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Complete Guide to Upper Lip Sweat Causes & Preventions

By Laura
October 28, 2023
7 minutes
Complete Guide to Upper Lip Sweat Causes & Preventions

There can be a situation when your upper lip start secreting sweat that you just don’t really want. However, during a special event, especially for ladies, sweaty upper lips can be very embarrassing and discomforting.

You might find yourself wiping your lips, which is not so good gesture when you’re at a party or on a date, or anywhere important. Also, wiping off that sweat will also ruin your makeup.

So why does upper lip sweat and what’s the solution? This article will tell you exactly what’s causing your upper lip to sweat, and how you can deal with it. Table of Contents:

Part 1: Why Does My Upper Lip Sweat?

Why Does My Upper Lip Sweat?So many people ask: What Are the Possible Reasons for Upper Lip Sweating? This section explains that.

Heat and Humidity

If you’re in a hot and humid environment, your body will start sweating, which is a natural phenomenon. Many body parts start sweating and upper lip is one of them. 

Stress and Anxiety

When you stress out, your body starts secreting sweat in order to help you calm down. This is again, a natural process and you will notice sweat on your upper lip when you stress or have anxiety issues.

Hormonal Changes

Do you know that upper lip sweat and hormones are correlated? When you go through hormonal changes such as during your menopause, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, etc., your body undergoes a lot of pressure. With a disturbance in your hormonal balance, your upper lip will sweat.

Certain Medications or Medical Conditions

Taking certain medicines like antidepressants, or stimulants will trigger sweating on upper lip, which you can consider a common side effect. Also, if you have any medical condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, or maybe thyroid disorders, then you can always expect a sweaty upper lip.

Too Much Spices

If you consume a lot of spices, more than your tolerance level, you will notice sweaty nose and upper lip. Sometimes, certain foods also cause sweaty lips, but that totally depends on how your body reacts to different food items.

Part 2: What Are the Ways to Stop Upper Lip From Sweating?

Let us see how to stop upper lip sweat in this section.

how to stop upper lip sweat Maintain Good Hygiene Practices

If you can keep your face clean, it will help you avoid upper lip sweating to some extent because all the dust, oil, and dirt buildup will no longer block your skin, allowing it to breathe. That will also help in upper lip perspiration. But remember that this trick will only work to some extent.

You Can Use Antiperspirants

There are a few antiperspirants that are developed for face to minimize sweating. Using those medicines will help you reduce your upper lip sweating, but again, you might need a doctor’s prescription and consultation to use those medicines.

Try Absorbent Products

Tissue papers are the best absorbent products you can carry in your purse when outside. So, whenever you feel like your lips are sweating, you can just dap instead of wiping. This way, you can keep your makeup tidy and get rid of sweat without much hassle.

Cool Compresses Can Help

Cool CompressesSince sweating is a result of overheating, you can simply get rid of heat through cold compression. Try using ice packs, or you can apply some cool ointment that have menthol and other cooling agents. These ointments are usually available over the counter, so you don’t really need a doctor’s prescription.

Stay Calm With Stress Management Techniques

It might be difficult, but if you can stay calm under the high pressure, then it’ll literally help you keep your upper lip from sweating. Try some stress management techniques like yoga, meditation, or any other technique you can learn from the art of living centers.

Seek Medical Interventions

If you believe that medical help can reduce your upper lip sweating, then doctors can give you several solutions to overcome this issue. Remember that doctors might advise medicines, which you may have to consume frequently. An injection of botox for upper lip sweat is also a very fancy and trending solution among many girls in different parts of the world.

Part 3: How to Manage Upper Lip Sweating With Makeup and Skincare Routines?

How to Manage Upper Lip Sweating With Makeup and Skincare Routines?You can prevent sweating from upper lip with the help of some skincare and makeup routines. This section is about upper lip sweat makeup.

      • Toner: You can apply a toner on your upper lip, so that it will tighten the skin pores. Doing so will discourage sweat secretion to some extent, but this may not work if the ambience is really hot and humid.
      • Mattifying Foundation: You can use a matte finish foundation, which can absorb excess sweat and reduce the shine that sweat causes.
      • Setting Powder: Just like a mattifying foundation, you can use a translucent powder, whose main purpose is to control the shine and keep your makeup in place.
      • Use Waterproof Makeup: Waterproof makeup will, for sure, stay at place and sweat cannot ruin it, because the makeup is waterproof.
      • Blotting Paper: If you’re out somewhere with your makeup on, then using a tissue paper might ruin your makeup. So, in that case, you an use a blotting paper, which is designed to absorb any excess oil and sweat from your face without ruining your precious makeup. 
      • Regular touchups: It’s totally fine if you sweat hard in certain environments, but the best thing to do is to wipe the sweat and touchup regularly, so your makeup stays fresh. This is very common among women all over the world, especially in the west, when they’re literally concerned about their perfect makeup.

Part 4: Home Remedies to Manage Upper Lip Sweating?

Sometimes is upper lip sweat normal, but if you want to control that, you can try some home remedies that are usually safe.

Natural Antiperspirants

        • Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree OilYou can dilute some drops of tea tree oil in water and then apply it on your upper lip. That can help your lip to dry a little bit, which will ultimately help you control sweat in that area.

Witch HazelYou can apply this directly on your upper lip using a cotton ball or any proper applicating tool, or simply use your fingers.

Herbal Remedies

        • Sage

SageYou need to collect some sage leaves and make a tea from it. Then, let it cool and apply it on your upper lips. This will give you some effective results.

        • Chemomile

ChemomileFirst, you need to buy some chamomile tea bags and cool it. Then you can press it against your upper lip, which will act as a cold compression.

Lifestyle Adjustments

        • Change Your Diet

There are so many food items that can trigger too much sweat like spicy food, caffeine, etc. These items will not only make your upper lip sweat, but will increase heat in your body, so avoid these items and notice the changes.

        • Hydration

Sometimes, lack of water can also rise your body temperature, and that can trigger sweating especially on your face, nose, and upper lip.

        • Stress Management

Nowadays, even women stress a lot over so many small things. If you’re sweating on your upper lip and face that’s bothering you, maybe you need to calm down and relax. Try joining stress management classes that will help you get over tiny things, which will automatically impact the frequency of upper lip sweating.

Part 5: Is It High Time to See a Doctor?

Sometimes, home remedies give temporary solutions for a very short period and other remedies may not seem to work. When your upper lip sweating becomes frequent and concerning, maybe that’s when you should be seeing a doctor because there can be some medical conditions that are causing this issue.

 Lip Primary Hyperhidrosis

It’s very much possible that you developed this disease during your adolescence, which is making you extra sweaty on your hands, feet, face, and upper lips. But, to make sure that you really have hyperhidrosis, you need to speak to your doctor and it will do some tests to find out the actual cause. If you really have hyperhidrosis, then your doctor may give you Botox injections and any more medications.


There are so many types of infections, which can make you sweat more on your face, including upper lip. Some common infections that cause this issue include TB, HIV, or maybe endocarditis.

Parkinson’s Disease

This is a neurological condition, which can make your upper lip sweat more unnecessarily, even if you don’t have any infection or any other medical condition.


You just got a clear idea of what can be causing your upper lip to sweat more than usual. If you think that you’re too young for your upper lip to sweat, please remember that age doesn’t have to do anything with this. Instead, we suggest that you recheck your lifestyle and hormonal changes. We also suggest you not to compare your condition with other people, because every person has a completely different experience when it comes to upper lip sweating. Instead, please seek medical help so that you can get the right treatment on time.

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