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15 Best Beaches in Florida for Families in 2023

By Viktoria
July 28, 2023
9 minutes

If you live in the US or plan a family vacation to this North American country, Florida is the state to visit for a memorable outdoor beach experience. Nicknamed The Sunshine State, Florida is home to coastlines covering over 1,200 miles and beaches half that size. As such, you have plenty of options this summer for a memorable beach vacation with your family.

Since beaches are many and vast in Florida, you may think finding a perfect one is no big deal. But that’s not particularly true; a perfect beach for an excellent family summertime does require research. However, with this article, you don’t need to further stress yourself by researching. We have curated the best 15 beaches in the US Sunshine State for your next family vacation.

Are you ready and excited as I am to find them out? If so, let’s explore together.

Wait a minute. Let’s consider the necessary preparation your family has to make before setting out for a beach

How to Prepare for a Beach Holiday with Your Family

Many beach visitors dress lightly by the waterside, while some go nude. It’s your choice and that of your family to make. But if you must expose your skin, it’s best to remove hairs from objectionable places such as your armpit, leg, and face. For this, Ulike Sapphire Air3 Hair Removal Handset is the best. It’s FDA and dermatologists cleared, and it doesn’t cause pain.

You may also want to confirm the correct address of the beach you’re heading to so you don’t get stranded. For most of them, Google Maps will help – although it’s also good to confirm from natives.

Find out the updated fees and opening times of these places, especially those that flank state parks. Such information will help you plan and give your family the best treat they deserve. Finally, do not forget to plan for your meals and that of your family. If you plan to stay for days, researching the best hotels before leaving is the way to go.

Best Beaches in Florida for the Family

Now, let’s see what the list looks like. They aren’t arranged in any specific order.

  1. Sanibel Island

The size of this seashell paradise is 20km by 5km, making it one of the largest in Florida. Shells in their millions wash off the shores of this Barrier Reef island yearly. Consequently, you can find many shellers in this place during your visit. They mostly come between January and March to collect sand dollars, conches, and other beautiful specimens for their endless collections.

On this island are two beaches named Blind Pass and Bowman. The sands on Blind Pass are soft and white, but the beach isn’t as private as Bowman. As such, if you would love a secluded beach experience with your family, Bowman is better.

Sanibel connects with another nearby island called Captiva through a 5km road, which attracts a $3 toll for car drivers. There are restaurants, hotels, and an airport nearby for tourists’ convenience. If you wish to tour the entire island, a bicycle is preferable and will add to the fun that visiting this pristine seashell affords.

  1. Siesta Key Beach

For many visitors and locals, this beach is the best in Florida and even globally. Located close to the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota, this beach has everything for the family, including kids. The quartz sands of Siesta are white and soft, covering up to eight miles.

On its premises are attractions like the famous Jungle Gardens, where your family can check out birds, botanical plants, and other things. The location also features a mini-golf arena called Smuggler’s Cove, where golfers can practice their sport. Hotels are nearby, and one popular choice for tourists is The Ritz-Carlton – Sarasota .

One downside of this Florida beach is the rowdiness it often witnesses, especially as Spring approaches. Being a top-notch beach in Florida, it attracts many people from different places and countries yearly. But if you avoid going during the peak periods, you can have some exclusive timeout with your family there.

  1. Delray Beach

Here is a beach that gives you the serenity of a suburb with the entertainment of a cosmopolitan city. No wonder travelers and locals nicknamed it “Florida’s village by the sea.” The atmosphere is friendly, calm, and filled with everything to make visitors comfortable.

Notable attractions at this location include the Japanese Gardens, Wakodahatchee Wetlands, and Morikami Museum. Enjoy paddle boarding and snorkeling, and other pursuits with your kids here after having a memorable swimming experience in the crystal-clear water. Thanks to the plethora of eateries and shops in this place, you will never be in want of food, toiletries, and other things.

  1. Deerfield Beach

This Florida beach derived its name from a deer species constantly spotted at its shores. But beyond this, the beach is also famous for its crystal-clear, sapphire-blue water. Several polls have named it America’s most environmentally friendly and cleanest gulf coast.

After enjoying the super-clean, sapphire-blue water, you can treat your family to some fun activities like rope climbing, trampoline bungees, aero-balling, and bumper cars at the Planet Air Sports section of this beach.

Hotels and eateries are all scattered around this beach, making it an excellent visitor holiday destination. Topmost among the nearby hotels is Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach.

  1. Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach is on the northwest coast of America’s Sunshine State, covering 26 miles. The beach is reputable for its emerald water, fine and white sand, art galleries, exceptional dining spots, and boutiques. Close to it is a town called Seaside, where you get to see trucks of different kinds of fruits.

Many visitors to this beach recommend it for families and individuals seeking a quiet getaway and prime shorelines. Its major highlights include Grayton Beach State Park, Santa Rosa, and Blue Mountain Beaches. Some fun activities possible here include sunbathing, swimming, body surfing, dunes exploration, and many more.

  1. Manatee County Beach

The waters here are vast, turquoise, and perfect for beginner swimmers. This country beach was named after Manatee, a marine mammal officially adopted by the state of Florida, and it stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other famous beaches like it in Florida. However, Manatee isn’t as crowded as others.

Therefore, if you need a secluded afternoon experience for your family, Manatee is the beach to check out. It’s popular and blessed with attraction sites like the Florida Maritime Museum, Tampa Bay, and the river itself. Your family can enjoy an exhilarating ziplining afternoon or spend some time watching how ships are engineered at the Museum.

You can lodge at the Queens Gate Resort or check nearby hotels for your family’s convenience. Eateries and food vendors abound around this location, and with minimal spending, you can treat your beloved family to various meals.

  1. Henderson Beach State Park

It’s important to include something different on this Florida family beach list, and here is it. Henderson Beach State Park combines two significant attractions to keep your family entertained, educated, and occupied this summer. Located in Destin, this two-in-one natural attraction provides an excellent outdoor experience, especially with its dunes as high as 30 feet.

After an exciting time at the beach, you can take your family to the nature reserve to spot wildlife. Other possible activities at this site include swimming, cycling, and relaxing. In place of cycling, you can also take a long walk with your family members while discussing important events.

  1. St. Augustine Beach

Perhaps the best beach to catch a panoramic view of critical places in Florida, St. Augustine Beach offers an unfettered view of the Atlantic Ocean amidst other great attractions. Based on travelers’ reviews and many online polls, this beach is perhaps the calmest in Florida despite the many attractions it offers to visitors. If you walk a bit further into the islands, there are oceans of fun activities for your kids and other family members. These include the famous Ocean Hammock Park, where sea turtles nestle, plus picnic grounds and nature trails.

Other jaw-breaking attraction sites at St. Augustine Beach include the Sculpture Garden, which contains many sculptures narrating the history and exploits of locals. There is also an amazing seventeenth-century Castillo de San Marcos with its drawbridge to catch everyone’s attention. And for real outdoors, the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum has enough maritime history artifacts to feed their eyes.

  1. Cocoa Beach

I’m sure from the name of this beach, you’re probably expecting an island filled with cocoa trees. That’s not particularly true. Sitting close to the Kennedy Space Center, cocoa beach is a tourist haven with many side attractions that can hardly be missed. Families and children interested in surfing go to this beach to explore. At the same time, adventurers will have no dull moments, thanks to the excellent rocket exhibit available at this venue for space exploration.

And that’s not all; you can treat your family to a Shuttle Launch Experience using the space shuttle simulator available at this beach. Also, because it is close to popular landmarks, there are many eateries and hotels besides its easy location. Lori Wilson Park is nearby, where everyone can admire birds and other lovely creatures that make the park their home.

  1. Fort De Soto Park

Address: 3500 Pinellas Bayway S, St. Petersburg, Florida

Besides being one of the best family beaches in Florida, it’s also one of the largest in the US. The park covers over 1,000 acres of land and contains various habitats that house over 328 bird species. The trail courses in this location are numerous but are all child-safe and straightforward to follow.

For mouthwatering meals and snacks, the Arrowhead Picnic Ground has almost anything children and adults can crave. The downside is that you may part with a few bucks charged as an entrance fee to access the facility.

  1. Pensacola Beach

When last did your family spend some time admiring aquatic creatures, especially dolphins and manatees? Pensacola Beach is the place to reminisce about this beautiful sight. Covering about 450 meters, this beach sits on Santa Rosa’s tiny barrier island, making it perfect for a private getaway. You can observe the sunset in a fiery form via the pier, and the site is always a pleasure to behold.

Depending on your choice, there are open-air bars, shops, and restaurants that you can patronize to get your family something sumptuous to eat. This beach’s sands are sugar-white, and the nearby Gulf Islands National Seashore offers a secluded relaxation spot if you feel like staying out of public view.

  1. Pass-A-Grille Beach

It can get really hot in the Sunshine State in the afternoon, especially during summer and spring. But at Pass-A-Grille beach, you will hardly feel this heat. The breeze and ease that pervade this environment make you relaxed as you stroll on the fine sands of the beach, check out Merry Pier for colorful boats, or let a SUP board keep you busy.

Every evening, the day sets at this place with a beautiful sunset that provides a scenic view. You can learn a bit of Florida’s history by wandering through the streets of the monumental 8th Avenue. Its flourishing plant community and natural scenery will blow your mind.

  1. Grayton Beach State Park, South Walton

Address: 357 Main Park Road, Santa Rosa, Florida 32459

Tourists and locals have fondly described the sands at this beach as powder-smooth. Hence, you can imagine your family having a fun-filled day hopping, walking, and even playing on it. As a multi-attraction state park, your family may not notice the passing of time, but nearby hotels can serve everyone.

On the dune lake, your kids can paddle a canoe, or you all trail hike. And if you ever think of boredom, the wildlife and birds in this park will bury the thought within nanoseconds. If your family members drive scuba, they will not want to miss the fun, enlightenment, and engagement that the Underwater Museum of Art affords. This museum houses sculptural works from different artists around the world, and your folks can just get carried away inspecting them.

  1. Amelia Island

For culture and nature lovers, Armelia provides your children an experience they won’t forget so soon. It is a beach haven featuring fine sands that cover up to 20 km. With this size, everyone has enough space for any creating thing they want to do by the crystal-clear waters. If you live nearby or stay around overnight, you can witness the inspiring sunrise that will set you up for the day.

Some activities people come here for include horse riding, kayaking, and bicycle riding. But beyond the beach experience, you can also use the spa, check out the museum, and stop by any of the dining locations around to treat your stomach well.

  1. Clearwater Beach

I can imagine how raised your expectations would be by merely hearing the name of this beach. Guess what? You won’t be disappointed. The water is indeed clear and neat, and the shores are filled with sands as soft as powder. If you’re a fisherman or love parasailing, come to this place and enjoy your art. It’s calm, serene, and secure.


Florida has many beaches, but the 15 highlighted in this article are arguably the best for families. Whether visiting from within the US or elsewhere in the globe, each site has everything fun and pleasant to make your stay memorable.

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