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Waxing Regrowth After 1 Week? Here is What You Can Do

By Mariela
February 18, 2024
6 minutes
Waxing Regrowth After 1 Week?

Many people prefer waxing their bodies for smooth and hair-free skin. Still, there are so many concerns about hair regrowth after waxing.  The longer the hair, the more chances of hair breakage and quicker regrowth. This means our hair length can determine the speed of hair regrowth after waxing.

Your hair growth also depends upon the hair growth cycle, So, hair regrowth after the first week is expected in waxing because of the growth cycle.  If you waxed at the wrong cycle time, you will still face this issue.  Therefore, you should know how hair growth works and when to wax as per this growth cycle. 

Table of Contents:

Why does hair grow back a week after waxing?

Why does hair grow back a week after waxing?You should know about the hair growth cycle to know why hair grows back quickly after waxing. So, we are here to give you a quick go-through of this cycle to understand hair regrowth. 

The cycle has three phases:

  1. Active Phase (Anagen): The hair emerges like a fiber after the onion-like shape. Then, it appears on the skin and lasts for several years. 
  2. Transition Phase (Catagen): This is the transition phase in which the hair enters quiescence. It is the growth part. If many hairs grow from the same point, they shed automatically. It remains for a few weeks. 
  3. Resting Phase (Telogen): It is the phase that lasts till the life of the hair. 10 to 15% of hair rests on the skin for a good time. The time depends on the area of the skin. 

As you have now a basic idea of the hair growth cycle, let’s see how waxing affects the hair at different stages.

  • The best time to wax your hair is the anagen phase. When you wax in the active stage, it destroys the papilla and reduces hair regrowth. 
  • The worst time to wax your hair is the telogen phase. You get frequent hair regrowth if you wax in it, as it does not stop the anagen phase. The papilla remains undamaged, therefore it develops hair within some days. 
  • The catagen phase is the middle one. You can wax during this stage, but you will get baby hairs or some hair will not be removed. It is because you are not affecting the hair growth process. It is still in the active phase. 

Should I insist on waxing my hair?

Should I insist on waxing my hair?This controversial question entirely depends on one’s preferences, hair type, and hair growth. Some people get their hair back within a week, whereas others do not get hair regrowth after 2-3 weeks. However, most people are in the 1-week boat. 

Who Should do or not do Waxing?

You should do Waxing if:

  • You are consistent and can wax again after some time
  • You can bear the pain
  • Do you like smooth skin after waxing 
  • You have a problem with ingrown hair 

You should avoid waxing if:

  • You cannot bear the pain of waxing
  • You have sensitive skin
  • You have a damaged skin barrier 
  • You have skin diseases like rosacea or eczema

What type of wax Should you Use?

People mostly use two types of wax: Hard wax and soft wax. You should choose one depending on the skin area to be waxed. Hard wax suits sensitive and smaller areas, whereas soft wax is for larger areas. On the other hand, soft wax is suitable for large areas and is a bit more painful but less expensive than hard wax. Hence, the choice is yours. 

How to Manage Regrowth After One Week?

How to Manage Regrowth After One Week?You can reduce hair regrowth with pre and post-care. You should have a good skincare routine and waxing schedule to achieve consistent hair regrowth. Here are some tips that will help you to manage regrowth after one week: 

Hair removal waxing: pre-care tips

  1. Your hair should go through one complete cycle before the next waxing appointment. This means a gap of 3-4 weeks is a must between two waxing sessions. However, if you have shaved before, you can reduce this gap to 2-3 weeks. 
  2. A warm bath before waxing will loosen the pores and help the wax to pluck the hair effortlessly thus reducing pain 
  3. Exfoliation removes the build-up and dead skin. It allows the hair to come out of the skin quickly as the extra layer will be removed with exfoliation. Therefore, it is advised to exfoliate a day or two before waxing. 

Hair removal waxing: post-care tips

  1. You should not wet your skin frequently with warm water after waxing as the skin is usually more sensitive after waxing.  Harsh chemicals or hot water can irritate it so avoid these for 24-48 hours after your hair removal session 
  2. Exfoliation prevents ingrown hair and slows down hair regrowth. So, regular exfoliation at least two times per week after waxing can be beneficial. However, take a break for 2 days after waxing and then start the exfoliation routine 
  3. Another tip is to hydrate your skin to avoid itchiness and skin irritation. Thick creams and moisturizers will remove dryness after waxing and protect your barrier. 

What should you avoid after Waxing?

Waxing removes the hair from the root, which takes a week or more to come out of the skin. Some people go for shaving or tweezing to remove the hair before getting waxed again. It is the worst you can do with your waxed skin.

These quick hair removal methods after waxing can disrupt your hair growth cycle. So, when your skin is waxed after some time, the hair will grow in different patterns. You will then face some hair growth patches in other skin areas. 

You should also avoid harsh chemicals right before or after waxing. It can burn your skin and cause hyperpigmentation and eczema. These conditions are challenging to resolve, so it is always better to wait a few days before using the chemical after waxing. Otherwise, you will destroy your skin and face many problems. 

What are some excellent alternatives to waxing?

IPLYou can choose other options if you cannot wax for any reason. There are many different options available. 

Shaving: It is quick and inexpensive, but the results are short-term. 

Laser and electrolysis: They are expensive and time-consuming. You need to go for multiple sessions to see visible results. 

Is there any alternative that is pocket-friendly, quick, and safe?  Yes, an IPL hair removal device can solve all your problems and get rid of all the stubborn hair on your body. It nearly painlessly targets the hair follicles and disrupts hair growth for a long time duration. 

Among various IPL devices available online, we recommend you the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL handset. The device is FDA-cleared and has 1 million flashes which makes it useful for over 20 years. For noticeable results, just 2 weeks are enough. After 4 weeks of consistent use, there is a 90% reduction in hair growth which means you can achieve long-lasting smooth skin within a month. In addition, you will also get a 2-year warranty and safety goggles in the box for free. 


Most people prefer waxing over any other hair removal method as it is affordable and convenient for beginners. Furthermore, waxes are easily available everywhere. However, there can be a difference in opinion because everyone has differences in their hair growth cycle. This affects the results of hair removal. 

If it is not working for you but you still want to continue waxing, it is recommended to set a proper waxing schedule, maintain consistency in that schedule, and make a skincare routine a must after every waxing session to achieve better results. 

There is no solution for pain but you can get over it by opting for a better hair removal method like IPL. For this purpose, Ulike can be a good at-home device that ensures safe and effective hair removal.

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