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The 30 Summer Nail Colour Trends of 2023 You Need to Know

By Sejla Selimovic
May 12, 2023
7 minutes

We are back on to the hottest summer nail trends! Summer of 2023 will be so much of everything – chic, colorful, extravagant, and bombastic! We can certainly expect the return of retro trends, but also the “raising fire” of new, bright, and energetic colors!

If you’re looking for inspiration for summer nail sets, or if you’re one of those who prefer monochromatic nails, don’t dive any further into the internet because here you’ll find everything you need for the whole summer.

This time, we have prepared a variety of color groups for you, from bright to soft, and whichever one you choose, it will make your summer even hotter! Look for what suits you the best in one of the few nail arts, the best choices from nude shades, soft pastel colors, bright neons, classic and fiery reds, and powerful royal tones.

Nude pink

Pink is a natural color of the nail plate and no matter which shape or length you decide to do, nude pink will enhance the beauty of the natural nail itself. The color of the nail plate may differ from one type of tan to another, but that should be no problem when it comes to choosing the right shade for your nails. Summer is all about difference and uniqueness, so feel free to mix it up just a little bit this year.

1. Glossy light pink

To start with a very light, shiny, and a little transparent shade, this glossy light pink nude nail color is a good way to start your summer nail trend list.

2. Barbie pink

Already spiced it up with a little dark but at the same time illuminative pink nail color. Polka dots or full coverage – Barbie itself in both ways!

3. Velvet pink

For ladies who like an unusual shine, we kindly recommend this beautiful velvet pink shade. The velvet effect will have you playing with your nails in the hot summer sun.

4. Glitter pink

The starry night effect won’t just be shiny throughout the day, but also through the night! Make your summer nights into summer days with bright glitters on your favorite nude pink.

Nude beige

Basic nude shades will never be out of fashion. Those are the colors that never fade out, you will never get bored of them and there is no such thing that nude beige nails will not be suitable for. As we said that choosing a pink nude shade depends on the skin tone, we can also say that this rule is equally applicable to nude beige shades.

5. Transparent beige

Take a look at this simple, yet refined set of heavenly beige shades – the transparent momentum makes it look desirable to die for!

6. Caramel beige

Be careful if you decide to wear this caramel beige shade, it will constantly tempt you to eat your sweet nails, LOL!

7. Cappuccino beige

Oh my God, where are we going with this?! Don’t tell me you are not getting thirsty already! The delicious cappuccino shade of beige is surely another hit you need to try this summer.

8. Cocoa-beige

Before you think that hot drinks are only for winter or cold rainy nights, we dare you to give a chance to a cocoa-beige shade on your nails – you will not regret it!

9. Coffee cream nude

Last but not least our top beige shades. If you haven’t tried it yet, be sure to wear the color of the second-most-consumed drink in the world this summer.

Pastel colors

Holding the top of the charts for several years in a row, we can modestly say that pastel colors will always be in trend, especially in summer. Take a look at some of the most frequently chosen pastel colors, and believe us when we say, you will be delighted by all of them.

10. Blue pastel

Refresh your nail photo gallery with this stunning sky-like blue pastel nail color. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is time for it this summer!

11. Green lime

The color green has been declared as the color that is the most pleasant for the eyes. When you think it can’t get any more pleasant, turn it pastel!

12. Lime pastel

Girls who like the taste of sour are self-confident, strong women who know what they want and are not afraid of challenges. Pastel of a lime color, gives just enough amount of feminine.

13. Orange pastel

Orange color, whether hot or pastel, will reach its peak with a very dark skin tone. If you are planning a summer trip to the sea, this color must be your choice.

14. Pink pastel

One classic and beautiful color, it will win your hearts even with the first layer! Full-coverage pastel pink is just impossible to resist.

15. Turquoise pastel

They say that turquoise is the color of our soul. Hmm, when considering that, we can only add that it speaks summer- that’s when the whole world is most alive.

16. Violet pastel

Gentle, elegant, soft, and smooth – any other word is superfluous for this stunning pastel violet color.

17. Yellow pastel

Sunflower lovers, how is this one for yellow? Mark your summer of 2023 with this incredibly light pastel yellow and the sun will be the one turning to you.


Oh la la – how can we forget about these extremely bright neon shades?! These colors will scream this summer! Not to mention how energetic they look with a summer tan! Choose one, or all, of the following neon nail colors, also known as “glow in the dark”, and make your whole summer look like a big trap and house music festival.

18. Skyblue neon

Just look at this – is it not breathtaking? All eyes on me are what this stunning neon color attracts. Add some soft could like nail art for a full experience.

19. Moonlight neon

Give your nail technician a challenge by achieving this magical moonlight effect. Summer nights are something completely different when you spend them under the beautiful full moonlight.

20. Neon French

French babes, this is a special one for you. When you get bored of simple French, which is quite hard, give these glowing babies a chance to light up your style.

21. Neons and ombré

Perfect for a pool party, this astounding nail art made of various neon effect colors is a story for itself. Delicate and balmy by day, ardor and candescent by night!

Bloody reds

Let’s be realistic, no season, and very often no day in the beauty salon can go by without the color red. In this branch, we have prepared for you the hottest shades of red that you must try this summer. Choose the one with which you will mark the upcoming season of incredible nail trends.

22. Firey red

Guys has anyone seen my sunglasses?? This fiery red just won’t stop blinding my eyes! Give me my glasses, look me right in the eye, and tell me you are not blinded too.

23. Classic red

Sophisticated and elegant. The classic red color is at the top of all trend charts – seasonal, daily, birthday, casual, holiday, or business.

24. Dark red

There is a very slight difference between Bordeaux and dark red. Bordeaux is closer to a masculine color, while dark red is feministic immediately at first glance.

25. Red and shine

If this summer will be the first time you dare to wear red, we offer you the warmest recommendation that it should be a slightly darker color, with a pinch of glitter. Red is red, and the glitter is there to make everything softer.

We want to be royals

As we all know, the responsibility of royalty can not be worn by all colors. This is a big role and it is very difficult to present it. For this reason, the most famous royal colors are green and blue, and very carefully selected shades. Try some of these royal shades, and then judge for yourself whether summer has beautified your nails, or whether your nails have beautified summer.

26. Royal blue

Carry a small but extremely significant note of royalty with you everywhere you go. This wonderful dark royal blue will spoil you every time it meets your gaze.

27. Royal green

Having a darker color of nails is best suitable for shorter lengths. Just like every shade has its best-to-go-with skin tone, the same way every color has its best-to-go-with shape and length.

28. Royals and Shine

We’ll let you in on an exciting secret – metallic powder isn’t just for expressing roughness. Try adding the powder to a specific color like this, and you’ll achieve a silky-smooth effect.

Unicorns and rainbows

To bring this crazy journey to an end, we will now present to you already-known trends. Colorful nail art decoration with five or more different colors, this way of “reviving” your nails this summer must be on your bucket list for nails.

29. Rainbow French Tips

Colorful pastels, glowing shades, or metallic powders – all of this can be done with just a little imagination and lots of will and patience.

30. All for one

If you are one of those who, even after all these incredible ideas, do not know what to choose like me, we guarantee that you will charm everyone by choosing more than three, four, or even five colors!

Sejla Selimovic
Hi, my name is Sejla Selimovic and I am a professional manicurist and nail art technician. With a heightened sense of aesthetics and a great passion for beauty, I work on beautifying the days and nails of many ladies. With over 4 years of experience, I am the co-CEO of the beauty salon "The NN-Nailz Difference". My goal when I started doing this business was to make every dream of my dear clients come true, no matter how demanding it was. Through certified work and experience, every step of the way I ensure that my clients receive a significant, high-quality, relaxing and refreshing treatment.
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