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10 Best Bikini Laser Hair Removal Devices (Under $400)

By Viktoria
April 23, 2023
6 minutes

Bikini hair removal can be exhausting because it is challenging to reach that area, and the need to regularly remove the hair to be fully groomed is also frustrating. Additionally, it is more painful than waxing other parts of your body. In such cases, you are only left with the choice to skip it altogether or just take up the pain.

But what if I tell you that removing hair from your bikini area can be made easy, nearly painless, and long-lasting by using a laser? Or would you just ignore it because laser hair removal treatments are out of budget for you?

Well, wait because you can get yourself an at-home laser hair removal device for less than $400. So, do you know want to know more about such an exciting offer? Read about it below!

Does Laser Hair Removal Device Work for Bikini Line?

Laser hair removal devices work everywhere hair grows from your head to toe including the bikini line. Moreover, at-home laser hair removal is more effective, affordable, easier, long-lasting, and relatively pain-free than other methods.

You just need to shave off the area meticulously using a mirror and then just stamp or glide the device on your bikini line, and the hair will be gone after a few treatments.

Best Bikini Laser Hair Removal Devices Under $400

Here are our top picks for the IPL gadgets under $400 that can remove hair from your bikini line flawlessly.

1. Ulike Sapphire Air 3 Purple Hair Removal Device

Ulike Air3 for bikini hair removalPros

  • Fourfold ice-cooling technology

  • Results within 3 weeks


  • Only has 3 intensity levels

If you want the most advanced IPL device with the feature all other IPL devices lack, we want you to invest in a Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL handset. This exclusive device has a flash speed of 0.7/sec making you treat the bikini line within 1 minute.

Furthermore, its high energy level of 21 J/cm2 treats dense and stubborn hair within 3 weeks. Not to mention its compact and durable designs that fit your palms perfectly and allow you to treat your full body in addition to bikini lines without feeling pain or heat.

Most valuable IPL device which you can buy Today.

2. Philips Lumea Advanced Hair Removal IPL


  • 2 intelligence attachments

  • Integrated skin tone sensors


  • Only 250,000 flashes

Philips Lumea Advanced is one of the best devices that produce guaranteed hair removal within 6-12 treatments. It takes about 3-5 minutes for the bikini line in each session. Moreover, integrated skin tone sensors ensure that the device does not flash if it is not suitable for your skin color.

Philips Lumea also comes with a free Lumea app subscription to have professionals help you with the treatment. Regardless of all such features, it takes up to 3 months for hair removal and FDA has not cleared it yet.

3. Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL


  • Lightweight and compact design

  • Significant hair regrowth reduction within 4 weeks


  • The hair removal does not last long after

Braun silk expert pro 5 is a full-package device with a precision head for the bikini line in addition to its standard and wide heads. It has 10 intensity levels and skin pro technology to automatically choose the most suitable intensity for any body part or skin color.

Additionally, its 3 sensitivity modes help to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. It is one of the fastest devices that treat legs or bikini lines within 5 or fewer minutes. And it is FDA-cleared as well.

4. Ulike Sapphire Air+ Dark Green IPL Device


  • Dynamic ice-cooling technology

  • Recommended by qualified dermatologists for safe hair removal


  • The device starts to heat up after a while

If you want a device that gives you silky salon-like hairless skin without making you go through pain or skin redness, Ulike sapphire Air+ dark green IPL handset can help you with its patented ice-cooling technology and strong light waves that destroy hair follicles. You can treat the bikini area within 1-2 minutes using level 2 of its intensities.

Additionally, it is cleared by FDA and recommended by board-certified MDs like Dr. Hadley King. So, it is our most favorite device with its fast 10-minute treatment time and quick 4-week significant results.

Most valuable IPL device which you can buy Today.

5. SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL


  • Unlimited flashes

  • UV filters


  • A little expensive

If you want an IPL device that takes the safety mechanisms to new heights, SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL device is the one. First, it has built-in smart skin-sensing technology to sense the skin tone and adapt the treatment to it. Then it has UV filters for skin protection and a4 point skin contact system for the protection of the eyes.

The wand-like design of the device with a smooth black-colored finish makes it attractive. Additionally, the package comes with a precision head for small areas like bikini lines. It begins to show results within 2 weeks. However, you need to continue the treatments for 12 weeks for 90%+ hairlessness.

6. JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover


  • Cordless use

  • Ice cooling head with a constant 5-degree Celsius temperature


  • Difficult to handle

JOVS Venus Pro II hair remover laser features 6 modes with a specific mode for the bikini line and 6 intensity levels based on the density of hair. Moreover, it rejuvenates the skin while making it smooth and hair-free.

Its 330 degrees rotatable head with an easy-to-press flash button on the front makes the device user-friendly. Moreover, it is FDA-cleared and its package includes a razor and goggles in addition to the device and its adaptor as well.

So, you can enjoy long-lasting hair removal with JOVS. But its 6 J/cm2 of energy output makes it a little slow when it comes to showing results.

7. RoseSkinco. Lumi Hair Removal IPL Handset


  • Easy on pocket

  • 900,000 flashes with 30+ years of lifespan


  • A small-sized device that makes the treatment take time

RoseSkinco. Lumi is a minimalist hair removal IPL device with a small rectangular window that offers 6 levels of intensity and takes 30+ minutes for full body treatment. So, the treatment of the bikini area will take 5+ minutes.

You will start noticing results in 4 weeks and after 12-16 weeks and all your unwanted hair will be gone. It is also an FDA-cleared device that comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee ensuring that you lose nothing other than the hair you want to get rid of.

Moreover, because of its less energy level, it is relatively pain-free.

8. Silk n’ Infinity Hair Removal Device

Silk’N Infinity Hair Removal IPL DevicePros

  • Free Silk n’ Infinity app for confusion-free treatments

  • Cleared by FDA


  • Takes up to 4 months to achieve hairlessness

Silk n’ Infinity hair removal IPL device works to remove unwanted hair from the body with little effort and little pain. It has 5 levels of intensity to add to your comfort level. Moreover, it offers skin rejuvenation so that your skin becomes supple and smooth without any irritation.

It is auto-glide and stamp mode allows precise and fast treatment. And its FDA clearance talks about the safety of this little yet productive device. Lastly, it comes with unlimited flashes with no refills needed ever.

9. Kenzzi IPL Multi-Function Handset


  • A multi-purpose handset that offers skin rejuvenation and brightening

  • 10 minutes treatment time


  • It is not pain-free

What if your hair removal IPL device also makes your skin fresh and has your dark spots or acne marks disappear? Kenzzi hair removal IPL device can do it all for you with its 2 attachment heads. It is a corded device with a simple design that can be used on the face, bikini line, arms, and legs.

Moreover, it claims to show results within 3 months and if it does not, you can easily return the device. It also has 5 levels of powers that work well on different areas of the hairy skin. And light-based technology makes the process safe.

10. The Noodist IPL Kit


  • UV filters to protect the skin

  • 600,000 flashes giving it a long lifetime


  • You need to apply pre and post-treatment skincare products.

The Noodist IPL hair removal kit includes a Noodist IPL device, 2 revealers to cleanse the skin before treatment, and 2 revivers to soothe it after the IPL treatment. It is a basic IPL device that features a smart digital display and takes only 8 weeks to reduce the regrowth of unwanted hair on your body

Moreover, this small device has a quick flashing time that helps you treat your bikini area within a few minutes. And its 5 intensity levels allow you to adjust the treatment.


Hair removal from the bikini area can be a little troublesome. But when you use an at-home laser or IPL hair removal device, it becomes easy, safe, private, and convenient. So, I thought of sharing the most-liked IPL devices that work efficiently on unwanted bikini hair to give you summer-ready skin.

Lastly, these devices are affordable, and some of them like Ulike offer discount codes as well.

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