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Top 15 British Beauty Bloggers in 2023

By Laura
February 23, 2023
7 minutes

If you want to increase your brand awareness among your target audience, influencer marketing is among the most effective methods. And one way to go about it is to work with beauty bloggers. And if you are looking for the next disruptive trend or product, you can rest assured these bloggers got your back.

This article looks at 15 top British bloggers you should follow in 2023. Let’s get into it.




Number of followers


Lisa Eldridge




Alexis Stone




Caroline Hirons




Amelia Liana




Anna Newton




Lily Pebbles




Ruth Crilly








Beth Sandland




Anne-Marie Lodge




Stephi LaReine




Robin James




Jane Cunningham











1. Lisa Eldridge (1.7M)

Lisa Eldridge is among the most famous beauty bloggers in Britain. With millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube, she is a trendsetter in the industry. She is known for sharing inspiring and unique makeup tips on her platforms. The full-time celebrity makeup artist has worked with renowned celebrities such as Keira Knightley.

As you’d expect, she has worked with popular brands such as Shiseido and continues to grace inaugural beauty events around the world. You can buy luxurious beauty products from her website . She also shares her daily experiences on the blog.

Lisa Eldridge

2. Alexis Stone (950K)

Elliot Joseph Rentz (Alexis Stone), shares his rather unique fashion tips on his blog and social media platforms. He underwent cosmetic surgery in a bid to change his appearance. He worked with David Marti, a makeup designer, to alter his looks. Elliot is also a makeup artist, majoring in celebrity transformations.

Alexis Stone

3. Caroline Hirons (717K)

Caroline is a British beauty blogger and a skincare expert. She has over 30 years of experience in beauty. She started her journey as a qualified Aesthetics at the Steiner School in Central London. She also studied in Biologique Recherche in France. Thanks to her expertise, she has worked with over 100 brands, in different countries such as the United States.

In 2010, she started her blog , where she shares her expertise with a wider audience. Since then, she has become of the most influential beauty bloggers in the UK. She also has a large following on social media platforms. Her book, “Skincare: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide,” shares tips on how to take care of your skin.

Caroline Hirons

4. Amelia Liana (512K)

Amelia Liana is a London-based beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. Thanks to her unique style of conveying her content, she is among the most followed in the UK. She is also a YouTuber, where she shares unboxing videos, beauty tips, and makeup tutorials, among others. Thanks to her charisma and natural style, she has garnered a loyal following.

She shares her travel experiences on her blog and you can also try her recipes. Besides, there’s a shop, where you can buy some of the best products on the market. This is also true for her Instagram, which she populates it with luxurious products.

Amelia Liana

5. Anna Newton (437K)

Anna Newton is an award-winning online content creator. She is also a blogger and author, best known for her blog, “ The Anna Edit .” Here, she shares her expertise in lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. She started her blog in 2010 and has since been a go-to for all things beauty. In fact, it is listed as the 5 th largest blog in the Bloglovin lifestyle category.

As an expert, she has been featured in The Guardian, YOU, Stylist, and Grazia, among others. She is a co-host in the At Home With a podcast, alongside Lily Pebbles. She has collaborated with large brands such as Selfridges, Space NK, and Estee Lauder. Her book, An Edited Life, was published in 2019.

Anna Newton

6. Lily Pebbles (423K)

Lily Pebbles is a renowned blogger and vlogger. She is known for her “Get-Ready-With-Me” vlogs on her YouTube channel. Her blog, lilypebbles, has beauty tips and products from renowned brands such as Converse, Rose Inc., and Oliver Bonas. The London-based blogger is a mother to one and continues to inspire women through her content.

Lily Pebbles

7. Ruth Crilly (201K)

Ruth Crilly is one of the most popular beauty bloggers in the UK. She shares her expertise in makeup, lifestyle, and beauty through her blog ruthcrilly . She has been a full-time content creator since 2010. She populates her blog with product reviews, ranging from lip glosses to skincare products. Ruth started her journey in beauty as a fashion model in 2001.

She is also in the house renovation industry, where she remodels houses to resonate with the client’s needs. In addition to renovations, she has a seaside cottage which she lets to travelers. The London-based blogger is a mother to two kids.

Ruth Crilly

8. Elle (112k)

Elle is the founder of Elle Next Door . She writes about beauty, travel, fashion, and lifestyle. She is known for traveling around Europe from West to East. And as you’d expect, she shares her experience on her blog. Before embarking on online content creation, she worked with some of the largest media houses.

Some of the shows she has featured include Britain’s Got Talent, The X-Factor, and The Apprentice, to mention but a few. She later decided to abandon her career and started writing. Thanks to the popularity of her blog, she attracted large brands such as Polo Ralph, Mandara Spa, and Olivia Burton. This has helped her brand grow enormously.


9. Beth Sandland (89.5K)

Beth Sandland is a London-based beauty, parenting, and travel writer. She is also a renowned photographer, sharing her travel experience on her blog and social media platforms. Since launching her blog, she has grown gradually, collaborating with some of the biggest beauty brands. While she is known for her expertise in beauty, she is a Law and Anthropology graduate.

She shares her favorite beauty products with her audience on her socials. You can also find in-depth reviews on her blog. In 2019, she spent much of her time in Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, sharing her traveling experience. She inspires her followers to take a more sustainable approach when traveling to mitigate the pollution.

Beth Sandland

10. Anne-Marie Lodge (62.5K)

Anne-Marie Lodge is a UK-based beauty blogger. She started her blog in 2010 and has since garnered a loyal following on Instagram and Twitter, among other social media platforms. She shares her expertise in beauty and likes discovering new products in the industry. So, if you are looking for new makeup in town, visit her blog.

She decided to name her blog ReallyRee since this has been her Twitter username. And since she was established on the platform, it seemed fit to use the same for her site. She shares tips on taking care of your skin, makeup, fragrances, and hair.

Anne-Marie Lodge

11. Stephi LaReine (55.2K)

Stephi LaReine is a lifestyle and fashion blogger based in England. She is also a graduate of Photography and Graphic Design. She shares her experience with fashion, from backstage at popular fashion events to her encounters during her routine travels. As you’d expect, her exploits in the industry have seen her win several awards.

Her blog, has grown rapidly since its launch seven years ago. Through it, she’s been able to gain a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Her blog covers anything from fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel.

Stephi LaReine

12. Robin James (54.4K)

Robin James runs the infamous blog. James is an award-winning vlogger, blogger, and digital producer. He started the blog in 2012, with the blog’s YouTube starting a year later (2013). He shares tips on lifestyle, men’s grooming, hair, and fragrance on both platforms. You can also find product reviews on some of the best products on the market.

The London-based blogger was born in Forres, Scotland. After graduating from high school, he joined the University of Glasgow to pursue an MA in Politics and History. It is during this period that he got versed in WordPress and Final Cut Pro, enabling him to start his blogging and digital production ventures.

Robin James

13. Jane Cunningham (37.5K)

Jane Cunningham is the founder of British Beauty Blogger , where she shares her tips and expertise in beauty and lifestyle. She is an online and mainstream beauty writer. She has four beauty books under her belt. The London-based blogger is a mother of two children. Her first writing assignment was to write for various newspapers.

It is from this position that she got a column in The Guardian, where she wrote about children’s products. She later diversified into travel topics, before getting a beauty writing job at The Express. She enjoyed writing about the topic, which saw her start the British Beauty Blogger. Here, she shares about products she deems excellent and exciting.

Jane Cunningham

14. Jasmine (27.9K)

Jasmine is not only a beauty blogger but also an insurance underwriter. She likes writing about lifestyle and beauty on her blog , the Birmingham-based blogger studied philosophy and theology. Unlike other blogs, it is more of a conversation rather than a tutorial-based blogging approach.

From her content, you can assume she likes sharing what she enjoys. From products to tips and tricks, there’s something you can learn from her. She has won several awards such as Harley Street Skin Top Blogger (2017) and Vuelio Top Blog (2016/2017.2018/2019/2020). You can get some of the best products from her blog as she collaborates with some of the best brands in the world.


15. Gemma (15.2K)

Gemma is the founder of Makeup Muddle , a blog that shares the best beauty products on the market. Most of her recommendations are based in the UK and the US. She does not share just about any product, but those from high-end brands.

If you like to know more about products, Gemma is the person to go to. On her blog, she talks about the ingredients and packaging of popular luxurious products. As such, you’ll have a better understanding of the product you’ll be using.



Whether you are looking for the next outfit or makeup, these bloggers got you sorted. Not only do they talk about beauty but also lifestyle, travel, and parenting. And if you want your brand to grow, be sure to contact either of the above.

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