skin tone compatibility, number of flashes for lifespan, design, area of the body you want to use it on, and more. Also, do not forget to check the reviews of any device before buying it.

Keeping these features in mind and making the process of reviewing a device easier for you, I have come up with a detailed comparison of SmoothSkin Pure mini 2 and Bare+. Additionally, you can find a comparison of Smoothskin Pure Fit vs Pure Mini here.

SmoothSkin Pure vs Bare+: Which IPL Device is Better?

1. Design and Aesthetic Appeal: Winner – SmoothSkin Pure

SmoothSkin pure mini and Bare+ both are devices in black color with minor golden colored imprints on them. SmoothSkin pure IPL device is more meticulously designed while Bare+ seems like a device with poor finishing in the first looks.

Both are handheld palm-sized devices with a long cord. Pure Mini 2 has straight sides with well-defined margins while Bare+ has rounded margins. So, it is easier to hold and use Pure Mini as there are chances of Bare+ slipping out of the hands.

Additionally, the size of the flash window in both devices is the same and both have skin contact sensors on the top of the flash window. So, SmoothSkin Pure mini is aesthetically more pleasing and is more ergonomic as compared to Bare+.

2. Comfort Modes: Winner – SmoothSkin Pure

Comfort modes are essential to make the device more gentler and harmless for the skin as it helps users with any level of pain tolerance take the hot IPL flashes. SmoothSkin Pure mini has two comfort modes.

1st is the gentle mode where light flashes at a speed of 120 beats per minute with an energy output of 3 J/cm2. The second mode, also called power mode, has the light flashing at the same speed but greater energy output of 4 J/cm2. The gentle mode is for sensitive areas of the skin while the power mode is perfect for stubborn hair.

There are no such modes on SmoothSkin Bare+ and it only works at 4 J/cm2 with 120 flashes in a minute. So, SmoothSkin Pure is clearly the winner here.

3. Treatment Time: Winner – A Tie

Both SmoothSkin Pure Mini and Bare+ work for the full body and face. And as the devices have both stamping and gliding modes, treatment time differs depending upon the mode you are using. The gliding mode is to quickly treat the unwanted hair on the legs, chest, back, and arms while stamping modes help in getting rid of the hair on small areas like armpits and upper lips.

On average, treating the full body takes 10-30 minutes. The treatment time of both devices is exactly the same and both are one of the fastest IPL devices you can come across in the market.

4. Skin Tone Compatibility: Winner – A Tie

One of the major drawbacks of IPL hair removal devices is that there is not a single IPL device that works for people with any type of hair color and any tone of skin. So, just like other IPL devices, SmoothSkin pure mini and Bare+ both have the same skin tone and hair color compatibility.

They both work on skin tone levels from I to IV which includes porcelain white skin to medium brown. Similarly, these devices flash the IPL light that is easily absorbed by dark hair like black, brown, or dark blonde but it has no effects on grey, white, ginger, or blonde hair.

5. Results Within Winner – A Tie

If I talk about the time during which you begin to notice a reduction in the density, length, or quantity of unwanted hair, 4 sessions in the timespan of 4 weeks are enough to make you happy with SmoothSkin. However, permanent hair regrowth reduction can take a longer time.

So, both devices claim that 12 sessions in the duration of 3 months help in removing 97% of the undesired hair permanently. After these sessions, a few once or bi-weekly sessions are needed as touch-ups to get rid of the remaining hair. Both SmoothSkin Bare+ and Pure Mini have the same timeline to show results.

6. Intensity Levels and Energy Output: Winner – Pure

There are three intensity levels of SmoothSkin Pure Mini. These intensity levels range between the power output of 3 and 4 J/cm2. 3 levels are the basic levels that are used to treat different parts of the skin including the lower level for sensitive skin of the face, the middle level for the body, and lastly the higher level for bikini line or legs.

In the case of SmoothSkin Bare+, there is only 1 intensity level at the energy output of 4 J/cm2. So, it can get difficult to treat sensitive skin at one level of intensity. Plus Bare+ gives you no choice but to customize the treatment according to your tolerance.

7. FDA-Approval: Winner – A Tie

A great thing about SmoothSkin is it leaves no ambiguous concerns about the safety of its devices. Although it has several measures to ensure the safety of SmoothSkin pure mini and Bare+ for delicate skin, it has also gotten approved by FDA as a stamp of the effectiveness of its safety maneuvers.

Additionally, world health firms like FC, EC, and ICH have also approved both devices. You can find several fashion magazines and blogs endorsing SmoothSkin. These include Allure, Beauty Insider, Indy, and more.

8. Safety Measures: Winner – Pure

The safety measures of both devices are also the same. Both have UV filters to filter out the radiation before they fall on the skin, 4-point contact sensors to ensure that the device only works when its flash window is in full contact with the skin, and lastly, skin tone sensors to prevent the device from flashing on dark skin.

In addition to these, SmoothSkin Pure Mini also has active air cooling technology that ventilates the air through the device to keep it cool. So, it is a little safer for holding as compared to SmoothSkin Bare+.

9. Inside the Box: Winner – Pure

The package of SmoothSkin Pure Mini comes with a Pure IPL device, an adaptor, a long wire, a safety manual, and a precision head. It is all wrapped in a cardboard box. SmoothSkin Bare+ comes with a Bare+ IPL device, changer, wire, and an instruction manual.

SmoothSkin Pure Mini has an additional precision head. So, it outsmarts Bare+.

10. Lifespan: Winner – A Tie

Both SmoothSkin devices come with unlimited flashes that won’t even run out giving them an infinite lifespan. However, there is a difference of about $50 in the price of both. But this is based on other features like intensity levels, comfort modes, design, and precision.

Good Device Recommendation: Unlike Air3 Hair Removal IPL Handset

Regardless of the amazing features of both devices of SmoothSkin, the thick round devices are difficult to hold, the power output is too low to show results quickly, and the hair removal kit is also incomplete. So, if you want a device that will fulfill your needs in such areas, check out Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices.

Out of all these devices, I like Ulike Air3 the best for the following reasons.

1. Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Although there are several things I prefer about Ulike, its design is on top of all. The device is pleasing to look at with its crystal purple or white color, sleek shape, and comfortable feel as you hold it.

Moreover, it is lightweight and can be used with a single hand and it has an auto-gliding and stamping mode as well.

2. Power Output

Ulike Air3 has 21 J/cm2 of the power output with 3 levels of intensity. This is the highest level of power output any IPL device can have and Ulike is probably the only device with such energy. But do not worry this is completely safe to be used at home.

Moreover, this energy enables Ulike to provide more than 90% of hair regrowth reduction within 3 weeks and permanent hair removal in a few touch-ups.

3. Comfort Modes

Both devices of SmoothSkin have 1 or 2 comfort modes while Ulike Air3 has 3 of them. Its comfort modes include soft mode, body mode, and power mode. So, it is gentle on the body and helps you customize the treatment according to the area of the body. Moreover, it can also be used on the body and face.

4. Absolulate Painless Technology

One thing most IPL devices have failed to achieve is painlessness. Ulike Air3 achieves this through its patented sapphire ice-cooling technology that maintains the temperature at 50 degrees Fahrenheit which gives a relaxing sensation.

5. Inside the Box

Ulike Air3 comes with a complete hair removal IPL kit. It includes a Ulike Air3 hair removal IPL device, its space-friendly adaptor, a 2-meter long wire, a small safety razor, big light protective glasses, and a leather box.

Comparison Table


SmoothSkin Pure

Smoothskin Bare+

Ulike Air3






SmoothSkin Bare+


A palm-sized device with blunt ends and sides

A palm-sized device with rounded ends

Sleek smart remote-like device

Ulike Air3

Comfort modes




Ulike Air3

Treatment modes





Number of flashes





Exclusive technology



Sapphire ice-cooling

Ulike Air3

Work on

Full body and face

Full body and face

Full body and face


Treatment time

10 minutes

10 minutes

7 minutes

Ulike Air3

Maxiumum energy output

4 J/cm2

4 J/cm2

21 J/cm2

Ulike Air3


2 years

2 years

2 years


Money-back guarantee

3 months

3 months

3 months


Inside the box

  • The pure mini IPL device
  • Precision head
  • Adaptor
  • Bare+ IPL device
  • Adaptor
  • Ulike Air3 IPL device
  • Adaptor
  • Storage case
  • Safety razor
  • Goggles

Ulike Air3


SmoothSkin Pure mini outsmarts SmoothSkin Bare+ because of its 2 comfort modes, better design, intensity levels, and overall user experience. However, both devices fall way behind the latest IPL devices. So, their current cost does not seem to be worth their features.

So, if you are willing to spend a little more, Ulike Air3 has the best features whether it is design, comfort levels, intensity, energy, kit, or speed of treatment sessions and results.

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