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Ulike vs Tria 4X: Which Hair Removal Device Better?

By Mariela
March 24, 2023
6 minutes

Can’t afford laser hair removal consultations at a clinic but want to get long-lasting hair removal with a laser so badly? That’s all fine because we do not live in the stone age anymore and there are at-home laser hair removal devices in the present time.

But is using such laser devices by yourself safe? Absolutely! But if you are still paranoid about your skills or the harmlessness of such a device, IPL hair removal handsets got you. IPL hair removal devices have been used by women to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time leaving no concerns about their safety.

But if both methods of hair removal are safe and can also be used at home, what makes them different? Well, we will explain that in a little while. Also, if you decide on buying an at-home laser or IPL hair removal device, we have recommendations for that as well. So, let us get to exciting details of how both methods work and the comparison of the two devices.

Difference between IPL and Laser Hair Removal

Both IPL and laser technologies are semi-long-lasting methods of hair removal that use light to target and kill hair follicles along with preventing the regrowth of hair from such follicles until they regenerate. However, the process and light used in both hair removal procedures are different.

IPL used a relatively less intense poly-chromatic light with a broad wavelength while laser uses a highly-intense mono-chromatic light with a specific wavelength to target hair cells. Both of these lights are absorbed into the hair pigments. But the light pulses of the laser must be used with precaution.

In case of light flashes of an IPL device, you need little to no precautions. Moreover, IPL takes relatively less time to make the skin hairless as you can do your hair removal sessions more often as compared to laser hair removal treatments which are done once every month.

Ulike vs Tria 4X

Now that you have an idea of how both technologies work to make your skin hair-free for a long time, you must be looking for our top picks for at-home laser and IPL devices.

So, we are here to introduce the ultimate IPL hair removal handset, the Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Purple IPL handset with its exclusive technology, and the top at-home laser handset, the Tria Beauty Laser Device with 4 times the power of regular laser devices.

So, let us compare both devices to help you buy the best one for yourself.

1. Design, Display, and First Impression: Winner – Ulike

Regarding design, you would be elated to look at Ulike AIR3 purple IPL hair removal handset. Its crystal purple color, minor white detailing, sleek design, and rectangular window is like a treat to your eyes. It looks like a remote, the remote that will control and eliminate the unacceptable hair from the roots.

About Tria, it looks robotic and a little scary. However, you might like it if you are into stuff that looks technical. It has two fans on the sides looking like two big eyes and a digital display that seems like the brain of the device at the top.

Additionally, Ulike AIR3 purple is lightweight and compact while Tria laser 4x is a little heavier but its handle offers a good grip. Anyhow, the overall design and first impression of Ulike are more attractive.

2. The convenience of Use: Winner – Ulike

Ulike sapphire AIR3 purple handset works on the main power supply. It has a long cord and a high-quality adaptor that helps you do your hair removal session in your bathroom with ease. Moreover, you do not need to worry about leaving the device uncharged.

However, Tria beauty 4x is a chargeable device that works on battery. You have to charge the device for a minimum of 2 hours before every session. Moreover, you need to ensure that the battery is full before carrying it in your travel bag.

Lastly, with ulike, as long as your skin is in adequate contact with the device, it starts to flash. However, you must unlock Tria 4x before starting your hair removal session. So, do not get frustrated if your Tria is not working as all you need is to unlock it.

3. Comfort During Hair Removal Session: Winner – Ulike

The exclusive technology of Ulike AIR3 we talked about is its latest new-time sapphire ice-cooling system. It has three components, patented sapphire ice cooling technology, VC liquid cooling solution, and dual air duct heat dissipation system.

These components work together to reduce the temperature of intense light to 68F and keep the device cool. So, you feel thoroughly comfortable during IPL hair removal.

With Tria 4x, no matter if it is an at-home hair removal device, a laser is a laser. The high-intensity of laser burns the hair cells and irritates the skin as well. You will feel pain or stinging during the hair removal session and after the session, you must soothe the skin’s redness with some gel.

4. Obvious Results in: Winner – Ulike

Ulike sapphire AIR3 takes 3 weeks to reduce the hair count by 63.64%, hair length by 88.7%, and hair density by 93.29%. With a few more sessions, all your unwanted hair will be eradicated from the roots.

Although very powerful, Tria beauty 4x takes 2 sessions within 1 month to reduce your hair regrowth by 60%. To achieve total hairlessness, you need to do your hair removal treatments regularly for at least 3 months.

5. Results Last for: Winner – Tria

Ulike sapphire AIR3, just like other IPL devices, provides hairless smooth skin for 6 months. After that, you need to repeat the treatment cycle. However, Tria offers 1 year of hairless skin once you are done with your initial 8 or more hair removal sessions. For 1 year, you need no worries about hair, nicks, or bumps. So, Tria leads here.

6. Inside the Box: Winner – Ulike

Just like the attractive design of Ulike AIR3, its packaging will make you love it even more. The box comes with a luxurious Ulike IPL device, big protective goggles, a small travel-friendly razor, and lastly, a beautiful storage box.

However, Tria 4x is a little stingy here. All they give you in the box is the Tria laser device and its charger.

7. FDA-Cleared and Dermatologist Recommendation: Winner – Both

Both devices are equal here. Both are recommended by FDA with Tria being the first ever at-home laser device to be cleared by FDA. Moreover, both devices are recommended by dermatologists ensuring that they work well for semi-long-lasting hair removal.

About Ulike, Dr. Hadley King says, “I recommend using Ulike 2 to 3 times per week”. While about Tria, Dr. Eric Bernstein endorses “I use what I know works and what I trust, and that’s why I recommend the Tria for home-based laser hair removal.”

8. Reviews and Ratings: Winner – Unclear

Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Purple device has been released recently. Its first official user has given the device a 5-star rating. Let us not forget how Ulike has 3,000,000+ happy customers.

Although Tria 4x has 1,011 reviews, it only carries 3.96 out of 5 stars. However, we must wait for a while to know the clear winner of the two devices.

9. Price and Need of Replacing the Device: Winner – Ulike

Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Purple Hair Removal Handset with all its accessories comes at $329. Additionally, it offers unlimited flashes making the device last for countless years to come.

On the other hand, Tria Beauty 4x Laser Device is $499. It offers 90,000 flashes before you need to replace its battery. So, the device lasts only for 2-3 years. Again, Tria is a little stingy here as well.

Comparison Table

Now that you have gone through the details of both devices, take a look at this comparison table to resolve any confusion.


Ulike Sapphire

Tria Beauty 4X



Sleek and Luxurious




2 year

1 year


Money-back guarantee

90 days

60 days






Results in

3 weeks

3 months


Results last For

6 months

1 year


Works on

Full body

Full body


Inside the box

Ulike IPL device

Its adaptor

Its storage bag

Safety goggles

Smooth razor

Tria laser device

Its charger


Nearly painless Experience








Number of flashes/pulses

1 million flashes

90,000 pulses



The FDA-cleared Ulike Sapphire AIR3 purple IPL handset is a highly-effective IPL device that provides a comfortable experience, quick yet long-lasting results, and unlimited flashes along with an elegant design. Additionally, it is truly nearly painless and works well for the hair from your head to toe.

On the other hand, Tria beauty 4x, also an effective laser device, is fit for full body use, cleared by FDA, recommended by dermatologists, and provides results that last for 1 year. However, the hair removal experience with this device is a little uncomfortable, it takes months to show results, and you also need to buy pre and post-laser treatment gels.

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