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Get Ready for Summer, My Top 10 Beauty & Make-up Tips for summer!

By Viktoria
June 6, 2023
7 minutes

Summer is right around the corner. Along with it comes the scorching heat and overpowering radiation of the sun. It is, thus, very important to protect yourself before heading out to the beach or pool.

Without a doubt, you should provide extra care to your body if you want to show your beautiful skin and enjoy the sun’s warmth. After all, you do not want the harshness of summer to be a spoilsport!

There are several beauty and makeup tips you can follow while heading out in the sun. All you have to do is follow them religiously for that smooth and flawless skin.

The 10 best beauty and make-up tips for summer

#1. Regular exfoliation and moisturizing

Yes, we know that exfoliation and moisturizing is a part of your routine. But do you pay extra attention during this time of the year? It is very important to pay special attention during summer as your skin tends to get clogged due to excessive sweating and dirt.

For clear skin, you should cleanse it daily and exfoliate at least twice a week. A scrub and wash is the best bet as it helps exfoliate and clean the skin at the same time. A mild cleanser-cum- scrub would be apt for the face.

When you are out of the shower, pat the skin dry and apply a moisturizer. If the summer in your area tends to be dry, apply a layer of body oil and top it up with a moisturizer to keep it hydrated.

#2. Enjoy a salt bath

Your skin deserves the best care possible – so why not treat it with an indulgent Epsom salt or dead sea mineral salt bath?

Rich in protective minerals and excellent at retaining moisture these salts have been shown to promote improved hydration levels and overall healthy glow in the skin. For optimum benefits consider enjoying a luxurious salt bath at least twice weekly.

#3. Do not forget the sunscreen

We all know how important it is to keep the skin protected from the UV rays of the sun. Sun rays may cause uneven pigmentation and dark spots on your delicate skin. So you should always choose broad-spectrum sunblock solutions that offer high levels of defense against UVA AND UVB radiation from sunlight.

Based on your physiological nature, pick out sunscreens that are formulated for oily or dry skin. Gel options are best suited for those with oily skin and formula with moisturizing elements align suitably with dry skins.

For those of you engaging in outdoor physical activity, go ahead and select a waterproof sunscreen with SPF value higher than 30. Undoubtedly this crucial skincare regimen must be carried out throughout every portion of exposed skin including face, feet, hands and ears..

Additionally don’t forget about the important lip area- make sure to use that specially formulated lip balm with SPF protection.

#4. Remove excess hair from the body

Summer is the­ perfect time to we­ar chic dresses and show off your beautiful skin. Howe­ver, removing exce­ss hair from your body can be a challenge. While­ traditional waxing methods can leave your skin silky smooth, the­y can also be painful and uncomfortable.

A great alte­rnative that ensures painle­ss results is using laser hair removal de­vices . If you want to enjoy a hassle-free summer with flawless skin, Ulike is the best option for you.

#5. Hydrate with serum

We all know that heavy face and body creams are not recommended during summertime as they can make the skin oily. But then, how do you hydrate the skin? We recommend hyaluronic acid serum which helps hydrate and moisturize the skin. Besides, it makes the skin look less oily.

Who doesn’t like to plump up the skin and get a dewy effect? You will get the same by applying hyaluronic acid. However, you should ensure that the serum also contains Vitamin C, as it can help form collagen.

#6. Take Vitamin C inside out

As you all know, Vitamin C offers a lot of benefits to the body. It helps in the formation of collagen besides boosting the immune system.

However, the human body has a big drawback It cannot generate Vitamin C on its own. Thus, you should consume the same as supplements or food. We recommend opting for citrus fruits like oranges and lemons or vegetables like broccoli and bell pepper to get the much-needed Vitamin C. In addition to consuming Vitamin-C-rich food, you should also apply Vitamin C serum on your face and neck daily to boost collagen formation.

#7. Minimize makeup

Are you blessed with a flawless face with nothing much to hide? Then it is a good idea to go for minimal makeup during summer. This helps the skin soak up more Vitamin D.

But not all are blessed with flawless skin. If makeup is a must-have for you, try to use water-resistant silicone makeup products with a lightweight formula. Silicone prevents high humidity from affecting your skin by acting as a barrier. This prevents the makeup from seeping into the pores and getting washed off.

Instead of going for a foundation and compact, a good quality BB cream would be a perfect choice. But you should check the ingredients and ensure they are silicone-based before purchasing makeup products.

#8. Take care of your hair

During summer, fine hair doesn’t usually have issues. But what about curly and thick hair? It definitely frizzes up. Prolonged exposure to hot and humid weather and frequent air conditioner usage indoors can definitely damage your hair.

Then how do you manage the hair? The best way is to utilize shampoo and conditioner, specifically made to prevent frizziness. For those who enjoy swimming, wearing a cap is an ideal solution to protect your hair while enjoying the beach or pool.

Additionally, you may want to consider applying a leave-in conditioner to protect the hair. A UV protection spray also come in handy.

Once a week you can also apply a protective mask to the hair. Massaging the hair with the protective mask not only provides silky smooth hair but also has a relaxing effect, which you so deserve!!

#9. Protect from chlorine

Summer is when most of you head straight to the pool to have a merry time. However, do you know that the chlorine in the pool can be harsh on your skin and hair? It can dry off the skin and even affect the color of your hair if you have colored hair.

To protect the hair, wear a swimming cap before heading to the pool. You can apply a barrier cream like glycerin or petroleum jelly before you enter the pool. Also, remember to wash off immediately after leaving the pool.

#10. Drink plenty of water

We all know that water can do magic to health. It flushes out all body toxins and keeps you fresh inside out.

During summer, your body tends to lose a lot of moisture through sweating. Then how do you replenish the lost water? Of course by gulping down more of it!

We recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily. This helps in proper digestion and keeps your skin clearer. You will feel happy inside out with the right amount of water.

What are some home remedies for that beautiful and glowing skin during summer?

  • Cucumber mint face mist

To prepare this face mist, first, you should grate one cucumber and take its juice. You can then mix this juice with rosewater, lemon juice and crushed mint leaves. Cucumber mint face mist is ready for use!

  • Coffee exfoliator

Who dosen’t love the smell of coffee? We are sure everybody likes it. To prepare this aromatic and refreshing exfoliator, mix together ground coffee, brown sugar, olive oil, eucalyptus oil and sea salt in a bowl. Voila!! Your homemade exfoliator is ready.

  • Orange face mask

Take a few orange peels and grind them with rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply it evenly on your face avoiding the eye portion. Wash it off after a few minutes with cold water. This face mask provides the much-needed vitamin C to the face.

What are the mistakes to avoid while caring for your skin during summer?

  • Never use the same cream for your entire body. Facial creams are gentle and less fragrant as the skin on the face is delicate. On the other hand, body creams are thick and fragrant as the body sweats a lot compared to the face.

  • Sugar is the best natural exfoliator readily available at home. However, you should avoid using them on the face. This is because sugar crystals tend to be larger and can cause facial abrasions.

  • While taking a bath, using a gentle cleanser on the face in place of soap is best. Some soaps can be harsh and dry out the facial skin.

  • Exfoliation indeed helps get rid of dead skin cells. However, you should avoid too much exfoliation. Over-exfoliation can dry out the skin and cause abrasion.

  • Stepping into the pool water or sun immediately after waxing can irritate the skin. Thus, you should avoid waxing at least 24 hours before sun or pool exposure. A laser hair remover comes in handy in such a situation. If you want to enjoy a hassle-free summer with flawless skin, laser hair removal devices are the best option for you. One of the best laser hair removal devices on the market is Ulike . Ulike has five intensity levels and two flash modes to suit different areas and sensitivities. Ulike is also gentle on your skin and does not cause any irritation or redness.


The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it gets affected instantly by the changing season. Thus, you should take proper care of the skin according to the season. Since summer in most parts tend to be hot and humid, you should clean and exfoliate the skin regularly to ensure that the pores are kept open.

Similarly, you should protect the skin and hair from ultraviolet rays as it tends to get damaged very easily. Using a sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 and above and covering your hair with a protective mask ensures minimum damage to your skin and hair.

There are several beauty and makeup tips you can follow while heading out in the sun. Follow them religiously and see the effect it has on your body and skin!

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