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Ulike vs. JOVS: Which IPL Hair Removal is Better?

By Viktoria
March 20, 2023
7 minutes

Almost everyone now agrees that IPL hair removal technology is the present and future of hair removal. The debate about whether it is good or even better than other methods is gradually winding down. Notwithstanding, it can be tricky when you have to choose between two IPL devices.

The line of demarcation between many IPL devices is getting blurrier daily because most brands are now racing to outsmart one another. For instance, when you shop for IPL devices on Amazon, you would find hundreds of options, many of which are FDA-cleared with hundreds of thousands of flashes and assurance of nearly painless treatment. Similarly, many copy the same design patterns and give similar timeframes for people to start noticing results.

So I can relate if you struggle to decide between Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL hair removal and JOVS Venus Pro II . Both IPL devices are top-notch, and you will surely get amazing results with either of them. But one is undoubtedly better than the other. If your threshold for pain is low and you want a gadget that will give you quicker results, you would like to know which of the two assures you of these.

But before we compare the two IPL devices, here are their similarities.

  • Both are FDA-Cleared.

  • Both provide ice-cooling technology to mitigate pain during treatment.

  • Both offer unlimited flashes.

  • Both brands offer user-friendly innovations to improve the ease of use of their device.

However, beyond these four similarities, there are a couple of differences between them, which can help you decide which is better. In the next section, I will take these differences one after the other and expand on them to help you decide which is better.

Ulike vs. JOVs: Which IPL is Better?

  1. Manufacturer’s Guarantee of Quality & Effectiveness

Winner: Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL

I love to begin my assessment of electronic accessories from the manufacturers’ assertion of the quality of such products. And in doing this, I focus primarily on the replacement warranty and whether there is a money-back guarantee should the product not meet my requirements. The warranty duration gives me an idea of the manufacturer’s effort to perfect the product.

Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset has a 2-year hassle-free warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. That implies that if the IPL device develops a fault not from my end within two years of its purchase, I can return it and get a new one. Also, the company promises to return my payment in full if I do not get the desired results within three months. This is a display of the manufacturer’s confidence in the handset.

JOVS Venus Pro II IPL also has a 90-day money-back guarantee, but its warranty is only one year. So, Ulike gives more peace of mind regarding quality than JOVS.

  1. Value for Money

Winner: Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL

There is hardly any buyer who doesn’t consider price when purchasing a product. Ordinarily, higher prices would scare anyone away. But if the item justifies its price tag, many people will not mind spending a bit out of their budget to purchase it. JOVS sells for $429 without discounts but can go as low as $319 with the company’s price slash.

Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple sells for $359, but buyers can win a $80 price off using a code provided by the company during checkouts. Therefore, Ulike can be cheaper than JOVS, depending on your purchase time.

But besides the price, let’s see what’s in the box of each brand. For Ulike, you get a professional IPL Goggle, an Extra Smooth Razor, the Sapphire Ultra Air 3 Handset, charging accessories, and a beautiful leather bag to carry everything. For JOVS, the content is similar, except that It doesn’t have a leather bag. It, however, contains a Guide Card and charging accessories.

Therefore, considering the price and content of the Ulike IPL, it’ll make a better choice than JOVS.

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  1. Design and Aesthetic Materials

JOVS Venus Pro II Winner: JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Removal

JOVS is about 0.31 kg in weight and comes in two colors – Emerald and white. It has two parts: a 19.5 cm handle and a 12.5 cm head flasher. The head is capable of rotating at 330° to capture contours and areas that may be hidden. As a winner of the Reddot Design Award, the handset indeed affords an ergonomic feel that makes it convenient to hold for as long as the treatment lasts.

Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple, on its part, takes the shape of many power banks, only that it is longer. The length allows users to hold it conveniently, although it also adds to its weight, making it 0.2 kg heavier than JOVS. Similarly, the device is colored purple and displays light corresponding to its energy level.

  1. Time to Start Seeing Results

Winner: Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset

For anyone buying a hair removal device, one of the few things they are interested in is the time it will take to start producing results. No matter how good the IPL device is, you might not like it if it takes more than a few weeks before it starts getting rid of those unwanted hairs.

Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple is an improved version of an earlier release, which took a month to start showing tangible results. With an output of 21 joules of energy, this latest release gets into action in three weeks or less. The improved energy of the intense pulsed light sent by this device ensures that the hair roots get heated up quickly, disrupting the hair-growing cycle.

Conversely, getting tangible results with the JOVS IPL handset takes at least four weeks. It only releases six joules of energy per centimeter, compared to the 21J of Ulike. Consequently, most users report that they only started noticing hair reduction between the fifth and sixth week.

Therefore, Ulike IPL produces results faster than JOVS.

  1. Nearly painless Treatment Process

Winner: Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL

Ice-coolng Without a cooling technology in place, IPL hair removal will naturally be painful. The pain will arise from the heat generated some cm into this skin when the light hits the hair roots, producing heat. But interestingly enough, both devices have pain remover technology engraved into them.

For the JOVS handset, the head is full-screen sapphire-made with a moderate thickness. It keeps the head’s temperature constant at roughly 5°C. So, as you flash the light into your skin, the ice-cooling technology automatically neutralizes the heat generated.

This technology is similar to what Ulike utilizes to achieve a nearly painless treatment. The only difference is that Ulike ice-cooling technology is already patented and super improved to ensure that nobody feels pain when removing objectionable hairs from any part of their body with it.

Ulike’s IPL offers real-time Sapphire cooling for your skin with its Graphene and VC Cooling solutions. The gadget itself dissipates heat through its double hair ducts to ensure that it remains cool even for up to 30 minutes of use.

  1. Time Taken to Finish Full-Body Treatment

Winner: JOVS Venus Pro II

Thanks to its 0.7 flash burst and rotating head, the JOVS IPL handset can finish a whole body treatment in seven minutes. And for busy entrepreneurs or anyone, this is a massive advantage since it means you wouldn’t have to spend the entire day sitting somewhere to get a full-body treatment.

Ulike isn’t bad in terms of speed, either. In 10 minutes or less, you can complete an entire body treatment with the handset. Like JOVS, it releases its flashes in roughly 0.7 seconds, and you can glide the device on your skin to complete the treatment quickly.

Still, for someone who knows how to use the Ulike device very well, the difference may not be noticeable, and they may complete a full-body treatment before a JOVS user would.

  1. User-Friendly Innovations

Winner: Ulike & JOVS

body mode Although the innovations featured by each device differ, both cannot be separated in this regard because they each feature a significant innovation. For Ulike, it has extended its working mode from 2 to 3. As such, you can choose among its three comfort modes: Soft Mode for the upper lips, face, and bikini area, Body Mode for the arms and legs, and Power Mode for the chest and the armpit.

JOVS, on its end, suggests the best mode for users based on the body parts. This suggestion aims to achieve energy effectiveness, precision, nearly painlessness, and the absence of skin damage. Therefore if you’re a first-timer with no experience choosing the correct working mode, JOVS IPL gives you the proper Mode.

Ulike vs. JOVS: Which IPL is Better?

With all the analyses in this text, it’s apparent that Ulike is ahead of JOVS on many fronts. Reviews from customers reveal that many are highly impressed with the results they got from Ulike. The price, effectiveness, and nearly painless treatment are almost next to none in the IPL Hair Removal world.

JOVS isn’t bad too and does make an excellent choice for low-budgeters and first-timers, but if one has to separate the boys from the men, Ulike qualifies as the latter.

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