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The 15 Useful Gift Ideas for Mom’s Birthday in 2023

By Mariela
July 4, 2023
8 minutes

Is your mother’s birthday just around the corner and you are looking for a quick yet thoughtful gift that your mother will be thrilled to see? Or are you someone like me who begins thinking about gifts and surprises a while before the actual birthday?

Well, a mother is the most important person in our life and as we grow up we want to give all the love we received from her over the years back, right? So, in addition to Mother’s Day, her birthday is the perfect occasion to shower her with affection and gifts.

But choosing a good gift for your mother is quite a task for mothers who do not need what most girls do. Moreover, getting the best gift also depends upon your mother’s nature and personality.

In this article, we have something for all mothers. So, check it out to find the most appropriate one for your mother. Also, if you are looking for gift ideas for your grandma, you can find one of the best gifts for your grandmother .

What Are Useful Gifts and Why Would Your Mom Love Them?

Useful gifts are the ones that your mother can use in her daily life. These are the tools, things, or accessories that your mother might not need but they can make her routine chores simpler and her life easier.

Although women love jewelry, makeup, dresses, and stuff like that, a useful give will be a part of her everyday life and it will make her think happily of you as she uses the gift. Additionally, the gifts might be the stuff your mother requires without knowing. So, once she has those, she will fall in love with your considerate gifts.

Useful Gift Ideas for Mom’s Birthday

Personalized gifts as listed in the best personalised gifts for women can also be a good option. But here we have the functional products that will come in handy for your mother. So, let us check out the details.

1. Portable Neck Fan

With the summer season comes unavoidable sweating. Plus if your mother spends most of her day outdoors or in the kitchen, she would be sweating more. Additionally, makeup and sunscreens make the face hotter. So, a neck fan can help your mother stay cool throughout the day and avoid sweat falling into her eyes or smudging her makeup.

So, we have JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan for your mother with elongated fan outlets for the face and neck, an ergonomic design, 3 fan speeds, 4 to 16-hour rechargeable battery life, lightweight and skin-friendly construction, and eco-friendly materials.

2. Foot Massage Roller

After a tiring day, your mother would want a relaxing massage. Do you know that our feet have a number of acupuncture points that can help in relaxing the full body and giving a sense of calm? Well, a foot massage roller can be a treat to your mother every day.

Thera Flow Planter Massager comes with 5 rows of feet massage rollers in 2 designs made of grip-friendly sustainable wood. These rollers can be used to relieve body aches, neuropathy, and strains along with improving blood flow and relaxing deep tissues.

3. An IPL Device

Women of all ages, all ethnicities, and all careers have a common problem difficult to address, unwanted and unavoidable hair. Have you seen your mother being fed up with shaving, waxing, and depilation? Well, it is time to get her an IPL hair removal device.

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device can prove to be the best choice as this life-long lasting device offers 3 comfort modes with 3 intensity settings to be used on full body and face, a sapphire ice-cooling technology to make the hair removal nearly painless, and high-speed 7 minutes treatment time with long-lasting results.

4. Yoga Socks

Is your mother a fitness enthusiast who loves yoga or do you want her to join a yoga session? It is your sign to get her into this healthy activity to exercise her body, mind, and spirit together.

You can buy a yoga class subscription for her and give her a nice pair of socks to take her to a fruitful place. Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women are the best ones in the market as they have an anti-slip design, cotton and silicone material makeup, temperature-regulating feature, and sole cushions.

5. Tote Bag

A bag is a must-have for women. Your mother might already have a lot of bags in different styles but we are sure that she does not have the most function and the most trendy bag yet, the tote bag. So, get her one as a birthday gift.

Bee Green Tote Bag is a canvas bag with a zipper and embroidered design. With an inside pocket and a decorative ribbon, this bag is both practical and eye-flattering. Moreover, you can get it customized with your mother’s initials.

6. Kitchen Pot Stainer

There would rarely be a mother in this world who does not cook, right? She might love cooking but washing veggies and straining pasta must be challenging for her. Get her an advanced strainer so that she can quickly drain that extra water from the container and cook your meals like a pro.

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Pot Strainer and Pasta Strainer with its BPA-free silicon, heat resistant, and dishwasher-friendly material is a good gift idea. Additionally, it has a clip-on to attach it to your pans, pots, and bowls. It comes in 3 colors as well.

7. A Weight Loss Machine

Is your mother obese and extra weight is straining her joints making them weeks and she feels pain? Or does she have ankylosing spondylitis or arthritis and the doctors tell her to lose weight? You should get her an exercise machine with little impact on her weight-bearing joints.

Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser is the top option as it is a space-friendly exerciser that can help your mama lose weight as she watches the TV or reads a book and relaxes at the end of the day. It can be used to exercise both arms and legs and have a changeable resistance.

8. Anti-Aging Facial Light Therapy Tools

Anti-aging is the dream of all women. Even if your mother does not say it no one wants to have dull skin with wrinkles, right?

The latest technology in the field of anti-aging is light therapy and various tools are available in the market to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet with light of different colors. Additionally, such light can also be used to rejuvenate the skin.

Devices like New Key Led Face Mask Light Therapy in a mask form and Red Light Therapy for Face in a face-sculpting tool form are available for anti-aging, improving skin tone, reducing acne marks, and making the skin smooth.

9. Luggage Organizer Cubes

From our childhood to our teenage, we hear other mothers keep our things in place and stop messing up the living space. If your mother is still the same and gets frustrated by stuff spread here and there, get her organizing cubes to arrange all the items.

Additionally, such boxes can be used in traveling as well. BAGAIL Packing Cubes Organizers is made of a high-quality nylon wrinkle-free material and features 8 bags in different sizes. So, they can be used to pack almost any item your mother can think of. They also come in multiple colors.

10. A Luxury Skincare Set

Even if your mother is not a big fan of skincare and barely does anything for her face, she would love a skincare set that gives a luxurious experience. You can get her a full 10 steps skincare set but we advise you to keep it basic and get only what she will use in her routine.

Tatcha The Starter Ritual Set is one of the most graceful skincare sets that show obvious results. This set contains a cleansing oil, an essence, a facial cream, an eye cream, and a skin polish to restore the healthy barrier of the skin, nourish it, and make it radiant and glowing.

11. A Home Gardening Tools Set

For a mother who loves her self-gardened plants like her babies and has a number of beautiful floral and fruit plants in her garden, no gift can beat a gardening tool set. It is both useful and thrilling. While getting a set, pay attention to the tools she needs and the quality of the tools.

GardenHOME Garden Tool Set offers 7 tools that your mother will need for her routine gardening and a small steel trolly frame with a bag to keep those items. The tools are made of stainless steel and have grip-friendly wooden handles.

12. A Watch

A watch might seem like just an accessory but let me tell you that it is the most necessary one. Even in the present time when mobiles have replaced such a useful device, watches are not completely obsolete yet. So, get your mom a watch on her birthday and make her all nostalgic.

We chose Anne Klein Women’s Genuine Diamond Dial Bangle Watch as this minimalist watch comes in different colors, has an elegant design, affordable price, and mineral crystal lens to add to its grace. So, it is perfect for graceful ladies.

13. A Photo Printer

A mobile again has replaced many of the devices used in the past like cameras. But we have to agree that photos in soft copy will never replace photos in hard copy.

So, if your mother loves collecting portraits and pictures, gift her a portable photo printer to take as many as pictures she wants and even make an album out of it.

KODAK Dock Plus 4PASS Instant Photo Printer is the best portable photo printer in the market because of the HD photo quality it offers. Although a little expensive, this printer is compatible with all devices. Additionally, it offers both with and without border photos. It also comes with 80 sheets to print the pictures.

14. A Baking Pan Set

Cooking is always a mother’s best friend. Whether it is cooking for her husband, her kids, or the kids of her kids, nothing can beat the pleasure home women get in cooking. So, if your mother loves bakes but hates baking sheets, it is time to get her a set without them.

Nutrichef Kitchen Oven Baking Pans Non-Stick Sheets Set is the one. It has 6 pans, 4 rectangular for pasta and brownies, a circular one for cakes, and a cupcake tray for cupcakes and muffins. These are made of non-toxic stain-resistant durable carbon steel. Additionally, they are compatible with temperatures of up to 446 F. Although dishwasher safe, they should only be washed by hand.

15. An Air Purifier

The air in your environment might not be pure but you can surely purify the air of your home. Large air purifiers might cover a large area, but they are not much function because of the space they take. So, if your mother has sensitive airways or asthma, the best gift idea for her is an air purifier, particularly a room purifier.

LEVOIT Air Purifiers are the top choice in this category for it is profitable, feature 3-stage filtration, regulates room temperature, can be used to disperse aroma from aromatherapy, takes small space, and makes no noise.


In this article, we have provided the best gift ideas for your mother on her birthday. Whether she loves skincare, wants to lose weight, is looking for unwanted hair grooming tools, is into gardening, or stays in the kitchen all day, you will surely find an irresistible gift in here for her.

Additionally, if you want to surprise her a little more, make a homemade fit for her yourself by following the ideas mentioned in the best homemade Mother’s Day gifts. What could be better than getting two gifts at once, right?

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