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Top 17 Yoga Influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

By Viktoria
May 13, 2023
8 minutes

When we spend all day on social media, we cannot help getting influenced by internal stars whether it is makeup look, outfit of the day, lifestyle, or skin care. So, how about getting influenced by health and wellness as well?

If you have been coming across yoga-related videos while scrolling your feed, it is your sign to start practicing this calming exercise. Now you would wonder where to start and how to learn yoga, so many of its postures, and its benefits? Social media is the answer.

From YouTube to Facebook, there are numerous yoga influencers. So, if you are looking into finding the top ones in this field, we got you.

Top Yoga Influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Here is the list of the top 17 yoga influencers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. You can follow them to learn yoga or new yoga asanas if you are already practicing them.

1. Adriene Mishler

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Yoga With Adriene

ID: @yogawithadriene

Followers: 3.8 K

  • Instagram: Adriene Mishler

ID: adrienelouise

Followers: 1.3 M

  • YouTube: Yoga with Adriene

ID: @yogawithadriene

Subscribers: 12 Million

  • Facebook: Yoga With Adriene

ID: yogawithadriene

Followers: 776 K

Adriene Mishler is a well-known Yoga instructor famous for her “ Yoga with Adriene” on Youtube. She initiated her career as an actress and a voiceover artist but soon started teaching Yoga through youtube in 2012.

She also worked in collaboration with ADIDAS in 2015 and hosted an ADIDAS x WANDERLUST Livestream gaining about 665,000 views. This shows how interested she is in sports and health. Additionally, her Beginner-friendly yoga classes are something everyone loves about her.

2. Jessamyn Stanley

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Jessamyn Stanley

ID: @mynameisjessamyn

Followers: 14.7 K

  • Instagram: Jessamyn/The Underbelly

ID: mynameisjessamyn / theunderbellyyoga

Followers: 545 K/126K

  • YouTube: Jessamtyn Stanley

ID: @JessamynStanley

Subscribers: 61.7 K

  • Facebook: Jessamyn Stanley

ID: mynameisjessamyn

Followers: 238 K

The 36-year-old Jessamyn Stanley is a Yoga instructor, writer, and advocate for body positivity. After rejection from her school sports teams, she lost hope for a while but then emerged as a confident plus-sized woman famous for her motivating yoga videos on Instagram for curvy women.

For her, Yoga is more about how the person feels than how he looks. She has written various books including “Every Body Yoga” to inspire women.

3. Mama Solaris

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Sia Small

ID: @mamasolaris

Followers: 233.2 K

  • Instagram: Sia – Holistic CLT Realtor

ID: mamasolaris

Followers: 29.6 K

  • YouTube: Mama Solaris

ID: @mamasolaris639

Subscribers: 649

  • Facebook: Sia Natara

ID: mamasolaris

Followers: 278 K

Sia Natara known by her social media name Mama Solaris is a single mother known for her energy reading and intuitive skills. The Reiki Certified spiritual teacher is working as a coach for almost 2 years.

She offers online courses and podcasts to teach others what she knows and help them in their fitness journey. For her, her biggest inspiration is her son.

4. Liv Townsend

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Liv

ID: @livinleggings

Followers: 389

  • Instagram: Yoga, Flexibility + Movements Teacher

ID: livinleggings

Followers: 312 K

  • YouTube: Livinleggings

ID: @Livinleggings

Followers: 269 K

  • Facebook: Livingleggings Yoga

ID: livinleggings

Followers: 1.1 K

Liv Townsend is known by her account LivinLeggins. She is providing her services in health and fitness by sharing yoga techniques and workouts. As a radiographer, her passion for anatomy led her to learn and teach various tips and tricks on fitness.

She is famous not only on Instagram but also on youtube for her live classes, relatable and easy workout techniques, and on-demand classes as well.

5. Kino MacGregor

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Yoga & Meditation

ID: @kino_yoga

Followers: 17.6 K

  • Instagram: Kino MacGregor

ID: kinoyoga

Followers: 1.1 M

  • YouTube: Kino Ytoga

ID: @KinoYoga

Followers: 804 K

  • Facebook: Kino Yoga

ID: kinoyoga

Followers: 670 K

Have you heard of Omstars, the world’s first Yoga TV network? Well, Kino MacGregor is the founder of this network. The 45-year-old Miami native is working as a motivational speaker, video producer, writer, and Yoga teacher.

She is skilled in Ashtanga yoga and shares her practice through Instagram and Youtube. The influential author is not only focusing on Ashtanga Yoga but also working on Vipassana meditation currently.

6. Tara Stiles

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Tara Stiles

ID: @tara.stiles

Followers: 421

  • Instagram: Tara Stiles @stralayoga

ID: tarastiles

Followers: 152 K

  • YouTube: Tara Stiles: Yoga That Feels Like You

ID: @TaraStilesYoga

Subscribers: 324 K

  • Facebook: Tara Stiles

ID: TaraStilesOfficial

Followers: 231 K

Tara Leann Stiles, the founder of Starla Yoga is a model-turned-yoga instructor. She founded Starla Yoga with her husband and now has more than 1000 instructors working for this business.

She is flexible in her teachings as she prefers health benefits over any other philosophies. As for teachers in her institute, she mainly focuses on skills and practice instead of degrees and theoretical excellence.

7. Cathay Madeo

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Yoga Expert

ID: @cathymadeoyoga

Followers: 302.4 K

  • Instagram: Cathay Madeo – Yoga Expert

ID: cathymadeoyoga

Followers: 141 K

  • YouTube: Cathy Madeo Yoga

ID: @CathyMadeoYoga

Subscribers: 53.3 K

  • Facebook: Cathay Madeo Yoga

ID: cathymadeoyoga

Followers: 1.9 K

Cathay Madeo is a social media influencer who has expertise in yoga and works as an entrepreneur. She is the founder of a worldwide yoga online school helping thousands of people online through her online courses.

Her thorough understanding of alignment and passion for bringing the best out of everyone is what keeps every student and teacher connected to her school.

8. Corrina Rachel

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram: Corrina Rachel | Entrepreneur, Health Coach, Creator

ID: corrinarachel

Followers: 6.0 K

  • YouTube: Psyche Truth

ID: @psychetruth

Subscribers: 4.07 M

  • Facebook: Psyche Truth

ID: psychetruthvideos

Followers: 37 K

Corrina Rachel is a Holistic health coach well-known for her collaboration with the famous healthy channel Psychetruth. The 38-year-old influencer is one of the members of the Famous Youtube Star list.

She also has a youtube channel for ASMR videos. She provides you with health tips, a beginner’s guide for Bedtime Yoga, and other fitness techniques.

9. Sarah Beth

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram: Sarah Beth Yoga

ID: sarahbethyoga

Followers: 106 K

  • YouTube: Sarah Beth Yoga

ID: @sarahbethyoga

Subscribers: 1. 64 M

  • Facebook: Sarah Beth Yoga

ID: SarahBethYoga

Followers: 131 K

The next up is Sarah Beth who is a well-known yoga teacher with an experience of 10 years. She is certified in Power Vinyasa, Ayurveda, prenatal, Yin, and many other Yoga techniques.

On Youtube, her main focus is Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga along with some meditation techniques. According to Sarah, 5 minutes of Yoga per day is better than 1 hour of yoga per week.

10. Tim Senesi

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram: Yoga With Tim

ID: timsenesiyoga

Followers: 61 K

  • YouTube: Yoga With Tim

ID: @yogawithtim

Subscribers: 296 K

  • Facebook: Tim Senesi Yoga

ID: timsenesiyoga

Followers: 15 K

Tim sensei is a skater and a surfer who loves to travel. But, being overweight and having zero self-confidence in childhood inspired him to enter the world of Yoga. Now, he is famous for his weekly online yoga classes on Youtube.

His main focus is Vinyasa yoga and precise alignment of the body. His main life motto “Do it for the sake of doing it, not for the results” keeps him and his followers motivated.

11. Zacharia Zenios

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Zacharia Zenios

ID: @zacharia_zenios

Followers: 53.8 K

  • Instagram: Zacharia Zenios | Functional Fitness

ID: zacharia_zenios

Followers: 4.8 K

  • YouTube: Zacharia Zenios

Account: @ZachariaZenios

Subscribers: 1.39 K

  • Facebook: Zacharia Zenios

ID: zachariah.zenios

Followers: 1.7 K

Zacharia Zenios previously worked in the Marine Corps infantry for 4 years. After discharge, he went to Yoga classes to help with his injuries and fell in love with how yoga made him feel.

Currently, he is a specialist in corrective exercise and NASM certified in personal training. The 200-hour Yoga teacher is famous for his power flow, hatha, yin, and athletic yoga.

12. Esther Ekhart

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram: Esther Ekhart


Followers: 6.4 K

  • YouTube: Ekhart Yoga

ID: @Ekhartyoga

Subscribers: 354 K

  • Facebook: Esther Ekhart

ID: EstherEkhart

Followers: 4.9 K

Esther Ekhart is the founder of Ekhart Yoga who launched her youtube yoga channel in 2008. After trying to find her interests in different fields like psychology and psychotherapy and leaving them halfway for one reason or the other, she found her refuge in yoga and meditation.

After healing completely after losing her friend, she is now on a journey to heal others through her yoga, therapy training, and meditation classes. She mainly focuses on Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Meditation.

13. Brett Larkin

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Brett Larkin Yoga

ID: @upliftedyoga

Followers: 1018

  • Instagram: Brett Larkin, Uplifted Yoga

ID: larkinyogatv

Followers: 52.2 K

  • YouTube: Brett Larkin Yoga

ID: @BrettLarkinYoga

Subscribers: 522 K

  • Facebook: Brett Larkin Yoga

ID: LarkinYoga

Followers: 71 K

Brett Larkin is a multi-talented Yoga trainer whose name can be seen in the IT department, ballet, modern dance, and massage therapy as well. She started the online teaching industry in the year 2015 and is now an award-winning instructor.

Other than Uplited, she is co-founder of two successful businesses. She has done 500 hours of Yoga training and her book is up for release in December 2023.

14. Faith Hunter

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Faith Hunter, Spiritually Fly

ID: @spirituallyfly

Followers: 5.1 K

  • Instagram: Faith Hunter | Wellness + Life Coach

ID: spirituallyfly

Followers: 87.8 K

  • YouTube: Faith Hunter

ID: @OfficialFaithHunter

Subscribers: 28.2 K

  • Facebook: Faith Hunter

ID: SpirituallyFly

Followers: 16 K

Faith Hunter blends the classic Yoga principles with her personal Yoga experiences to make a perfect yoga class for her students. She is a meditation and yoga instructor, philanthropist, and music head.

She has studied Vinyasa and Kundalini along with Ashtanga. So, She has been working as an instructor for 20 years with the theory of “Embrace your flow”. Moreover, She also owns a studio called Embrace.

15. Koya Webb

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Koya Webb

ID: @koyawebb

Followers: 1860

  • Instagram: Spirituality. Wellness. Entrepreneurship

ID: koyawebb

Followers: 977 K

  • YouTube: Koya Webb

ID: @KoyaWebb

Subscribers: 49.5 K

  • Facebook: Koya Webb

ID: KoyaWebbOnline

Followers: 50 K

Konya Webb also known as the “transformational specialist” is an international Yoga instructor. The holistic health and wellness coach is also the author of “ Let Your Fears Make You Fierce” motivating the readers to live fearlessly.

Moreover, She is the founder of the school named Get Loved Up and initiated a podcast with the same name.

16. Dylan Werner

Social Media Accounts

  • TikTok: Dylan Werner Yoga

ID: @dylanwerneryoga

Followers: 526

  • Instagram: Dylan Werner

ID: dylanwerneryoga

Followers: 813 K

  • YouTube: Dylan Werner

Account: @GodsGreenProtein

Subscribers: 7.1 K

  • Facebook: Dylan Werner Yoga

ID: DylanWernerYoga

Followers: 260 K

Dylan Werner is an International Yoga trainer traveling worldwide to teach and motivate others to stay fit. He is well-equipped with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Additionally, his knowledge of Eastern philosophy gives him a unique view making his teachings interesting and creative. He is skilled in Vinyasa, Yin, and Power Yoga.

17. Briohny Smith

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram: Briohny Smyth, Yoga Teacher

ID: yogawithbriohny


  • YouTube: Yoga With Briohny

Account: @YogaWithBriohny

Followers: 351 K

  • Facebook: Briohny Kate Smyth

ID: briohnysmyth

Followers: 4 K

The Australian-born Briohyn Kate Smyth started her life as a young pop star, became a fashion tycoon, and in the end, choose the profession of yoga star at an international level. Her Equinox fitness videos had her go viral. All we see is her success but she suffered from anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

She found the way out of all these issues and now aims to help people fighting anxiety and mental health issues through yoga and meditation. Moreover, she is a mother with a happy smile and a positive aura.


In this list, you can find famous social media yoga personalities from lean yoga influencers to plus-sized, from males to females, and from yoga instructors to wellness enthusiasts.

We also also mentioned their social media handles making it easy for you to follow them and start your fitness journey.

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