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Do Women Like Beards in Men?

December 23, 2023
5 minutes
Do Women Like Beards in Men?

Women might dress to impress only themselves and other women, seldom paying attention to what men think of their appearance. On the other hand, to men, their attractiveness to women matters, especially if it is a woman they a courting. 

One of the most asked questions about the preferences of pretty ladies is that if they like men with beards or without beards. Also, which factors influence the choice of women regarding facial hair in men is often under discussion.

Therefore, we are going to explain do women like beards in men and what they think of facial hair in men.

Without further ado, let us find the answers.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Do Women Like Men with Beards?

Do Women Like Men with Beards?Giving an absolute answer to this question with no proof might seem like a biased opinion. Therefore, we are going to present evidence in the form of surveys and studies determining if the girl you like prefers you with a thick beard or a clean shave.

Study 1: 

Cut Throat Club surveyed by including over 100 women from teenagers to old age to find out what they say about the beards of men. According to this survey,

  • 38.89% of the women under study liked men with a clean shave
  • 30.56% of women preferred full beards in men
  • Another 30.56% of the women found men with light beards more handsome

Also, it is important to note that mainly middle or old-age women liked clean-shaven men better while young adults preferred both equally when it comes to full beard vs. clean shave.

Study 2: 

Another study published in Science Direct took 60 women as its subject to find the relationship between facial hair to attractiveness in men.

The study concluded that

  • Men with full beard give strong and overwhelming vibes
  • Men with light beards seem dominant 
  • Men with stubble were the most attractive of all

Part 2: What Beard Styles Do Women Like the Best?

What Beard Styles Do Women Like the Best?One thing is for sure, more women like men with facial hair than without it. Now the beard style that women like the best is another question. We will seek guidance through studies here as well.

Study 1: 

The third question in a survey by Cut Throat Club was which style of facial hair women like more. According to the answers,

  • 46.30% of women like well-groomed beards with straightened lines
  •  24% of women still prefer clean shave
  • 22.22% of the women think stubble with straight lines suits the men the most
  • 7.41% of the women like it all natural with no grooming

Study 2: 

A third study that has 8,500 women as subjects was carried out by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. A graphical representation of this survey is as follows,

A graphical representation of survey As you can see, a higher percentage of women prefer men with facial hair. Either they are light stubble, heavy stubble, or full beards.

Now that we are aware of the fact that women love beards, check out the techniques to fade a beard and how to shave and trim a Goatee beard as it is one of the preferred styles. 

Part 3: Why Do Women Like Beards?

Why Do Women Like Beards?Are you wondering why women like men with beards? Well, several factors determine the opinions of women about beards in men. All these factors are given below.

Historical and Cultural Perspectives

Historical Significance

Men grew more facial hair naturally. This facial hair might be ungroomed in the oldest of times. However, there are hints of beard grooming in the form of combing, braiding, and styling in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

Beard was always seen as a sign of superiority in men. With time, several techniques and styles have been introduced to groom the beards.

In the current era, when facial hair is not as strongly associated with power as it was in the past, the beard is still considered manly. 

As men in every century wore beards with pride, the women also found men attractive with a beard.

Cultural Influences 

Another important factor influencing the preference for a beard is cultural norms. If it is common in a society for men to have thick long beards, the women of that society will automatically feel more attracted towards bearded men.

Similarly, if there is a custom of being clean-shaved in a culture, women would prefer men with no beards. For example, Korean men are preferred without beards while it is the opposite for Indian men.

Individual Preferences and Attraction Standards

Individual Preferences and Attraction StandardsThe individual choices of women matter the most when it comes to liking men with beards.

Personal Taste

Some women simply prefer clean-shaven men as they look more well-groomed while others prefer thick beards as they want men to have a strong and dominant aura.

Therefore, the personal taste of women is worth considering. In the above studies, it was clear that women liked no-beard men as well.

Musculnity Perception

Beard in every society is regarded as a sign of masculinity and strength regardless of cultural norms or historical factors. Therefore, the women who have a deep incline towards relating men with beards do not even consider men with no beards.

Psychological Factors

In some areas, clean-shave men are thought of as more professional while in others, the men with beards are regarded more authoritative. 

Also, the men, themselves relate beards with their manliness. This is because of the contrast effect where men with beards are psychologically considered more handsome than those without beards. 

Another effect determining the psychological factors is “negative frequency dependant selection”. It means the rare appearance of men might be preferred more. 

Other Factors Influencing Women’s Preferences for Beard

Other Factors Influencing Women’s Preferences for BeardThe appearance of the beard on the faces of men and its compatibility with the aura of the men are some of the other factors influencing the attractiveness of men in the beard.

Facial Features

It is important to relate the beard with the facial features. For example, a man with big cheeks might want a beard to distract attention from his big face. However, a beard will hide the whole face of men with sleek features.

Maintenance and Grooming

Men, whether with or without a beard, look good only when they present themselves appropriately. Therefore, men who focus on their appearance, maintenance, and grooming are liked more by women regardless of their facial hair.

Personal Style and Fashion

The style of facial hair must go well with the personal vibes of men as well. For example, an adventurous man with a casual lifestyle can try several beard lengths and types.

However, an office-going man with a serious personality will appear better with no beard or light beard.

Therefore, if your facial hair complements your personality, women will be naturally drawn towards you. And if it is the other way round, you might face detest. 


Although beards have a strong on the looks, vibes, and attractiveness of men for women, the importance of a beard in men is influenced by several factors when you see it with the eyes of women.

Women like men with beards and with no beards as well. Furthermore, it is not the ancient time where the man was not considered a man without a beard.

In the present time, we should be accepting the personal preferences of others with an open heart.

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