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Trimming vs. Shaving: Is Trimming Better than Shaving?

By Jason
September 5, 2023
6 minutes
Trimming vs. Shaving

Both trimming and shaving are excellent means of hair upkeep or removal. But depending on several factors, which this article will consider, one can be better. As you may already know, you need a razor to carry out both procedures, which puts the burden of ensuring your safety and the appropriateness of the tool on you. 

Most times, an electric razor is used for trimming, while handheld non-electric blades are used for shaving. Before discussing which is better, let’s consider what each means and the merits and demerits of each removal approach.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What is Trimming?

What is TrimmingHair trimming is similar to pruning a flower. It involves cutting, shaping, and styling your body hair so that it looks uniform and controlled to give you a signature look.

During trimming, you are not removing all the hairs; you’re only reducing and controlling them to a level and quantity that you consider appropriate and fitting for your style. As such, your razor – electric or manual – does not get close to your skin.

Part 2: Advantages of Trimming

Advantages of TrimmingSafety is perhaps the most conspicuous benefit of trimming compared to shaving. Since your trimmer will be mid-length of your hair and not touch your skin, you are almost assured of no cuts, razor burns, or ingrown hairs, unless an accident occurs.

For women and some men, hair trimming can address hair breakages and rough edges. Of course, you will need an expert stylist to achieve this, as it may be challenging to self-styling your breaking hair. Also, trimming your hair will greatly improve your overall appearance.

Part 3: Disadvantages of Hair Trimming

The major setback to this hair grooming method is the quick regrowth time. For anyone seeking to go on a long-term holiday from razors or trimmers, it’s not the best approach.

Part 4: What is Shaving?

When you shave, you are removing all hairs from your skin in a manner that no one can see a strand of it on the surface. Consequently, your removal tool gets close to your skin to cut the hair neatly and closely. During this process, many people use shaving creams to aid the effortless gliding of their razors and to prevent bumps, burns, stubbles, and cuts.

Part 5: Advantages of Shaving over Trimming

Shaving is probably the oldest hair removal method known to mankind. Its benefits are:

  • It’s cheap, compared to trimming and other hair grooming methods.
  • You don’t need much training or know-how to shave.
  • It is applicable to almost all skin types and body parts. You can shave your face, chest, and bikini lines, something that may be impossible with trimming.
  • The result is immediate, unlike other hair elimination methods that take weeks to yield results.

Part 6: Demerits of Shaving

Demerits of ShavingShaving is notorious for giving people stubbles, nicks, ingrown hairs, and razor burns. It’s not as if these things are automatic once you shave, but since it’s not a one-time hair removal method, the more you do it, the more your chances of suffering any or all of them. People with sensitive skin or skin susceptible to breakouts are especially at a disadvantage with shaving. They can readily develop skin redness, itches, and inflammations if they do not take adequate measures.

Part 7: So, Which One is Better – Trimming or Shaving?

Neither trimming nor shaving is a long-lasting hair removal or controlling method. As it goes, you will have to repeat the process every other week to maintain it. That said, to compare which of these razor-dependent removal methods is better, we shall have to consider some factors. These include:

1. The Part of the Body Involved

Depending on the body part you are removing hair from, either trimming or shaving can be preferred. For instance, when dealing with pubic hair, trimming can be better than shaving. That’s because pubic hair itself has functions, which include defense against dirt and microbial invasion, prevention of skin-to-skin rubbing, and the maintenance of constant temperature. Therefore, when they overgrow, it’s better to trim them than to remove them altogether through shaving.

Also, when we consider the hairs on our heads, we will discover that it’s better to trim them than to shave them. In most cultures, shaving one’s hair signifies mourning or ill luck. Besides, leaving the scalp bare can completely alter a person’s appearance if we don’t want to consider the health risks. But with trimming, we can reduce their length, direction, and appearance to present us in a way we like.

Ulike air3Shaving nose hairs is nearly impossible because of the barrier involved. The best many of us can achieve is to trim. But for hairs on our armpits, face (especially for females), chest, and legs, shaving is better than trimming. For most people, they don’t even love to flaunt their hair in these places. However, a more long-lasting method of hair removal, such as electrolysis and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), is even better than shaving in such scenarios. You can check out Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset to see how it can help you long-lastingly eliminate your unwanted hair.

Bottom Line: Trimming is better than shaving if the hair is on the head, pubic area, nose, and chin because of their health and beauty functions. However, if the hair is on the armpit, legs, chest, or even bikini lines, shaving is a better choice.

2. Your Skin Type

If your skin is prone to breakouts, acne, or pimplesIf your skin is prone to breakouts, acne, or pimples, you should be careful about how often you run razors on it. Shaving sure has some side effects, but it gets worse with sensitive skin that is also prone to acne. And since you have to repeat shaving fortnightly, it means you may never be able to break free from the endless cycle of breakouts and acne that may result. In such instances when the only two available options are trimming and shaving, the former is better.

With trimming, you need not bring your razor close to your skin. And without this close cutting, you cannot suffer side effects such as ingrown hairs. Also, the chances of experiencing a cut are lower with trimming than shaving.

Bottom Line: If your skin is sensitive and prone to pimples, acne, and breakouts, trimming is better for you than shaving. You will save yourself the possible setbacks that accompany getting a razor close to your skin.

3. How Much Time You Have

Let’s face it: It’s faster and easier to shave your hair than to trim it; you only need a sharp razor and an appropriate shaving cream. Within minutes, you can cover your two legs and chest. However, if you must trim and style, you need time and the appropriate skill sets. In fact, in most cases, people have to visit a barber to get a professional trimming of their head hair done.

Bottom Line: Shaving is faster and more convenient than trimming. You also do not need much expertise to shave as you need to trim.

4. Hair Length

Hair LengthTrimming becomes a must if you’ve got bushy and long hair. You can’t even start shaving several millimeters long hair without first trimming it. Similarly, if your hair is barely half a millimeter long, trimming is pointless. You need substantially long hair before you can start considering trimming. If you must remove hairs that are just beginning to sprout, shaving is the more practical approach.

Bottom Line: The decision between shaving and trimming depends on your hair length. If it’s long, trimming may be better, but if it’s just coming up, shaving is more realistic.

4. Regrowth Consideration

In terms of regrowth time, trimming is better than shaving. With a well-done shaving, you can stay hairless for four to five days. Even when regrowth happens, it will take days to reach the level your trimmed hair will be. As such, if you’re considering a method that will keep you off the razor for at least two weeks, shaving is better.

Bottom Line: shaved hairs take longer to grow and be ready for another shaving than trimmed ones. As such, shaving is better than trimming if regrowth time is a valid consideration.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer for the better between shaving and trimming. As you can see from the analysis done in this piece, it depends on your upkeep needs and prevailing conditions. But generally speaking, trimming is safer and less prone to risks like cuts and burns, while shaving gives a brief holiday from hair and ensures a clean look and feel. Whatever you choose again depends on what you want. 

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