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The 5 Best Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal in 2023

By Viktoria
October 7, 2023
8 minutes
Best Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal

In today’s advanced tech world, many trends leave a lasting impact and capture people’s attention. One trend includes long-lasting hair removal methods, especially laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal technique has gained significant traction in the last decade and has noticeably revolutionized how we approach unwanted body hair.

According to research, over 300 million US dollars were spent on hair removal devices, including laser hair removal tech, in 2021, and this figure is expected to reach approximately 600 million US dollars by the end of this decade.

This shows that many people prefer laser hair removal technology and laser hair removal alternatives to remove unwanted body hair and have smooth, hair-free skin without the cost and hassle of shaving, tweezing, and plucking every other day.

While Laser hair removal technology has become a norm in the beauty industry, better, more affordable, and less invasive options for hair removal are being introduced with the evolution of technology, which has shaped the landscape of today’s grooming practices.

Therefore, in this article, we dive into top laser hair removal alternatives for 2023. We discuss how each option for laser hair removal works, its estimated costs, pros and cons, and even its risks and considerations so you can make an informed decision.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in,

Best Alternative to Laser Hair Removal

1. IPL Hair Removal

Who Should Consider IPL Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light removes unwanted hair for an extended period. It uses varying wavelengths of light from the IPL device. These rays reach different layers of skin and damage hair follicle growth. It treats many skin issues using the absorbed light at specific skin cells.  Melanin and pigmentation can be lightened with continuous and proper use of IPL.

Who Should Consider IPL Hair Removal?

We suggest IPL for people who are looking for a gentle method. If you can’t handle the pain of waxing or epilating, use the IPL Hair Removal method. IPL outperforms other hair removal methods in many ways. It not only saves time, but it also has long-term effects. It means that you can have delayed hair growth for a longer period than before.

As some methods are unsuitable for some skin tones, IPL also removes this restriction. Any skin tone can use it as it is almost equally effective.

We recommend Ulike IPL equipment because it features Sapphire ice-cooling technology. The device provides a quick treatment time of up to 12 minutes. It is easy to use due to the Thumb-Free Autoglide mode.

Who Should Avoid the IPL Hair Removal Method?

However, IPL hair removal is unsafe for pregnant ladies and those with tanned or sensitive skin types. As per the dermatologist, you should treat pre-existing skin conditions before moving to any other method. So, wait until you resolve skin issues and then use IPL for hair removal.

Estimated Cost

If you are not using Ulike IPL equipment, you must visit specialized aestheticians and dermatologists. Therefore, the cost is higher than other methods of removing unwanted hair.

We’re now going to discuss the pros and cons of IPL technique


  • It is less painful than other methods of hair removal
  • It reduces the chances of ingrown  hair and provides you with seamless skin
  • It can be used on all body parts
  • Gives long-lasting results


  • Multiple sessions are needed to complete one round.
  • It is cost-effective but not available at reasonable rates
  • Limited for certain skin tones and hair types

Scarring, mild skin irritation, and hyperpigmentation (mostly on darker skin tones) are the few possible but rare risk factors.

2. Electrolysis


A skilled electrologist performs electrolysis. This method inserts a thin wire beneath the skin to deliver an electric current to the hair follicle. This current is extremely low. It causes lasting damage to the hair root and slows growth. Also, don’t worry if you notice hair falling out. They are damaged hair roots.

Who Should Consider Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis is an option if you are tired of unwanted hair growth and want it removed for a long time. You should also consider your hair texture before getting electrolysis. This is because the result also depends on your hair texture and growth.

Who Should Avoid Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Those with hepatitis or AIDS should avoid electrolytic hair removal to reduce the risk of cross-infection. We do not recommend it for people with heart problems, asthma, skin infections, or autoimmune disorders. Diabetic patients should also avoid due to their reduced ability to heal.

Estimated Cost

The number of sessions varies depending on your hair type and how quickly it grows. As you cannot rely on anyone, the proper consultation also increases the cost of Electrolytic hair removal. As this is a more effective method, it is also more expensive.

Here are some pros and cons regarding Electrolysis.


  • It needs more than one session to achieve the desired results
  • Guarantees long-lasting results
  • Excellent results on blonde or light hair
  • No toxic chemicals are used.


  • Possibility of skin discoloration
  • It costs more than laser hair removal
  • Needs more than one session

If unsterile needles and wires are used in Electrolysis Hair Removal, there is a risk of infection. It makes the process extremely dangerous for those with a history of infectious diseases.

3. Waxing or Sugaring

Waxing or Sugaring

Waxing and sugaring both work in the same way. They only differ in the product used. You can remove hair yourself using this method. Wash your face thoroughly and apply the wax or sugar-based gel toward hair growth. Let it sit for a few seconds.

Now, it’s totally up to you how you remove this wax. You can flick sugar or wax away with your fingertips or strips. Keep in mind that you should pluck the follicle in the opposite direction. It gives a smooth finish to your skin.

Who Should Consider Waxing or Sugaring?

You should always go for waxing if you want to spend less time and energy on hair removal and need good results. It is also very effective for people who want immediate results. However, you’ll have to compromise on the duration of regrowth.

Sugaring is gentle on your skin and less painful than waxing. It is also safer because you discard sugar after one use.

Who Should Avoid Waxing or Sugaring?

People with sensitive skin should never choose waxing. You can face breakouts and damage your skin barrier. If you have sunburn or tan, waxing is not for you because it can lead to breakouts and stubborn pigmentation.

Estimated Cost

Waxing and sugaring are more economical options as compared to laser. As these can be done by yourself at home saving the cost of in-salon treatments and you need only a few products to get salon-like results.


The advantages of waxing unwanted hair are given as

  • Works great for all hair and skin times
  • Takes only a few minutes to hours to make your hairless
  • Pulls hair out of the roots while decreasing chances of ingrown hair
  • Both time and money-saving


The disadvantages of waxing are mentioned as

  • Extreme pain when the hair is plucked out Painfully plucks hair out of the follicle
  • Not the most hassle-free method of hair removal out there
  • It can take some time to master the technique

4. Epilators


Epilators are small hand-held electric devices having a rotatable disc. These discs grab and remove the hair from its roots. It uses batteries or a main power supply to work. All you have to do is move it slowly over the area to be treated keeping it in a vertical position.

Also, being careless while using an epilator can make it pull your skin along with the hair as well.

Who Should Consider Epilators for Hair Removal?

An epilator is a great option to dry if you do not wax the mess waxing creates and remove hairs from the roots.

Who Should Avoid Epilators for Hair Removal?

While epilators work for everyone, it should be avoided if you are hypersensitive to pain and have delicate skin.

Estimated Cost

The price of epilators depends on the brand, the type of epilator you want, and its specifications. So, it can be both expensive and pocket-friendly.


The pros of epilator are given as,

  • Suitable for most skin and hair types
  • Need for a single tool for hair removal
  • You can do it easily by yourself
  • Cost-economical option when you invest in a durable epilator


Epilators have the following cons,

  • Can be even more painful as compared to waxing
  • Can cause ingrown hair when you go rashly
  • The need for a power supply can be inconvenient

In addition to these, there are no more risk factors associated with epilators as long as you use an accurate technique for epilating.

5. Topical Hair Growth Inhibitors

Topical Hair Growth Inhibitors

Topical hair growth inhibitors are topical serums of creams that work on hair follicles to block their stimulation and slow down hair growth. These creams are applied after shaving the hair allowing them to reach the follicles easily. Moreover, as you need multiple sessions for such hair growth inhibitors to work, you can shave the hair in between those sessions.

Who Should Consider Topical Hair Growth Inhibitors?

These are for the people who are tired of hair regrowth and want finer hair to grow back slowly. Also, people with hirsutism can use this method for hair removal.

Who Should Avoid Topical Hair Growth Inhibitors?

Hair growth inhibitors should be avoided if you have any skin irritation or open wounds. Moreover, you must not apply it in the genital area or near the eyes because it can interfere with the presence of natural flora on the skin.

Estimated Cost

Hair growth inhibitors are much more affordable as compared to lasers. They cost even less than a single session of the laser.


Here is why you should select a hair growth inhibitor.

  • Longlasting results
  • Feasible method of hair removal
  • Safe for most skin types and works on all hair colors
  • This can be done at home


Unfortunately, this long-term method of hair removal is not without side effects.

  • It can take a few weeks to show results
  • Might cause allergy and skin irritation
  • Might not be effective for thick and coarse hair

Conclusion: Which Laser Hair Removal Alternative is Worth it?

Even though lasers are popular, you might not want to invest an arm and leg just to get unwanted hair removed. Therefore, there are several methods of hair removal you can use instead.

While all these methods are economical and effective, you must carefully choose your go-to technique. Your budget, hair color, skin type, pain tolerance, and hair density are some points to consider when choosing any hair removal method.

The top alternative to laser hair removal can be IPL as its working principle and results are quite similar to a laser. In addition, if you have the budget and time, electrolysis can be worth it.

Lastly, you can try epilation, waxing, and topical hair removal considering affordability and their compatibility with light hair colors and dark skin.

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