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5’Oclock Shadow: A Closer Look at the Perfect Stubble

By Jason
January 24, 2024
6 minutes
5’Oclock Shadow

The 5 o’clock shadow is the little hair men get after shaving their beards. This could be a few hours of the shave or even a few days too. The little hair that is too little to be shaved qualifies as stubble.

The 5 o’clock has been in fashion look for men. Some of them achieve the look as soon as the afternoon on the same day of shaving while others get this after a few days. It is dependent on an individual’s hair growth and rate.

The look has been popular in men as a stylish one among personalities like George Clooney. The popularity has led many men out there to achieve the look.

Therefore, let us talk about it today.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What is a 5 O’clock Shadow?

The famous 5 o’clock shadow is not just an idiom limited to the English language but with a story behind it. It is a concept backed by the story of a male’s beard.

It was commonly believed that a man working 8 am to 5 pm and shaving his beard in the morning gets little beard hair back at 5 pm in the office. This concept was believed to be a myth for years but is not denied.

Few liked the 5 o’clock shadow but others got agitated by shaving the next day. The look comes back from the 80s when pirates and drunk men donned it but now it is back in fashion.

The look has achieved a designer aesthetic in the fashion industry because of its comfortability. It is a fine look for those who have slow facial hair growth and do not fashion a full beard. The look is easy to maintain with the right trimming and can stay for longer. It makes you look good fast and can last longer than fuller beards that require more maintenance.

Part 2: 5 O’clock Shadow vs. Stubble5 O'clock Shadow vs. Stubble

The 5 o’clock shadow has emerged as a trend that has got many to follow. However, some tend to differentiate the 5 o’clock shadow from stubble.

They are pretty much the same but the 5 o’clock shadow is a defined version of the stubble. The little hair of the stubble when trimmed from the sides in a proper shape is called a 5 o’clock shadow.

The stubble can look rough with unruly and wiry edges with undefined edges. The 5 o’clock shadow is styled and organized.

The stubble hair is long while the 5 o’clock shadow is shorter. The stubble hair is denser while the 5 o’clock shadow is less dense.

Part 3: Is the 5 O’clock Shadow Attractive?

The 5 o’clock shadow is straight-up attractive and stylish. The look gives a rough and tough look to men. It gives a grown man’s look and also helps to hide any skin imperfections.

The look imparts masculinity most easily. It looks best when the neck stubble is shaved. Also, find out do women like beards in men.

Part 4: How to Get Rid of the 5 O’clock Shadow?How to Get Rid of the 5 O'clock Shadow

If you wish to remove your 5 o’clock shadow, here are some methods you could use.

Using a razor on your 5 o’clock shadow does not make it go easily. It is stubborn to take off and still, some remains can be left.

Using a foil or rotary electric shaver is also a method to remove the 5 o’clock shadow. It also has remains left after this.

Using shaving creams and oil with a normal or cartridge razor is another method to remove your 5 o’clock shadow.

A cartridge razor is technical to use but once you get a hand of it, it does the job pretty well.

Part 5: How to Maintain a 5 O’clock Shadow

Learn about the tips to fade a beard here. The 5 o’clock shadow is the easiest beard in terms of maintenance. Here are the easiest steps.

Step 1: Prepare your skin

To get a 5 o’clock look, first ready your canvas. Prepare your skin by exfoliating it and removing any dead skin cells on it to avoid bumps. After cleaning and drying then go for trimming. A dry beard is easier to trim.

Step 2: Trim

Grow your long beard hair and then trim it to the 5 o’clock shadow’s length. You can decide the length of your 5 o’clock shadow, there is no specific length.

Use an electric trimmer to trim this long length and choose a comb that suits your face shape and comfort. Start with a longer comb to achieve the look and get the desired uniformity.

Step 3: Shape your beard

Shape your beard for any untidy edges to achieve a neat look. Shape your rugged edges nicely. You can cut the edges you don’t desire.

Cut the edges that are longer than the 5 o’clock beard look. Use an edging blade or a beard trimmer to get the sharp edges you want. Then use a wet razor to differentiate between smooth and stubbled skin.

Enhance your cheekbones by placing one end of the comb where the ear meets the cheekbone and aligning it to the corner of your lips.

Step 4:  Shave

The 5 o’clock look has a refined look because of the shaving. You need to shave your neck clean and the extra edges to get a toned look. Shaving enhances the cheekbones and gives a good look.

Shaving at your desired places and the shape you desire. Shave the hair above your Adam’s apple to get a neat look.

Step 5: Moisturize

Moisturizing the beard and the skin beneath is very essential. You can do this by using a good facewash or a beard wash and conditioner to remove dead skin around your hair follicles.

Use a beard oil in its post-beard care for good growth. Using beard butter is also a great idea to have shiny stubble.

Step 6: Track Timing

Every beard is different because of the rate. It depends on an individual’s hair growth. Track your timing on when you get the desired hair growth.

It’s a time-tracking game for a 5 o’clock shadow. You can place a mark on your calendar to set a reminder about hair growth and trimming the hair accordingly.

Step 7: Post-shave

It is essential to wash your face well after the shave to remove the residues. For this, use warm water instead of cold as it offers a soothing effect. Not to mention that a post-shave lotion is a must.

Avoid ingrown hair

Regular exfoliation with a facial scrub helps prevent and treat the undesired ingrown hair after the shave. Therefore, use an exfoliating agent once or twice every week before or after shaving.


5’Oclock shadow is a slight growth of the hair that takes a day or two to sprout. Some men love it while others are not too fond of it. Therefore, you can choose to keep it or remove it by the methods we mentioned in this article.

Lastly, this versatile look can be the perfect fit for any occasion. However, it is always your personal choice and fashion sense that determines if you want it or not.

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