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8 Best Back Shavers for Men 2023

By Jason
October 12, 2023
9 minutes
8 Best Back Shavers for Men 2023

One of the things men do not like about being “men” is the pesky thick hair on their body, especially back. This hair itch when you lie on the back, makes you sweat more, and look unpleasing. So, whether it is for cosmetic reasons or preventing your skin from poking, shaving the back is a great option. 

But it is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, you have to put effort into looking at the shaver from different dimensions before buying it to make shaving feasible and effective for you. In this article, we have the 8 best back shavers for men and the tips to choose and use them. 

Table of Contents:

Part 1: How to Choose a Back Shaver for Men?How to Choose a Back Shaver for Men

Before directly placing an order for the back shavers in the list we will provide, we encourage you to consider the following factors while choosing a back shaver. 

Types of Shavers

The back can be shaved using both electric and manual back-shaving razors. Manual razors are inexpensive and noise-free and also provide a closer shave. However, handling them at the back can be challenging and they can give you more cuts and nicks as well. 

Electric shavers are better for the dense hair at the back because they come with skin protective technology, are faster, and are compatible with dry and wet shaving. But they can be a bit expensive and noisy. You can decide which one to choose based on the information provided in electric shaver vs. razor

Hair Type and Density

Although back shavers are expected to deal with dense and hard hair on the body, not all back shavers work effectively on extra hairy backs. So, always choose a back shaver that can remove fine as well as thick hair. 

In another case, you can simply determine your skin and hair type and find a shaver that works for it. 

Dry Vs. Wet Shaving

Dry and wet shaving is yet an important consideration when choosing a back shaver. While some shavers are compatible with both, others make you choose either dry or wet shaving. 

So, depending on your usual shaving routine and technique, get the shaver that works for you. 

Handle Length and Adjustability 

Imagine shaving the area you cannot even scrub correctly while bathing. Well, you need a back shaver with a long adjustable handle to make it easy for yourself. Back shavers’ handles are designed in the shape of a back scratcher. 

An 8-inch-long handle or longer with a strong grip and retractable design works great for shaving tricky areas of the back seamlessly. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

As you will be using back shavers regularly, you need to clean and maintain them regularly as well. Some back shavers have detachable parts making them easier to clean while cleaning others can be a bit difficult. 

Therefore, look at how and how often you need to maintain a specific type of shaver to increase its life. You can learn how to clean a razor in the steps to clean a razor

Customer Reviews and Ratings 

Well, brands brag a lot showing the pros and hiding the cons to market their products. So, it is always a wise approach to ask your acquaintances who have used different back shavers or read customer reviews and ratings of a brand before you finally decide to invest in it.  

Part 2: Top 8 Back Shavers for Men

Here are the best back hair shavers you can find in the grooming industry. Also, you can find the best electric razors for men in Best electric razors for men face


The Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus kit is the top-rated back shaver for hairy men. It is a manual back-shaving razor that can give you a painless shaving experience because of the following features. 

  • Design and Practicality: It is a double-sided back shaver with a brush on one side and a shaving razor on the other. The long 17-inch handle with a push button to adjust its length makes it practical for shaving the whole area from the shoulders to the lower back. 
  • Shaver Performance: The Elite 2.0 back shaver is manufactured with advanced DRYglide blade technology with three blade cartridges stacked over it allowing you to shave the back in a few minutes.
  • Price and Value for Money: With the travel-friendly design providing you the option to both exfoliate and shave back hair and the replaceable cartridges that go a long way, the $79.95 price is worth it. 
  • Inside the Box: It comes with a BAKBLADE 2.0 Elite shaver, an exfoliating brush for the back, a travel bag to keep it with you, and a wall mount to hang it when not in use. 


Mangroomer – the ultimate pro back shaver is an electric shaver with exchangeable heads that function for both shaving and trimming hair. More of its features are given below.

  • Design and Practicality: It is a V-shaped electric shaver with a hinge at the mid-point. This can be elongated while using and retracted as you are done. Moroever, it has a button to lock the length and position of the shaver for you to work easily.
  • Battery Life and Charging: Each full charging of the MANGROOMER pro back shavers takes 6 to 8 hours to go from red to green while charging. And the fully charged shaver lasts for 8 to 12 hours. 
  • Shaver Performance: It is one of the best and most user-friendly back shavers for men with hairy backs. The battery timing, low operation noise, a 1.8-inch sharp blade, and power burst mode satisfy the users. 
  • Price and Value for Money: The two attachments are enough to deal with your back grooming needs, grip-friendly design, foil safety mechanism, and rechargeable battery provide you value for money. Its price is $79.99. 
  • Inside the Box: The MANGROOMER electric shaver comes with the main shaving tool with two attachment heads.

3. Remington BHT6455FF Shortcut Pro Body Groomer with Extendable Curved HandleRemington BHT6455FF Shortcut Pro Body Groomer with Extendable Curved Handle

Remington is not behind anyone when it comes to producing a high-quality electric back shaver with irreplaceable results. Its BHT6455FF shortcut pro body groomer works well for both pesky body and back hair. 

  • Design and Practicality: It has a 5-inch wide shaving head with blades and combs allowing you to get rid of the chest and leg hair directly with the hand. Along with it comes a long detachable handle for grooming the back. 
  • Battery Life and Charging: With 12 hours of the first charging time and 4 hours of regular charging time, the Remington battery lasts for up to 40 minutes. 
  • Shaver Performance: The stainless steel head having 5 guide combs, wetTech technology, and multiple handle length settings of Remington groomer helps to shave the back hair meticulously. 
  • Price and Value for Money: It costs $59.95 making it one of the most affordable and useful back shavers in the list.
  • Inside the Box: The box comes with a big shaving razor, a long handle, and 4 combs. 

4. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3500 Showerproof body groomerPhilips Norelco Bodygroom 3500 Showerproof body groomer

Philips Norelco Bodygroom is one of the most comfortable and skin-friendly body and backgroomers on the list. Also, being skin-friendly does not mean that shaving results will be compromised.

  • Design and Practicality: It looks like a regular shaver with its slightly curved handle and 2-3 inches of foil with blades. In addition to this, it can be fitted into a long handle for reaching the hard areas like the back making it perfect to groom both your body, face, and back at once. 
  • Battery Life and Charging: You only need to charge this shaver 1 hour before use and its battery can be easily used for up to an hour. 
  • Shaver Performance: The dry and wet shaving because of the water-proof manufacturing of this shaver along with its skin-protective yet efficient blades and grip-friendly handle gives Philips body groomer a great performance. 
  • Price and Value for Money: Costing around $50 and allowing you to treat all body, face, arms, and back, Philips Norelco is a great option to invest in.
  • Inside the Box: The Philips Norelco body groomer kit comes with a shaver, 3 guards to protect your skin, and a long handle attachment for the back.

5.  Sigma Grooming Back ShaverSigma Grooming Back Shaver

If you are looking for a minimalist yet elegantly designed and convenient yet effective back-shaving razor, we think the Sigma grooming back shaver is the one for you. The reasons why it could be the best for you are given below. 

  • Design and Practicality: It has a straight blade head with an attached comb and a slightly curved 18-inch grip able long handle. This handle can be divided into two parts just in the middle helping you adjust the length.
  • Shaver Performance: It is hands down one of the best manual shaving back razors with dual-edged shaving blades that help you get smooth hairless skin within minutes. 
  • Price and Value for Money: The price of only $37.50 for a manual shaving razor makes it one of the most affordable options out there. 
  • Inside the Box: The box comes with a Sigma shaver, 3 razor blades, and a storage bag. 

6.  Fuze Brands Back and Body ShaverFuze Brands Back and Body Shaver

Fuze Brands’ back and body shaver is an inexpensive manual shaver having dual blades. Although it looks a little overwhelming, trust us when we say it will be both efficient and safe. 

  • Design and Practicality: It is an S-shaped back shaving razor with a hinge at the mid to retract or elongate the length. The handle has little c C-shaped bulges making it grip-friendly and the head can be removed for shaving the chest and other body parts. 
  • Shaver Performance: As it is a manual shaver with DRYglide double blades, it provides close shaving with seamless results. Moreover, it is made from a durable and rust-resistant material. 
  • Price and Value for Money: Although it costs $69.94, it can be bought at only $ 29.97 at a discount making it totally economical. 
  • Inside the Box: It comes with a handle, head, and blades. 

7.  Bro Shaver 2.2. Back ShaverBro Shaver 2.2. Back Shaver

If you are looking for a back shaver that does the job correctly without extra features and complex mechanisms, you can give Bro Shaver 2.2 a try. 

  • Design and Practicality: This shaver features dual-edge shaving safety razors with a 17-inch handle having an ergonomic design which is great for holding the shaver and moving along the curves of the back. 
  • Shaver Performance: The shaver is designed with a built-in comb to straighten the hair before trimming with its comfy cloud technology. Additionally, it can be used on both fine and coarse back hair with its double manual shaving settings. 
  • Price and Value for Money: Considering the price of around $30.00, it is a decent back shaver. 
  • Inside the Box: You only get the back shaver in the box as that’s all you need. 

8.  MANSCAPED® Electric Back and Body Hair Trimmer MANSCAPED® Electric Back and Body Hair Trimmer

A manscaped electric shaver is more of a shaver for private areas like the groin. And it can be used for the back as well with some effort. Its light indicators, skin-safe technology, modern design, and compatibility with body grooming make us place this here. However, it might not be the best choice if you only want a groomer for the back. 

  • Design and Practicality: It is a hand-held shaver that is easy to grip, charge, and use on the whole body. 
  • Battery Life and Charging: The battery is fully charged in 5 hours while the shaver is in its stand and takes 90 minutes to give a low-battery indication. 
  • Shaver Performance: This shaver works great when it comes to shaving private parts, the lower back, and the area below the waist. However, shaving your back and shoulders can be a bit tricky with this shaver. 
  • Price and Value for Money: Although it costs $89.99, its price can be advocated by its advanced features, skin-safe technology, and smooth results. 
  • Inside the Box: It included the electric shaver, charging base, C-type charging cable, and cleaning brush. 

Part 3: Tips for Using a Back Shaver Effectively

A right shaver won’t work correctly if your technique of shaving is not effective. So, here are some tips for using a back shaver. 

Preparing the Skin and Hair

Just like you prepare your beard for shaving, it is important to prepare your back as well. For this, take a warm shower to soften the hair and open pores, then exfoliate the back with a loofah or any exfoliating product, wash it again, apply some shaving cream or oil on the hair and you are done with the preparation. 

Also, ensure that your hair is not too long when you shave. For this, you should either shave regularly or trim the hair before shaving. 

Proper Shaving Technique

Take a hand mirror to see what is going on in the back and control it so that you miss no hair. You can even use two mirrors for better results. Move down in the direction of hair growth, apply light to no pressure, and use short strokes, and you will get a nice smooth shave. 

Tips to Avoid Irritation and Ingrown Hair

Ensure that your skin and hair are well lubricated when you shave them. Also, rinse the razor after regular intervals to clean the buildup of hair and your shaving product. 

Do not try to twist or angle the blades, rather keep it straight and go slow. Moreover, skin exfoliation and proper cleansing help in reducing ingrown hair and irritation. 


Once you are done shaving, you need to pamper the skin and treat it after the harsh treatment. For this, apply a moisturizing lotion or serum. 


We paid attention to the ease of use, ergonomic design, wet/dry shaving, length of handle, safety, and performance of the top 8 back shavers while devising this list. Also, your budget and value for money is an important factor to consider. 

Thus, you can choose the back shaver you found the most suitable for yourself here. Moreover, it is time to invest in an infallible tool to get rid of unwanted hair on the back and enjoy your everyday routine and beach days without feeling like a wolf.

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