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The 20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Him in 2023

By Mariela
October 10, 2023
8 minutes
The 20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Him in 2023

Have you ever bought a ‘perfect gift’ for your man, only for him to open it, lose his excitement, and politely say ‘Wow, thank you.’? Well, even those who think they have figured out the perfect gift for their men sometimes miss it, too. So, you are not alone. Like women, men also face challenges in choosing the best Christmas gift for women.

I have received many gifts from my special ones who put so much effort into getting me what they thought were the most perfect gifts ever, just because they loved it or their friends’ men loved it.

But men differ in many ways; what some men would appreciate might be some decorated trash to others. Therefore, if you want to get him the perfect Christmas gift, you need to go for something that appeals to his personality. It could be something very affordable, like a customized pen, something costly, like a designer shirt, or something in between. 

Some gifts appeal to men in general, while others appeal to only some particular kinds of men. And luckily for you, we have outlined them here for you. So, whichever category your man falls under, here is something for him this Christmas. 

20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Him in 2023

1. Cologne


Although most men may not show it the way women do, the fact is that they also love to smell good. Those compliments about how good we smell always make our day, and we owe it to the person who got the smell for us. Get your man a nice cologne, and you will not just make him feel good about himself but also boost his confidence.

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2. A Portrait

A Portrait

This gift may not appeal to every man, but most men love good artwork skillfully put in a portrait. It could be the painting of a location he loves, his hero, or whatever he wouldn’t get tired of seeing. Think of anything that reflects his unique personality, like a portrait of himself. And if he loves soccer, basketball, or any other sport type, a portrait of him playing this sport will forever be something he’d admire.

3. Wallet 


What is the one thing that you will find on most men when searched? A wallet. But you do not have to get him just another wallet; go for a customized one, something that, whenever he sees, he will remember you. 

You can even slide a mini picture of you two inside the wallet, where he sees it whenever he opens it. It’s not Valentine, we know, but he is your man, and being romantic with him, even during the Christmas season, has many advantages.

4. Sunglasses 


As affordable as sunglasses are, many men would go agog with joy when they receive them as gifts. It makes them look ruggedly cool and protects their eyes from too much sunlight.  But it all boils down to whether your man is a sunglasses guy. If he’s not, getting him one might feel like a space booker with no significance.

5. Sweat pants

Sweat pants

Men wear sweatpants at home, and no matter how many they have, they are never enough. So, don’t assume that he has too much of it. If he is the type that loves quality or designers, then this might be the time to get him one that he will cherish above others and even wear to places that he doesn’t wear others to. Ensure you pick his favorite color, not just the usual Christmas color that may not be in vogue again after the yuletide season.

6. Engraved Decanter Set 

Engraved Decanter Set 

He might be the type that enjoys liquor, but he doesn’t want to invest in a decanter set even though his old set is chipping off. If you have to get him a decanter set, ensure that anytime he goes for a drink, he thinks of you. Get him an engraved decanter set; it could be engraved with initials, a code only you two know, or his name.

7. High-end Robe 

High-end Robe 

What does he wear to sit on the couch and enjoy his favorite sport on television? Get him a high-end robe in a solid color that he likes. You do not have to get a designer robe, just a nice one. Something that he will feel comfortable wearing around the house, even when a visitor is around. Not every man thinks in this direction, although most would acknowledge that it’s a need. Purchasing him one – or maybe two- shows that you think about his deepest needs, even those he himself takes for granted.

8. Beard Grooming Kit or Shaving Stick

Beard Grooming Kit or Shaving Stick

Men love to look groomed at all times, and I’m guessing you love him that way, too. If he loves to keep beards, get him a beard grooming kit; it will go a long way in communicating how much you care about his looks. But beyond facial hair, there are other places where men grow and remove hair, for which a beard grooming kit may be inappropriate. In such a scenario, an IPL device, particularly Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset, is a perfect gift he cannot reject.

The hair removal handset works for both males and females, and its hair removal effect is nearly long-lasting in that it gives a more extended hair break than almost every other method. Combined with a beard grooming kit, this may be a costly gift package, but it’s worth it if you can afford both for the man who means all the world to you.

9. Hoodie Jacket 

Hoodie Jacket 

Hoodies look good on most men, especially the younger ones. If you’ve observed him wear this clothing type, it might just be the perfect gift for him this December. He cannot have too much of it, and during chilly winter periods, high-quality hoodies can be an excellent companion. A hoodie does not just keep out the cold, but there is also something street-chic and youthful about it that he will love.

10. Touch Screen Gloves 

Touch Screen Gloves

If your man is tech-savvy or someone who loves his touchscreen device, then this gift would be perfect for him. It will enable him to do what he does best, even on the coldest days, without exposing his hands to cold. A glove is OK, but if you can afford two hands, it’s perfect. That said, please find out if he doesn’t have many of these gloves already before getting him another.

11. Money


I can almost guess that your eyeballs are gauging out of their sockets on sighting this gift. But it’s not rocket science: Men need money – much of it – to enjoy life. Most times, our ego and societal demands put a lot of financial pressure on us, and we wish we could just get a break. Much more, December is usually financially demanding, with everyone looking up to men to buy them one thing or the other. 

Be different and surprise him in an unusual way with cash. You can go about this in different ways. One is to package the money in an envelope and drop it in a cute place in his apartment. Another one is to transfer the funds into his bank account. If the relationship between you is romantic, you can even take a step further to package it in a well-decorated gift box and keep him anxious about what’s inside.

12. Leather Laptop Bag 

Leather Laptop Bag

It might be that his old laptop bag is begging for retirement, but your man is keen on making it beg more. You can rescue it by replacing it with a new leather laptop bag this Christmas. Get a classic and street-chic-looking one that he will be happy to carry to work daily. Leather bags are long-lasting, and the more he carries them around, the more he remembers you.

13. Temperature control smart mug 

Temperature control smart mug 

Things can get so busy sometimes that men lose sight of their coffees, and it gets cold. Think about the pressing deadlines and the need to get to work early. But you can ensure this doesn’t happen by getting him a temperature control smart mug, and your man will never have to drink a cold coffee again. 

This is a nice shift from the customized mug that most people get for their loved ones. So many men are tired of getting mugs year in and year out, but this particular one will change that. You can even decide to customize it to make him feel like it was specially made for him from the factory.

14. A ticket to an experience 

A ticket to an experience 

There’s probably no better time to go out with someone you care passionately for than during Christmas. What is that show that he has always wanted to attend? Get him a ticket to go and see the show, and he will never forget you whenever he thinks about it. Your Christmas gift to him this year could be a memorable experience for a change. 

15. Something to aid his recovery journey 

Something to aid his recovery journey 

Has he shared his secret struggles and fears with you? Show him you were paying attention and ready to hold his hand throughout the journey until you both triumph. Get something that will aid him in whatever he is going through, maybe a book or something else. 

16. Colors and Artist Brushes 

Colors and Artist Brushes 

What better present can you give your artistic man who loves to paint than an artist’s set? This gift is not for every man because a man like me may not know what to do with it. If your man loves to paint, then this gift will go a long way to show him that you are paying attention. 

17. A Speaker Makes Music More Enjoyable

A Speaker Makes Music More Enjoyable

Does he love music? Any man who loves music would most likely appreciate a portable speaker. Even more, will he cherish this gift if he travels a lot. While in his hotel or wherever he chooses to lay his head at night, a sonorous sound emanating from a quality portable speaking is soothing. One that is waterproof and strong will be the most appropriate, considering the wear and tear associated with movement.

18. Record Player 

Record Player 

Call it classic or old school, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But lots of music lovers still love the sight of a record player today. You can get it for your man if he loves music and gets those songs you love recorded inside.

19. Wristwatch 


Men may not be into accessories like women, but they love nice wristwatches. It completes their outfits with a touch of class. It could be a classic leather watch or a more modern chained watch; your man would appreciate it. There is just something that speaks of luxury about a man who glances at his wristwatch instead of a phone screen to check time.

20. Snickers  


Snickers are no longer meant for only a special group of men. They make a perfect gift for any man, whether he loves to go to the gym, jog, or just take a stroll. It is very comfortable to wear, which makes it a good break from those work shoes that he has to wear every day. It also makes men look somehow more energetic than those leather work shoes.


You no longer have to think so much about what to get him for Christmas. Take advantage of our extensive list of the 20 best Christmas gift ideas for him. And get him something he will not be able to hide his excitement over, no matter how he tries.

Remember to pick something that he can use or admire always; otherwise, it will be the wrong gift for him. Also, check your budget before picking out any gift. You do not have to go bankrupt just to surprise him this season. 

There are lots of things that are affordable on our list and also appeal to his personality. But no matter how extensive our list is, we believe we know your man more than we do. So you still have the option of DIYing something for him. Something that can only be from you. 

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