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Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy (Ultimate Guide)

By Viktoria
October 10, 2023
7 minutes
Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy

Hair removal is not a big issue, but in exceptional conditions like pregnancy, you need special care and consideration to choose the hair removal methods even if you’ve used these methods before. Millions of people use laser, IPL, and electrolysis for hair removal, among the safest methods. Still, many doubts and questions arise when discussing laser hair removal in pregnancy. Is the laser safe during pregnancy? Will the fetus be safe if I choose a laser while I have conceived, or will it be safe for me to use laser hair removal after delivery?

Let’s see why you don’t go for laser hair removal during pregnancy. 

Can Laser Hair Removal be Used for Pregnant Women?

The answer is “no.” It’s not possible in pregnancy; you can continue or start laser hair removal after giving birth. It is the most recommended decision of doctors and dermatologists. They don’t want to risk the child and mother’s health. Health should be preferred as there is no substitute for health. You can do laser hair treatments after some time; it may be suitable to do it after spending the breastfeeding period. 

Expert dermatologists or doctors do not suggest laser hair removal in pregnancy, although they’ve no solid evidence of any unhealthy effects of laser during pregnancy.

So you can’t do laser hair removal while you’re pregnant. Wait for the delivery time; after giving birth, give some time to your body to rest and prepare for the laser hair removal treatment. You can wait 3-6 months for laser hair treatment.

I had laser Hair Removal before I knew I was Pregnant.

If you had laser hair removal without knowing you were expecting, you should skip it as soon as possible. There is little information on laser hair removal use in pregnancy, so don’t use the laser to keep your baby healthy and safe. 

Also, it can be unsafe for your health. The skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy, and hormonal changes occur in your body. We’ve not found long-term facts and studies on laser hair removal safety for unborn babies and pregnant women. It’s suggested to discontinue the treatment to avoid any risk to the baby’s health. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe During Pregnancy?

We can’t say anything confidently, as little research and evidence has been found on whether laser hair remains safe during pregnancy. Does laser treatment have no side effects on the fetus’s development? Is it safe for breastfeeding mothers?

The NHS (National Health Service) also finds laser hair removal unsafe during pregnancy. So it’s good to skip this procedure and don’t take a risk. Wait some months for laser hair removal treatment. 

According to Dr. Stephanie Hack,

 “Due to the lack of standardized guidelines and research, elective laser treatment, like laser hair removal, is advised against during pregnancy to prevent taking unnecessary, unknown risks.” 

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Miscarriage?

Laser Hair Removal

No specific proof of any miscarriage caused by laser hair removal is found. These are just myths and misconceptions in many societies, but there is no truth. Some people link skin cancer and infertility with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is safe for the skin and doesn’t create any infertility and egg problems during the conceiving process. 

However, it’s not considered safe during pregnancy. In the first trimester, we need more care about going through any treatment or medication as, at this time, the fetus is at its early stage, and any mishandling or treatment can prove hazardous for his health due to potential risks linked to laser hair removal treatment. We should not risk the unborn baby’s health. Considering the mother and child’s health, refraining from laser hair removal and any other treatment that can prove risky during pregnancy is better to keep you and your family safe. 

Why is Laser Hair Removal Not Safe during Pregnancy?

Some main risks of laser hair removal may be as follows:

  1. Laser treatment is done by laser radiation- and ultraviolet light, whose power is measured by its varying class degrees. High class means a more powerful laser, which can harm the fetus if unexpert dermatologists carry out your treatment. High radiation is one of the leading causes of premature birth and miscarriage, but we can’t say anything confidently due to the lack of proof and evidence.
  2. Laser hair removal is not 100% pain-free; you may feel uneasy and discomfort during treatment. Some doctors utilize numbing cream to lessen pain and discomfort. If these creams are used repeatedly in large quantities, our skin can absorb these creams. It may not be safe for pregnant women, so don’t use laser hair treatment during pregnancy.
  3. Lack of research and safety concerns is one of the main causes for not considering laser hair removal safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. More deeply collected data and research are needed to make laser hair removal safe for pregnant women. 
  4. Our skin becomes more sensitive to discomfort and irritation during pregnancy. The reason for these changes is the change in hormones in the body. More skin sensitivity makes laser hair treatment more painful and uncomfortable. So, due to the risk of increased discomfort and sensitivity, laser hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy. 

Is at-home IPL an Alternative during Pregnancy?

Ulike Air3 Hair Removal Device

Intense pulsed light is considered one of the safest methods for hair removal, and its light doesn’t penetrate deeply into the skin, so it can’t damage your fertility egg or unborn baby.  IPL treatment is carried out on just the skin surface, and we didn’t find any proven and authentic reports of side effects of IPL on the fetus’s or the mother’s health. 

Some people relate to other general and pregnancy complications using IPL technology, but no truth is found in these links. Pregnancy problems and miscarriages are due to other factors such as smoking, excessive use of alcoholic drinks, obesity, and, in many cases, hypertension and uncontrolled diabetes are also found as the main factors contributing to fetal abnormalities. 

We can’t find any data on harmful IPL radiation and pregnancy problems. So we can say that IPL at home is a safe treatment even in pregnancy, but we should not want to take any risk to the baby and mother’s health.  Skin pigmentation and hormonal imbalance are common during pregnancy.

Therefore, our priority should be the child’s and mother’s health. So refrain from any act that can be damaging to your family.

Skip doing laser hair treatment, electrolysis, and IPL till delivery. To perform these treatments, your skin and hormones should be normal. After some time, you can fearlessly use at-home IPL, laser hair removal, or any other safe therapy after giving birth. Then, it will be safe for you. 

How Long Can I Use Laser Hair Removal After Giving Birth?

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, consultation with your obstetrician if you see any changes in your body after giving birth. It’s critical to sort out any health issue before you go to laser hair removal treatment or any device like IPL technology. Your skin should be healthy, with no cuts, allergies, or rashes, and hormones should be normal. Your doctor is the best person to guide you and can suggest if your body is ready for a laser hair treatment. This consultation is critical in cesarean delivery cases as you need more time and care to recover from wounds. Normally, you should wait at least 3-4 months after delivery.  While in any significant operation like C-section, you can skip laser hair removal treatment for up to six months. Rest is essential for your body after physical changes that have gone on for nine months.

Hormone imbalance may happen during breastfeeding, and this imbalance has adverse effects on your hair growth. Hair growth can’t be normal with imbalanced hormones. So, should you skip laser hair removal? Is it reasonable to wait for some time for better results? 

“Yes,” it’s recommended to skip laser treatment until breastfeeding. This time delay will make better laser treatment results possible, and you can achieve your desired outcome.

What Other Safe Methods You Can Use During Pregnancy?

Some other conventional and cheap procedures are considered safe during pregnancy, such as shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams. However, ensure these products do not create any health side effects. In pregnancy, reaching deep body areas may be too challenging due to weight gain. You can get help from your doctor or dermatologist for this problem. A clean and hygienic atmosphere is suitable for performing this task.

In pregnancy, the skin is more inclined to sensitivity and hyperpigmentation. Some methods you find safe in everyday life may not be secure in pregnancy. You need special care and consideration before taking any medicines or skin therapies. 

Shaving is highly recommended as it doesn’t involve any chemical ingredients and does not have any chemicals that can penetrate deeply into the skin. But shaving should also be done with special care and attention to save you from cuts and nicks. These cuts and nicks may be a cause of infection. You should skip shaving or anything else you use for hair removal at least one week before delivering a baby, as the cuts and nicks on the skin may harm your fitness.

If you use creams for hair removal, ensure it is free of thioglycolic acid and barium sulfide. These chemicals are not appropriate for the baby’s health and can also create skin issues for you. 

Summing Up

Laser hair removal is safe and used mainly by people for hair removal, but pregnancy is an exceptional case. It is best not to utilize lasers during pregnancy.

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