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Yag Laser Hair Removal: Is It Good for Dark Skin?

By Viktoria
October 31, 2023
7 minutes
Yag Laser Hair Removal

In a laser hair removal technique, there is a limitation, in that it cannot work properly on dark skin tones. There has to be a proper difference between your hair color and skin tone, where hair needs to be darker than your skin. That’s why, dark-skinned guys often face disappointment when it comes to laser hair removal.

However, the concept of laser hair removal got a little extended, and yag laser hair removal came up. In this, even if you have dark skin, the laser beams will work effectively to remove those unwanted hair. This article explains the concept of Yag hair removal technique in detail.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Understanding Yag Laser Hair Removal

In a regular laser hair removal technique, laser beams are shot to target the hair follicles. The melanin (which has a dark color) absorbs that light. If your skin color is also dark, then a lot of laser beams would get absorbed by your skin cells. If that happens, then the entire treatment becomes ineffective. That’s why, your skin needs to be lighter than your hair color.

The more the difference, the better the treatment works. Let’s see what is yag laser hair removal.

How does Yag Technology work?

In order to overcome the above-mentioned issue, the concept of yag laser hair removal for dark skin came up. It’s very similar to laser hair removal and is also considered a better version of laser hair removal technology. There’s also something called ND yag laser hair removal, which is another variant of yag hair removal.

Yag works almost similar to a regular laser hair removal technology. The only difference here is that you can adjust the hair removal device to target a specific color or pigment. So, if you have lighter hair, then you can adjust the device to match your light hair color pigment.

How Is Yag Suitable for Dark Skin Tones?

Yag Has Longer Wavelengths

Yag becomes better and more suitable for dark skin tones because it has longer wavelengths. Longer wavelengths mean that they can penetrate deeper into your skin before they get absorbed by your hair’s melanin. So, even if you have a darker skin tone, the wavelength will still penetrate your skin deeply.

Yag Allows Selective Targeting

With the help of selective targeting, you can selectively target the hair melanin. Remember that if you have dark skin, your hair melanin will be even darker. Yag can differentiate between the two, hence becoming suited for dark skin tones.Yag Allows Selective Targeting

Part 2: What’s the Cost of Yag Laser Hair Removal?

Here is the expected Yag laser hair removal cost:

  • Small Areas (Upper Lip, Chin, Underarms): Approximately $100 – $300 per session.
  • Medium Areas (Bikini Line, Lower Legs, Back): Approximately $200 – $600 per session.
  • Large Areas (Full Legs, Full Back, Chest): Approximately $400 – $1,200 per session.

What Factors Can Affect The Cost?

  1. Treatment Area: Obviously, a small treatment area means less expense and large treatment area means a costlier solution.
  2. Number of Sessions: The above prices are for each session and if you need more sessions, then it will add to the cost.
  3. Geographical Location: Getting treatment at a reputed salon in an urban area will be expensive.
  4. Salon Package: Sometimes, some salons combine yag hair removal with other services, and for that, they also offer attractive discounts.

Part 3: Where Do I Get Yag Laser Hair Removal Treatment?Where Do I Get Yag Laser Hair Removal Treatment

This section talks about yag laser hair removal where to go recommendations and tips.

A Professional Treatment Is Highly Recommended

  1. A professional esthetician knows how to use the laser device properly. She will also try to keep the level of discomfort to a minimum level.
  2. When it comes to safety, a professional will prioritize safety for you, so that you don’t get any burns, scars, etc., on your body.
  3. Since a professional knows what she is doing, the results are going to be just as effective. She can target hair follicles precisely and will make sure that each session is worth every penny.

Finding the Right Treatment Center

1. Research Online

To find the most appropriate treatment center, we suggest that you start your research online. You can just google the best centers in your area and read the reviews, see their pictures of inside and outside, see any comments or pictures that are shared by the visitors, etc. That will give you a very clear idea of how that center really is.

2. Check For License & Qualification

Once you have selected some treatment centers, visit their official websites and look for their qualification and certification. That will give you confidence in the professionals.

3. Speak To Your Esthetician

You can even visit the center, speak to your esthetician, and determine if that person is trustworthy or not. Again, that will boost your confidence in your esthetician and the treatment center.

What Qualifications and Certifications to Look For in a Professional?

  1. License: Check if the esthetician has a valid license and is authorized to carry out this profession or not. You can also check if the treatment center holds a valid license to run the business.
  2. Certification: A professional esthetician will be certified by a reputed organization, which proves that he/she has gone through professional training for yag hair removal.
  3. Experience: It’s never a bad idea to speak to your esthetician about her experience so that you can understand if she will be good with her work or not.
  4. State Regulations: Different states in the US have different regulations when it comes to yag hair removal practices. Make sure that the center you’ve chosen follows those regulations or not.

Part 4: Before and After Results of Yag Laser Hair Removal

Before and After Results of Yag Laser Hair Removal

This section elaborates on yag laser hair removal before and after results that you can expect.

Common Results That You Can Expect

1. Initial Sessions (1-3 Sessionss)

During your first three sessions, you will notice that some of your hair would be growing back, but will be way more thinner and slower. This means that the treatment is working just fine.

2. Midway (4-6 Sessions)

The hair growth should get even slower. In some regions, you will notice long-lasting hair loss.

3. Conclusing Sessions (6+ Sessions)

Now, the density of your hair will reduce drastically, a lot of areas will have long-lasting hair loss, and any hair that grows back will be very thin and fine.

Why Is It Important to Follow Aftercare Instructions?

To Let Your Skin Recover

During the yag hair removal session, your skin goes through a very rough time and experiences a lot of harshness. If you leave your skin untreated, you may experience redness, irritation, a burning sensation, or an even worse situation.

Usually, you can let your skin recover from all the harshness by applying aftercare lotions, and sunscreens, and avoiding going out in direct sunlight. Some cooling agents can also help you feel better.

To Get Optimal Results

When you follow an aftercare routine after each session, it helps keep your hair follicles inactive. Therefore, you will experience better results.

To Avoid Complications

If you follow proper aftercare for your skin, it means you are protecting it from any possible complications like infections or unwanted reactions. Leaving your skin unprotected can invite these complications.

Part 5: Some Cool Tips for the Best Yag Laser Hair Removal

  1. We highly recommend not to try yag laser hair removal for dark skin at home or nd yag laser hair removal at home under any circumstances.
  2. Shaving the treatment area before your treatment session will give you even better results. But don’t go for waxing.
  3. Being hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy and let it fight against any harshness that it went through during the treatment.
  4. It’s better not to tan your skin, especially the treatment area, no matter how badly you want to do it. That will only ruin your skin and increase irritation.

Some Cool Tips for the Best Yag Laser Hair Removal

Part 6: FAQS

Is Yag Laser Good for Hair Removal?

Yes, of course, YAG laser is great for hair removal for dark skin tones as you can adjust the laser device to match your hair color. That’s why, usually dark people and those with light hair colors choose this technique.

Is Ipl Better Than Yag?

There’s no straightforward answer because both are good in their own ways. IPL is better for light skin tones and dark hair, while Yag is more dedicated to helping those with dark skin tones and light hair. If you choose a technique that’s best designed for your skin tone and hair color, then both will give you excellent results.

How Painful Is Yag Laser Hair Removal?

The sensations and pain levels are very similar to any laser hair removal technique. You should be fine with the pain tolerance and it will feel like so many rubber bands snapping your skin. But in sensitive areas, the pain will be a little more.


So, yag hair removal is stunning for dark skin tones, and that’s why it has gained so much fame in areas with dark people. The effectiveness is simply breathtaking, which is why, this technology has only seen a rising demand all over the world.

However, we would like to remind you that this method is not feasible to do yourself at home, and before booking an appointment, speaking to your professional medical advisor will be very helpful for you. Finally, don’t forget to get the treatment only from a licensed, authorized, and reputed center and esthetician.

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